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April 5

WA Senate re-election

April 4

NBN satellite constraint shows need for fibre: Clare ZDnet
NBN Co already planning HFC, FttN products
The NBN in March: New audits announced as FttB paradox threatens ABC - DAVID BRAUE
NBN Co fibre-to-the-node trials to start next month
Turnbull's NBN satellite stop-gap
Australia's mobile broadband boon Malcolm Turnbull
What does the telco industry really think of the NBN? Mark Gregory
Over the decades since the early 1990s when the telecommunications deregulation process began there has been ongoing debate about how to put in place a competitive, fair and open telecommunications industry but if the Comms Alliance’s representations made to the various government reviews and audits are anything to go by we may have to wait a few more decades before this occurs. What does the telecommunications industry really think of the NBN? We may never know.
Xero widens full-year loss
NBN 'guinea pigs' are fed up
NBN private contractors plan to sue Federal Government
Solar plant for NBN station
Jason Clare slams NBN broadband quality report after Perth survey
Don't rush to judge [my mate] Sinodinos: Turnbull shame job
Mobile broadband boosts economy by billions: ACMA ZDnet
Broadband users still aren't getting what they pay for UK
Telefónica aims to reach ten million homes with FTTH Italy
Stimulus program will breathe broadband life into 27,000 rural households USA
Optus keeps AU$19.5m Defence satellite contract ZDnet
NBN to pay up for signal failure
How to set up a fast 802.11ac wireless network
A welcome dose of reality from the Treasury

April 3

NBN Co to subsidise satellite costs for 9000 users
NBN Co brings back regional broadband subsidy
NBN should be all fibre: NICTA boss
The head of Australia's foremost IT research organisation thinks the Government chose the wrong path with the national broadband network by moving it from an all-fibre model. In response to a question on what advice he would give the Government regarding the NBN at a CEDA event in Sydney yesterday, National ICT Australia director of broadband and the digital economy, Dr Terry Percival, said it depended on whether the Coalition wanted a "ten year return on investment or a 100 year return on investment." "I buried optical fibre in NSW for the radio telescope in 1987 and it is still working fine. It’s not an issue. Glass lasts forever. Glass is the obvious solution," he said.
Rollout not slowing down as NBN Co quietly smashes targets
Minister to boost NBN satellite services
Mobile broadband to fuel $18B in spending on mobile packet core through 2017
NBN Co reveals start date of FTTN trial
NBN Co brings back regional broadband subsidy ZDnet
Research Report on Telefonica Brasil IPTV
NBN pause a boon for Tasmanian cloud provider ZDnet
iiNet signs up to NBN Co’s revised WBA
Telstra’s NBN role may grow
Telstra fans its FTTN feathers Supratim Adhikari
UK PM warns BT in broadband row UK
BT 'given rural broadband monopoly'
Successful telco regulation means a light touch Renai LeMay
Psst, don't tell anyone Openreach has rolled out some more FTTP UK
Mena region high-speed internet uptake rises 40% in a year UAE
Telecom Italia to bring fibre service to Viterbo Italy
If your broadband is dead, BT may have stolen your line ZDnet
Slow-speed broadband UK
We are continuing to pay a heavy price for the failure to invest in fibre-optic cabling during the economic boom A persistent complaint from many living in the countryside is of the slowness of their internet connection. The expansion of a high-speed broadband network was supposed to have addressed this by now. The last government published a White Paper promising a fast connection for everyone. Rightly, it said that this was no longer a luxury with which to play computer games — but an essential service.
Why broadband is slow in Brighton and Hove UK
Hunter falls behind in broadband quest
I would rather turn off the gas than the broadband internet
Broadband a tool for earning Income in rural areas $
Get up to speed with superfast broadband - the fourth utility
Rural children's education suffering due to slow broadband, says survey
Turnbull responds to bush anger over NBN interim service ABC audio
PM labels PUP 'one man personality cult'
Microsoft's Windows 8.1 Update: What Windows 8 should have been from the start
Microsoft to bring back Start menu, windowed apps to Windows
Superfarce or superfast, is the UK in slow lane or not?

April 1

Telstra fans its FTTN feathers
Telstra in talks for NBN fibre-to-the-node pilot
Is the government opening an NBN Pandora’s box? Paul Budde
When in Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull promised a swift resolve. It was first promised that his plans would become clear by mid-2014; he is now talking about December and even that is ambitious. The Minister also promised that during the interim period the NBN would continue to be rolled out along its original FttH plan, but here too the communities involved argue that these promises have been broken – we see an increasing number of disgruntled communities around the country.
“Destructive forces” unravelling NBN, says Budde Renai LeMay
Popular telco may be hurt by NBN News Ltd paywall
The politics of unshackling the NBN from politics Michael de Percy
A long-term industry has been shackled to three-year political terms for far too long. The only way to unshackle NBN from politics is to get government out of the marketplace where it exists. Of course, the legacy of sunk costs will make this difficult. But by the time we stop bickering about the latest lot of reports, it will be time to deal with the next communications technology problem.
The politics of unshackling the NBN from politics Original in the The Conversation
Read comments from Terry Reynolds: Dear Michael de Percy, I was the strategist that provided the design \\and costings to the Rudd Government on 20 January 2008.....
Vodafone should buy iiNet before TPG can Renai LeMay
Coalition to adopt UK broadband platform Renai LeMay
The key to understanding the nature of the collaboration, according to the Liberal MP, was a close consideration of the different cable widths used in the two countries’ existing copper networks. Telecommunications analysts have consistently pointed out that most of Telstra’s copper cable was in the 0.4mm and below class, which had delivered a limited and unreliable ability to carry fast broadband signals, especially during peak periods of rain. ...“This next-generation infrastructure is able to deliver significantly lower attenuation rates (and hence broadband speeds), even in the harsh extremes found in Australia’s diverse environments,” said Turnbull in yesterday’s statement. “By taking a reconditioning approach to this brand new platform, we will maximise the efficiencies of state of the art technology in the Australian context and deliver modern high-speed broadband (up to 25Mbps) to many Australians for the first time.”
We saved NBN Co millions: Biarri
iiNet reaches deal with NBN Co
Dubbo mayor optimistic on NBN future ++
3 reasons why 2014 will be a great year for Telstra Corporation Ltd
April Fools' Day 2014 Spoilers: All The Geek Pranks Revealed
NBN Review designed for “pre-ordained political outcome” Renai LeMay
Techtalk: Changes coming to some parts of the NBN
Telstra lines up for big NBN role
Telstra is shaping up to play a major role in the construction of the national broadband network, with negotiations on a major fibre-to-the-node pilot due to be completed within a month. The pilot project would involve the installation of more than 300 node cabinet units, each capable of connecting around 300 homes and businesses to the NBN, with work to begin later this year.
Council to lobby for high-speed internet in Ipswich ++
Great to see the council shows it cares ++
Council concerned over NBN's hasty installation repairs ++
Dutch digital TV subscribers grow to 6.66 million
The Rise and Rise of Broadband in China Paul Budde
It is not just connectivity that is happening in China. These developments have also led to a large number of income generating opportunities. E-business has become the way for young entrepreneurs to move forwards. This new platform provided for 80 million jobs in China in 2013, 70% of them went to these young entrepreneurs.
NZ firm Shape wins contract with Enable and Huawei
Netflix Chief Says Broadband Providers Should Interconnect for Free
Broadband speed should be guaranteed, says Which?
McGowan up-beat about mobile phone blackspots fix
Turnbull to add speed test app to MyBroadband web site
Maritime Broadband Offers High Quality VSAT
m2fx introduces new All Dielectric Self Supporting Fiber Cable
OPINION: Prime Minister Tony Abbott making foolish move in bringing back honours system
Joe Hockey revealed as player in race hate laws debate
Media ownership laws can’t please everyone: Turnbull
Everything you need to know about Facebook’s drones, lasers and satellites
Tony Abbott's discordant dame decision
World leaders say broadband can solve global development gap
Do your job or quit ABC, Turnbull tells board members here we go.....
Political appointments: Mirabella to chair SBS board, Akerman joins Mirabella was also given the Submarine Corp
“No public interest” in PCEHR review release

March 28

NBN: Turnbull’s time is up Mark Gregory
Turnbull has failed to justify the Coalition’s new NBN plan, whatever that is, and it appears that the telecommunications industry has decided not to wait for the last episode of the Game of Reviews and Audits to find out if the Coalition government has any clue what to do. Turnbull’s NBN house of cards is on shaking ground and he is running out of time.
June court hearing set for Telstra, NBN Co dispute
NBN Wrap: What Happened With Australia's Broadband This Week?
Bendigo business set to benefit from NBN
NBN construction begins
The politics of unshackling the NBN from politics
What are reasonable assumptions to make when analysing the progress of the NBN to date? Here’s a few: high-speed internet access is essential for a variety of social, political, economic and familial reasons. Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) is better than fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) but it costs more. It is expensive to deliver broadband to the bush. When the market works, it works, and when it doesn’t, government should act. And any broadband is better than no broadband.
Telstra's accounting separation reporting requirements pulled by ACCC
NBN satellite capacity extended ABC - RN
Senate Committee's NBN Interim Report Attacks 'Inaccurate' Strategic Review
Gov't data should be free: Turnbull Blue book?
Telstra's accounting separation reporting requirements pulled by ACCC
NBN Digs a Hole for Itself
Turnbull, NBN Co invited to respond to Strategic Review criticism Renai LeMay
NBN Review designed for “pre-ordained political outcome” Renai LeMay
A Senate Committee NBN blood feud
NBN Co mandates satellite “fair use” policy Renai LeMay
Senate Committee finds FttN NBN 'inadequate', recommends FttP David Braue
“The Coalition and the Minister are carrying out their pledge to destroy the NBN,” Conroy said. “I cannot be clearer than that. If their plan is implemented, the NBN will be destroyed. It will not be national and it is certainly not the broadband that Australia needs.”
Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network - Interim Report 194 pg PDF
Tower construction means early 2015 likely start date for NBN services in Molong
Karoonda, Mallee to get NBN soon
Who Needs The NBN When There's A WISP ABC
Digital divide continues in Geraldton ABC ++
Here’s why these broadband and mobile services stocks are worth buying ASX:TLS, ASX:TPM, ASX:IIN
Vodafone bringing 200Mbps fibre service to Spain next week
The Fallacies of Government-Run Broadband in USA
Australian government requests to Google increase fivefold
Communications Dept seeks electronic voting trial
The End of the Line for the Analog Phone Network
Electronic voting recommended for NSW state and local elections
Could Turnbull truly become the “Earl” of Wentworth?
Microsoft launches Office for iPad
Microsoft Office for iPad: Here's what you get for free (and don't) ZDnet
Office for iPad is free, but it'll cost you
Microsoft's Office for iPad: A cloud revenue boon
Office for iPad, First Take: Recommended, if you have an Office 365 subscription
Where to Find Authentic Entrepreneurs
“Government Entrepreneur” is Not an Oxymoron except in Australia
3D printed drone ushers in era of disposable aircraft
Malcolm Turnbull gently mocks reintroduction of knights and dames
NT dumps failed Fujitsu/SAP project

March 26

The Right Kind Of Competition Sortius
NBN committee demands strategic review redo ZDnet
Is the government opening an NBN Pandora’s box? Paul Budde
“Destructive forces” unravelling NBN, says Budde Renai LeMay
Screw you, Turnbull: TPG starts FTTB deployment
TPG’s Teoh hits back at NBN Co over fibre competition
NBN footprint expands in Queensland
TPG begins live trials of fibre to the basement ZDnet
NBN strategic review 'inaccurate, unreliable’, says Senate committee
NBN Co hires project manager for Coffs Coast
Cost-benefit panel consults on NBN Co restrictions
NBN Panel of Experts issues consultation paper and calls for submissions about access arrangements
NBN Co begins fixed-wireless constructions in WA, SA
NBN: 'No regrets', says former deputy chair Diane Smith-Gander
TPG's broadband growth hinged on bundles ZDnet
IPTV State of the Nation: Where does Foxtel's Presto fit into the big picture? Adam Turner
Of course at $US7.99 per month, plus the cost of a VPN or DNS-based workaround for geoblocking, Netflix works out much cheaper than any of Foxtel's offerings.
Co-investment bid pushes to get NBN rollout up to top speed REGIONAL Development Australia Northern Rivers ++
Rolling out a new NBN strategy
Coalition, Labor feud over NBN reports
TPG says its fibre plan no threat to NBN News Ltd paywall
Cisco partners with Telstra for $US1bn cloud strategy
Cisco Systems Inc plans to offer cloud computing services, pledging to spend $US1 billion over the next two years to enter a market currently led by the world's biggest online retailer Inc.
Government stumps up $18.4m to fix NBN satellite service ZDnet
NBN conference postponed: nothing worth talking about ZDnet - David Braue
TPG launches first NBN services, lifts guidance News Ltd paywall
NBN Co expands enterprise testing off-network
NBN Co to bump satellite capacity, implement 'fair use' policy
NBN Co establishes medical alarms register
NBN Co has established a register to help support people who have medical alarm devices migrate successfully across to services over the National Broadband Network (NBN).
NBN roll-out is a welcome change
Ex-NBN deputy chair Smith-Gander has ‘no regrets’ AFR
Malcolm Turnbull takes on the country telcoms challenge News Ltd paywall
Global Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) Equipment Trends to 2017
Power Companies Promise Gigabit Broadband USA
Turnbull's broadband fix promises better rural services
Mr Turnbull’s statement come after reports that NBN Co and Optus are set to sign a $35 million deal that should help NBN Co appease the 48,000 or so regional and rural customers who aren’t happy with their service.
Vodafone launches FTTH in Spain
Broadband is a ‘human right’, says O’Brien
Lessons Of Broadband Net Neutrality For TV Content Owners USA
Apple Shouldn’t Have to Negotiate With Comcast to Bring Us Better TV
Troubleshoot Slow Internet Connection
DNS Addresses would play a great role when it comes to opening all websites. You must consider using Google DNS or Open DNS forbetter experience.
Secret History of Silicon Valley Watch the 1hr video - find out about Fred Terman
Silicon Valley as we Know it Starts Here Steve Blank slideshow on Fred Terman
Verizon accused of forcing customers off copper onto fibre ZDnet
North Yorks confirms 100 per cent superfast broadband coverage target UK
The great majority of superfast connections in North Yorkshire will be FTTC-based, while some lucky locations will get FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) lines. BT's FTTC lines currently provide top download speeds of 80Mbps and maximum upload speeds of 20Mbps. The speed you actually get depends greatly on your distance from your street cabinet. BT's FTTP lines don't suffer from the same distance difference, providing download speeds of up to 330Mbps and upload speeds of 30Mbps. Trials of vectoring and technologies look to increase the top speeds possible on FTTC lines are currently taking place. BT has yet to announce if and when these technologies will benefit consumers. BT's FTTP on Demand programme, where customers can pay to upgrade an FTTC line to FTTP, looks to remain business-only for the time being, as well as pretty expensive.
Is broadband a utility? Decide that, then create policy Minnesota
Which! starts campaign for broadband speed guarantee UK
Which? campaigns for minimum broadband speed guarantee UK
U.K.’s Hyperoptic Touts ‘Ferrari Performance of Broadband’ Don't tell Rupert
“We aren’t Sky. We’re not going to go out and buy lots of different content from a lot of different locations,” Tobak added. “Having said that, I think five years down the line, it won’t be Sky who is broadcasting all the content, but it will come from [non-ISP content providers like] Netflix, or You Tube.”
NT dumps failed Fujitsu/SAP project
CeBIT Australia 2014, 5-7 May Sydney special promo code td14ex

March 24

Switkowski in 2009: Fibre to make copper “obsolescent”
Bought a house in Ocean Grove Julia Keady - Twitter
Malcolm Turnbull ‏@TurnbullMalcolm Mar 19 @SaysJuliaKeady just curious:- if connectivity was so vital to you why did you buy a house where there was no broadband available?
A little tweet about broadband Julia Keady
Malcolm Turnbull suggests resident move house for decent broadband
Malcolm Turnbull Wants You To Move House To Get Better Internet Gizmodo
Malcolm Turnbull, ladies and gentlemen! The man who has the job of getting broadband to everyone…
Malcolm Turnbull Causes Outrage Over Twitter Question: Why Buy A House Where There’s No Broadband Available?
The NBN is on its way to Ocean Grove. Soon. They've got the greeting cards to prove it.
Is it possible for Turnbull to have a rational argument, ever Sortius
‘Why buy a house with no broadband?’: Turnbull
Malcolm Turnbull Causes Outrage Over Twitter Question: Why Buy A House Where There’s No Broadband Available?
Impolite Turnbull tweet sparks NBN backlash Renai LeMay
Do your job, Malcolm Turnbull, it’s what we pay you for.
Comment: The NBN and the outrage SBS
Turnbull slams Twitter’s NBN “craziness” Renai LeMay
Turnbull's Twitter tripwire Turnbull Twit #
Ocean Grove woman in Twitter stoush with Malcolm Turnbull
Turnbull tweets up a storm, blog goes crazy
Arriving late at a Malcolm Turnbull folly
'Complete Invention': Malcolm Turnbull Responds To Recent Twitter Outrage Gizmodo
Is it possible to have a rational discussion on twitter? The NBN and the outrage.
The Story That Wasn’t Told Sortius speaks on the NBN
iiNet founder & CEO Michael Malone resigns
Pioneer departs at crucial juncture- iiNEt
Life after Malone: Where to next for iiNet?
Will TPG Telecom Ltd get to carry out its lucrative fibre optic plans?
Is iiNet Limited now a takeover target for TPG Telecom Ltd?
Broadband Asia & TV Connect 201429th-30th April 2014, Suntec, Singapore
TPG, iiNet, ACCC support competitive FTTB rollouts
TPG fights to keep FTTB alive Supratim Adhikari
TPG lobbies Govt to keep FTTB loophole
Pressure building for media “reform”
Aligning Broadband and Healthcare
The great NBN sell-off has already begun
Fibre take-up has already crossed half a million subscribers in Singapore. As fibre broadband becomes the de-facto choice for consumers, and quality is the new king, our role is to make sure that we work with RSPs (Retail Service Providers) to deliver the exponential bandwidth needs of an Internet savvy society from a high performance and reliable active network.
Union threatens to take Visionstream to the Fair Work Commission
The NDIS and the NBN are both too expensive
NBN test sites register `too late'
NBN begins FTTB trials in Melbourne
Turnbull launches NBN Co’s medical device migration register
Australia endorses US withdrawal from internet control
Can Telstra save Australia's NBN? Mark A Gregory
Newcastle taken off national broadband network (NBN) map
Malcolm Turnbull’s NBN stance has created giant headaches
Memo Malcolm Turnbull: Don't stuff up NBN
Hunter falls behind in broadband quest
NBN switched on in central Vic ABC
Alcatel touts NBN innovation Demo please
Australia doubts ICANN is ready to run the internet
Tesla pioneers aim to electrify race cars Simon Hackett
Tesla pioneers aim to electrify race cars
NBNCo to agree $35m SingTel-Optus satellite deal
Should you wait for the NBN to upgrade phone systems?
NBN icing on cake for Kiama newcomers
Anthony Hourigan and his family moved from Leichhardt to Kiama for the better quality of life, lower cost of living - and access to the National Broadband Network.
NBN for mobiles push has support News Ltd paywall
Regional news safe in reforms
More Canberra homes light up on the NBN NBN Co
Treasury backs NBN funding cap
NBN Co alarmed about alarms
Huawei's NBN happened three years after it was hacked by NSA
Remote students disconnected by satellite
Life after Malone: Where to next for iiNet? Supratim Adhikari
State of play: Concern colours slow start
Data still a problem for consumers, while NBN connections a cause for concern
Locals encouraged to attend meeting on NBN BUNDABERG Regional Council +
Young Pambula couple making a splash among the telcos
This Pambula based company is not waiting for the government to roll out its favoured high speed broadband, as its network already has the capacity to beat the proposed new NBN speeds, according to Lisa Dykes, Splash Internet customer relations.
Cisco to inject $US100 million into start-ups
iiNet founder & CEO Michael Malone resigns
Life after Malone: Where to next for iiNet? Supratim Adhikari
Is iiNet Limited now a takeover target for TPG Telecom Ltd?
Will TPG Telecom Ltd get to carry out its lucrative fibre optic plans?
Telstra may be next on lifting foreign ownership restrictions: Turnbull
Liberals split over plan for cyber-bully pulpit
Australia - Smart Infrastructure - Smart Cities: 2014 is Earmarked as the Year of the Internet of Things
Expert says our NBN will be like a Datsun not a Ferrari
Mr Webb said country people would be worse off. "Country people will pay the same price for Wi-Fi broadband as city people will pay for fibre optic"
ACCAN flags concerns about NBN complaints
Exetel challenges NBN market with cheaper plans
Fears NBN hubs may clog Sydney footpaths
Cisco on NBN’s future News Ltd paywall
UK's broadband gap failing rural families
Has Labor already given up on its NBN? Renai LeMay
Turnbull's NBN audit must rise above politics Mark Gregory **
The rate at which Australia’s neighbours and global economic competitors are moving to FTTP has increased in the last year, just at the time when Turnbull has announced Australia will shy away from such an endeavour. What about the most unfortunate finding of Turnbull’s NBN strategic review that by 2027 or thereabouts the cost difference between a FTTP NBN and a FTTN NBN could be as little as one billion dollars? That titbit of unwanted information was buried very deeply within the NBN strategic review report.
Laming promises faster net service North Stradbroke Island
Red tape risk to regional TV
Govt mulls Telstra ownership laws
Telehealth doesn't need fibre, the technology already exists: Experts
Will I get fibre, cable or satellite under NBN? You'll know later this year, says Malcolm Turnbull
Aerial NBN trial 'not needed' in Tas
Australia's NBN Co Tests Coriant's Terabit Super-channel
Labor NBN should have had cost-benefit analysis: Productivity Commission
Fibre fanaticism overrode proper NBN planning says report
Malcolm Turnbull has opened a can of worms on media reform, says Labor
Bega Valley roll-out of NBN fixed wireless network
Apple iTax: made in Ireland, designed in the US
NBN transit network hits terabit speeds in Toowoomba trial
NBN Co in Australia could ramp up Internet speeds to 13Tbps
Turnbull pours $18.4m into NBN satellite service
NBN: Productivity Commission criticises lack of cost benefit analysis
NBN rollout for outlying areas
NBN begins FTTB trials in Melbourne
Productivity Commission slams NBN planning ZDnet
The Productivity Commission is accepting submissions on the draft report until April 4, 2013
NBN set to sign $35m deal to boost regional broadband
Arroyo had no part in NBN-ZTE deal—De Venecia III Philippines NBN corruption
ICANN 49 | 23-27 March 2014 Singapore
The Medical Alarm Register
Where’s Google going next? Google CEO Larry Page
ADSL in Goonellabah? You have to 'wait until someone dies'
UK backs US over ICANN internet move
China: Government falling short on home-fibre targets
Spreading the word about NBN Kiama
Cisco on how to speed up NBN rollout HFC
Mobile Data Still Dwarfed By Fixed Lines
Fibre fuels flexible working at Melbourne office telecommute
Vodafone buys Spanish cable operator Ono
Broadband — next game changer
Joint research of Chalmers University of Technology, Ericsson and Arthur d Little has shown that doubling the speed of Broadband could enhance GDP growth by 0.3 per cent in OECD economies on average. In India, already nine million jobs got generated with use of broadband
'Broadband' and 'boondoggle' don't belong together
Comcast dominates 2013 broadband subscriber growth rankings

March 12

Switkowski’s Dubious Claim Sortius
NBN Co mulls fibre to the apartment
Widely distributed future: Ludlam's unfinished business
Cost-Benefit Analysis and Review of Regulation Closing date to is 12pm 14 Mar 14
NBN starts high rise trials
Gov't funded broadband benefits small businesses USA
Turnbull to audit the conception of Labor's NBN
How Do We Know She’s A Witch Sortius
Opposition fears Newcastle hit by sub-standard internet ABC
ALP: second rate broadband for Newcastle, poll
Shadow minister to hear Hunter broadband concerns
KPMG’s Alder and AIMIA’s Butterworth form digital agency
Slow internet speed forces BarTV to leave Hunter
Mr Mason said the company used contractors out of Gosford to upload videos of each game in as little as eight minutes, with the same process taking up to 10 hours in Newcastle using an ADSL2 connection that is commonly used by businesses.
Tasmania’s NBN rollout trails other states News Ltd haedline for upcoming election
Australian govt to audit NBN policy process The witch hunt burning Gov funds
Google To Malcolm Turnbull: Piracy Is An 'Availability And Pricing Problem'
Stephen Conroy seeks answers on NBN Co leak
Yet another NBN inquiry – this one’s after Conroy’s blood
Turnbull to probe Conroy's NBN advice ZDnet
Turnbull also announced a review of NBN Co's internal governance to me conducted by KordaMentha. In addition to these reviews, the government has launched the NBN Co strategic review, the broadband cost-benefit analysis, and the broadband quality review.
Should there be a review into the cost vs benefit of all these reviews?
Coffs Harbour has been quick to take up NBN
NBN Co urges government to close private fibre loophole
NBN Co snares four telcos for Melbourne pilot
NBN community forum in Torquay from 3-7pm
Switkowski warns over telco fibre plans News ltd paywall
Tech Leaders’ Forum Keynote Speech Paul Fletcher
Speech to ACCAN Conference: Connecting the Country Paul Fletcher
More money needed to tackle black spots crisis in rural Victoria
Necessarily, the Coalition had to cost its promise — $20 million for black spots and $80 million for major transport routes and for small communities. ...Only the worst of the worst, those areas where life and property are at greatest risk from natural disaster
Toowoomba transmission trial touches terabit/s
NBN Co and Coriant Successfully Trial Terabit Super-channel in SE Queensland, Australia
NZ Govt rejects Turnbull’s HFC cable approach
“UFB [FTTP] needs to be rolled out to as much of New Zealand as possible. This suggestion by Vodafone [to use HFC cable] begs the question, why would Kiwis choose to make use of a second-class network when we are already on our way to having a first–class network?” he said.
HBO ready for Internet-based television future
Melbourne CBD to get free Wi-Fi
ISPs, consumers sign up for NBN Co’s FTTB pilot
Vodafone calls for NBN Co rural mobile network
Details sought on aerial NBN trial
TASMANIA'S ICT sector has called for details about the trial of an aerial NBN rollout to be made clear before the state goes to the polls next weekend.
Slow uptake of National Broadband Network in Coffs Harbour ABC
Why no consumer voices for Turnbull’s ministerial council?
More focus needed on regional e-business
NBN Redux The Pompous Git
Avalanche of NBN complaints fast-tracked to the very top
Google: Australian Piracy Is An Availability And Pricing Problem
ServiceNow speaks out on government cloud policy
Media laws should serve everyone, not just the moguls
Rupert Murdoch to be inducted into TV hall of fame
The 75% TV reach rule is politically messy for the Coalition but not the main game
Government’s media agenda driven by needs of old players, not arrival of new ones
Abbott’s feminist message: don’t think you can mess with me on PPL
OPINION: Turnbull blinded by unhealthy obsession
Alcatel tapped for Indonesia's Conrovian FttP rollout ZDnet
Australia’s failed experiment in government-owned broadband
If you don’t believe Google Fiber is serious about city cooperation, maybe you’ll listen to AT&T
GAO: Government-funded broadband means better service, lower prices
Alcatel-Lucent to supply GPON solution to Telkom Akses
Ultra-fast 5G broadband UK
NZ govt rejects Vodafone's NBN offer NZ
Google publishes broadband manifesto for cities
AT&T’s ‘GigaPower’ Coming To Dallas
Cincinnati community group vies for Google Fiber
Fiber optic leaders visit Lafayette Susan Crawford
With fast bandwidth speeds and communication capabilities fiber has become a catalyst of economic development for the city, attracting national and global companies to the area, such as visual effects company Pixel Magic, the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, and management software company Exepron to name a few.
FTTH Broadband Plans for Noida and Ghaziabad India
Broadband speed becomes key factor in UK home purchases
Superfast broadband tips paying off for companies UK
Will Germany have the last laugh on broadband availability?
If the UK Prime Minister had been quick on his feet he should have asked the German chancellor how they intended to overcome the physics of signal attenuation in copper with VDSL to guarantee everyone 50 Mbps. In theory with enough cabinets you can do a FTTC roll-out with a minimum speed guarantee, but this is edging more towards fibre to the drop point (FttDP) in terms of the number of nodes required.
Indonesia plans 10 Gbps FTTP
Facebook's Broadband By Drones Latest In Very Long Line Of Unfulfilled Aerial Hype
Satellite broadband rises with demand from Middle East super-yachts 1st world problem

March 7

What Comes Down Must Go Up Sortius
Telstra 'snot boxes' challenge Turnbull's FTTN plan
Comms union backs Tasmanian pro-FTTP NBN bill
“When the people of Tasmania went to the polls at last year’s Federal Election, they believed that Mr Turnbull’s pledge to honour all NBN construction contracts would see the state’s rollout completed with FTTP,” Mier said. “Since then, the Federal Government has back-peddled from this pledge, with NBN Co confirming that FTTN technology will potentially be used in Tasmania.”
Labor in last minute plea for Tasmania's fibre NBN
Malcolm Turnbull starts fifth NBN audit
“Witch hunt”? Turnbull opens Labor NBN policy review
Taylor: Hume businesses suffering due to poor telecommunications
The NBN in February: It's Battlefield Tasmania as FttN emerges ABC - DAVID BRAUE
Despite varying opinions about just what the [MyBroadband] map showed, the launch reflected the fulfilment of another of Turnbull's transparency promises and will be used to fast-track the delivery of services to the 700,000 premises in most need of broadband upgrades. ...real estate agents began to consider the new policy's impact on housing prices and it became clear that FttN would dominate the Tasmanian rollout moving forward
No timetable yet for Bendigo NBN rollout ABC
Turnbull's birthday cake moment
NBN rolls out to more towns
National Broadband Network to face audit after revelations of $30 million branding spend Rupert Ltd, who else?
Telco industry questions ACCAN's role ZDnet
If you have HFC somewhere in the general area then you have all that you’re going to need because HFC means ‘A’. And if you don’t have HFC somewhere near you then the Coalition government is going to spend $43 billion to bring another obsolete technology to you and don’t worry we’re not going to test its quality because access somehow equates to quality. The greatest failure of the Broadband Availability and Quality Report 2013 and MyBroadband website is the lack of reality. The measures used should have been linked to access network standards, availability of the world’s best access network technologies and access network quality which is dependent on the access network design rules and implementation.
IEEE Presentation November 2012 Original NBN/FTTP planning
Ludlam’s smackdown: The new social media campaign trail NBN at 6:05
Australians lead in use of digital govt services Supratim Adhikari
Hartsuyker tags NBN rollout in Coffs Harbour 'shambolic' ABC
Will hidden taxes and competitive pressures make the NBN unsustainable?
Optus rolling out wholesale VOIP product
Fast internet has arrived
‘No path to privatisation’? Spectre of NBN float raises hopes — and hackles Crikey paywall
Fears grow as NBN switchover looms Kiama
Turnbull picks Scales to head NBN audit
Great divide in Turnbull’s media summit
Deregulation on TV networks wish lists SBS
TV networks call for deregulation Sky
MP Twitter talk under review
Tony Abbott introduced a strict edict to Coalition staffers not to engage in political commentary on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter
NBN draws closer for Maclean
Riverina NBN rollout continues with less than 1000 people connected
The Advocate highlights Coffs Harbor NBN issues in Canberra
School of Air students locked out of NBN
First NBN tower goes up near Cowra
NBN change hits real estate $**
"NBN-ready" phone helps SMEs in cost war $
Businesses that have a suitable internet connection can use NBN-Ready Commander Phone and enjoy no line rental, a no contract option, unlimited standard local and national calls and free intra-account calls for as little as $34.95 per month.
A Victorian headache for the Liberals
NBN business consultation: Have your say
What the NBN means for SMBs - if we get it!
Slow Broadband speeds could drop house price by 20% UK
First broadband factsheet update for 2014 UK broadband speeds
Huawei, ahead of Alcatel-Lucent and ZTE
Record year for GPON in China
Nanoscale broadband terahertz communication
David Thodey: Telstra's Future Is In Global Technology, Not Telecoms
Residents urged to compare broadband availability ^^
Mr Brough says this will allow the NBN to prioritise the rollout.
Big telcos push Malcolm Turnbull for softened bill shock rule changes
Bricks and broadband: why internet speed should determine your next home $
How does broadband speed affect your property's value? $
Facebook Buys Drone Maker, Hints At Broadband By Drone
Our View: Broadband access is an infrastructure necessity $
Broadband speed now ranks in homeseekers' must-haves $
Popularity of broadband may be behind closure of BBC3 channel UK
The shift of BBC3 to an online only channel is part of the savings that are being explored to create a target of £100m of savings by 2016. The £85m that is the BBC3 budget currently it will be another lump of cash towards the target, though since it will still be on air, the savings will only be a fraction of the channels budget. ...The current broadband improvements across the UK are also partly to blame for this sort of thing
Telstra publishes four page “transparency” report
Ludlam’s smackdown: The new social media campaign trail
In the space of two days, YouTube views of Ludlam's speech more than doubled to nearly 280,000. In just one hour today, the video clocked up 10,000 views.

March 4

Stuck In A Time Warp Sortius
Beyond geeks and nerds: Understanding Australia's Netflix fixation
NBN-Telstra deal must be part of copper network prices: iiNet ZDnet
Profits surge at Bendigo telco
Chamber worried traders not connected to NBN
Ericsson sure it can keep NBN contract
Look past NBN for Australia's digital future: AIIA
Can NBN guarantee microwaves harmless?
Fastest selling estate in East Gippsland, Shannon Waters
New greenfields development Shannon Waters, set to be the only estate east of Sale to be connected to the NBN, is opening the region’s largest display village.
How Telstra plans its digital makeover
4G that's four times faster: Base prepares to jump to LTE-Advanced with field trial
NBN Telehealth keeps Minnamurra man healthy
Real speeds 25 percent slower than Turnbull MyBroadband tracker
Residents urged to compare broadband availability ABC
The MyBroadband website has been launched this week to allow people to check broadband availability and quality in their area compared to neighbouring suburbs. Mr Brough says this will allow the NBN to prioritise the rollout.
There's little fibre to MyBroadband nit-picking Malcolm Turnbull
Here's An Honest NBN Coverage Checker
5th generation (5G) mobile broadband.
Fast broadband now considered vital by increasing numbers of homebuyers
Houses without a connection or slow download speeds can be worth up to 20% less, say estate agents
NBN delay hits remote students
'Demented plutocrat' remark was not about Rupert Murdoch, Turnbull says The Guardian
Is council out of its depth? + Ballarat City Council
Senator to push NBN issue
Tough calls for NBN customers
Entertaining the Netflix generation
More Netflix pirates on board Rupert's not happy - paywall
IBM Australia to cut another 500 jobs
Beyond geeks and nerds: Understanding Australia's Netflix fixation Supratim Adhikari
Posse takes on Google Maps with new capital raising
Is Google Fiber all that it's cracked up to be?
Value Investor: Domino's takes a slice offshore
Turnbull: Ad-libbed ‘demented plutocrat’ jibe not aimed at Rupert Murdoch
pCell Provides Broadband Speeds 1000 Times Better
What the NBN means for SMBs - if we get it!
There are a number of areas of Australia where the original NBN/FTTP has already been rolled out so if your business is located in one of those areas, chances are it will also be available in the homes of many of your employees, and its high bandwidth makes teleworking a snap, so you’ve got a good opportunity to let your staff work from home part of the time.
Connectivity holes an election issue? NZ
Slow broadband wipes 20% off house prices +
NBN should be made a monopoly now they get it - News Ltd paywall
The Australian editor Mitchell fires back at Minister Turnbull after News Corp jibes
Turnbull’s launch speech has also raised eyebrows across the media sector for an ad-libbed line in which he paid tribute to Saturday Paper publisher Schwartz noting that: “You are not some demented plutocrat pouring more and more money into a loss making venture that is just going to peddle your opinions.” The remark, coming at the end of a speech which jibed News Corp and The Australian multiple times, was largely interpreted as an attack on Rupert Murdoch and The Australian, which last week revealed that it had lost $30m dollars last financial year. In the wake of social media and blog commentary Turnbull clarified the quip, arguing that he had been misinterpreted and that the line was in fact about William Randolph Hearst, who died in 1951 and who had been briefly referenced earlier in the speech.
MyBroadband stoush: Turnbull attacks “foolish” IT academic
Optus pumps 2.3Gbps total through 4G towers
Turnbull forces all Dept staff to re-apply for jobs
Spill-and-fill retrenchment tactics under fire, but could spread through APS
The Department of Communications has been regarded as a prime target for more hard line tactics for restructuring because of the previous Labor government’s heavy promotion of the National Broadband Network as a Fibre to the Home as a key economic policy to help transform service delivery and business. While Prime Minister Tony Abbott ultimately backed away from initial promises to get now Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to “demolish” the massive project in favour of a marginally less expensive and slower Fibre to the Node rollout for the NBN, the Coalition has long complained about what it perceives as technological zealotry over fibre in sections of the media and the technology industry
Broadband strategy doc by Labour's Clare Curran accidentally sent to Amy Adams NZ
Tockington BT broadband box causes controversy
Optus sparks broadband HYPEGASM with gigasite trial
Wireline broadband access equipment revenues down in 2013
Commonwealth forum on broadband expansion London
Slow broadband can knock 20% off house prices
A voice in mainstream media on NBN by George Fong ++
Telstra wants its foreign ownership rules reviewed
News Corp Australia dumps Exchange for Gmail

February 28

Telstra fibre-to-basement networks could compete with NBN: Thodey AFR
Now Telstra threatens to do its own FTTB Renai LeMay
Victoria welcomes Commonwealth broadband report and highlights opportunity for business
“Victorian Government modelling shows that there are many businesses across the State – some with broadband access – that want and need the next generation fibre broadband services today and this demand is continuing to grow. “Our modelling shows that there is large demand for fibre services across metropolitan suburbs such as Dandenong, Bayswater and Moorabbin, with each having well over 500 businesses who would take a fibre service if available to them.
NBN Co's Chairman Doesn't Think Aussies Need Gigabit Internet Any Time Soon Gizmodo
NBN Co chairman defends NBN reporting
MyBroadband shows what's wrong with our broadband ZDnet - David Braue
MyBroadband gets an 'F' for fail Mark Gregory
Businesses, residents hit by NBN switch SMH
Alcatel-Lucent walks fine NBN fibre line ZDnet...just business
NBN Co calls on customers to update service provision as copper switch-off looms
Turnbull vows to fix NBN 'fiasco'
Retired rural telecommunications advocate Lindsay MacDonald has described the internet speeds at her property south of Blackall as "almost unusable" and says the service delivered by the NBN Interim Satellite Service is a fiasco.
Turnbull’s Tasmanian NBN trials a political distraction: CEPU
NBN bitchslap: IT hero schools ignorant radio host Renai LeMay
George is Executive Director at Lateral Plains
Reality check: Tasmanian overhead FTTP trials have already been done Renai LeMay
Launch of The Saturday Paper MT
As we all know those foundations are shaking. The Internet has smashed the business model of those papers by providing a more cost effective platform for advertising. The hyper platform of the Internet of course challenges all media platforms — print, radio, free to air and subscription television included. Chris Mitchell this week noted that although The Australian has 65,000 paying digital subscribers, print still accounts for more than 90 per cent of revenue[8]. Across the Australian industry, digital revenue still only accounts for 9 per cent of all income — advertising still accounts for 61 per cent of income and physical circulation accounts for 29 per cent of income Over the decade to 2013, the proportion of Australians over the age of 14 reading print-only newspapers fell from around 61 per cent to 41 per cent for all News Corporation titles, and from 25 per cent to 8 per cent for all Fairfax publications
NBN Co says tower is ‘in the best place’ for sight lines
Dapto's patchy NBN roll-out riles
Contractors dig in over NBN halt
NBN Co throws resources at held service order backlog
NBN's $7 billion bill for 3 per cent of network
Fees deter use of faster IT cable
FTTH has been used in Viet Nam for seven years.
UNSW, GoGet working on self-driving car Renai LeMay
Monopoly? Melbourne IT buys rival Netregistry Renai LeMay
Huber+Suhner's self-install system speeds FTTH roll out in Marburg
How can North Carolina become a true Gigabit State? USA
iPhone App to Measure Mobile Broadband Performance FCC USA
Netflix will pay Comcast to not throttle broadband. This is why Net Neutrality matters. think Telstra vs others
TiVo Selected by Vyve Broadband to Provide Exclusive Next-Generation Advanced Television Experience
ADTRAN and ITU Study Group Lead Effort to Standardize Technology
10G PON commercial launch
NBN Wireless Rates Internode
NBN Wireless VOIP Internode
NBN Wireless VOIP rates Internode
Huawei unveils FastConnect series ODN products, the FTTH port installation time saving 86%
Minister backs call for Irish fibre action
'Right time' for The Saturday Paper, says publisher Morry Schwartz

February 25

Why Politicians Fail At Technology Policies Sortius
Two days for NBN submissions
Mayors urge broadband blackspots fix **
Abbott’s Tassie CBN fumble “embarassing”, says Labor Renai LeMay
In a joint press conference held on Saturday in Hobart, Abbott repeatedly declined to directly address questions about whether the Coalition deceived Tasmanian voters with respect to its support for an all-fibre broadband rollout in the state before the previous Federal Election, in a tense event in which journalists couldn’t stop asking about the topic.
NBN Co says debt funding too risky for $41bn rollout AFR
Website rates our quality connections
Abbott Repeats Turnbull Tasmanian NBN Lie
Dodo drives M2 broadband growth
Nextgen, Telstra wary of new backhaul rival
Alcatel Lucent boss says NBN delays won’t lead to job cuts AFR
NBN reality I CANNOT understand.....pretty true, he can't
Turnbull’s NBN morphs into shape now it's the 'Optimised Multi-Technology Mix'
Paul Fletcher twitter Secretary to the Minister for Communications.
NBN Co prepares for revised rollout model Key financial results
FTTH subscriber growth accelerates says FTTH Council Europe
“In this changing world we need more than flexible labor markets and great education systems if we want to keep up. We also need the right infrastructure … If a city or a country doesn’t have the right infrastructure, then investments will be made elsewhere.”
Conroy grills Switkowski at NBN estimates
NBN Co tells iiNet told to use Broadcom chips in VDSL routers
Towering battle begins over proposed NBN tower at Cooran
Injunction over school broadband contract NZ
Mayor calls out Verizon on broadband agreement NY
Hungary vows to beat EU in bringing broadband Internet to every home
PM switches on superfast broadband in Oxfordshire UK
The majority of locations will get FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) installed, providing speeds of up to 80Mbps. A lucky few will get faster FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) lines, which can provide speeds of up to 330Mbps. Premises not located in the 90 per cent catchment area will be guaranteed a basic service delivering speeds of at least 2Mbps.
Turnbull and Clare's broadband talkfest
Call for submissions on NBN
COMMUNITY members concerned about the roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) are asked to make submissions to the Senate Select Committee on the NBN before the February 28 deadline.
Telstra unveils fast internet devices, 4G plans
Telstra chief financial officer Andy Penn recently told The Australian Financial Review the company was committed to spending $1.2 billion per year for the next two years on in mobile network alone - exceedomg that spent by rivals SingTel-Optus and Vodafone Hutchison Australia.
MBI completes construction and testing of fiber-optic network USA
Melbourne’s copper countdown NBN Co
Armidale’s copper countdown NBN Co

February 23

Email me if mobile coverage is lousy: Turnbull's offsider
Submissions on the program can be emailed to
Turnbull takes sip of Hodgman's fibre-to-the-premises Kool Aid ABC - Tahlea Aualiitia
NBN trial may lead to full-fibre Comment: "This is pure spin. Fairy floss. There's not a word of commitment in it."
A Country Boy comment: "That interview with Turnbull may have been a turning point in the campaign. There had been a change of mood. Hodgman is seen as a light weight who isn't taken seriously in Canberra and who can't deliver. After the NBN roll out fiasco The Liberals are seen as a party that doesn't keep its promises. Liberal politicians like Andrew Nikolic will not stand up and fight. Labor is still seen as out of juice and in need of a rest. Of the other significant players, that leaves Palmer United & the Greens. The Greens' vote won't change much - which leaves Palmer United. Its not that PUP has much to offer; it doesn't. The new attraction is that it is not Labor and its not Liberal either. People are interested. That helps to explain all those Liberal ads attacking Palmer. The Libs are certainly onto it."
Macquarie inks US broadband fibre deal +
Macquarie Capital, has signed a pre-development agreement with the Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA), a consortium of 16 cities engaged in developing a fibre to the premises (FTTP) network, to roll out a network to 150,000 homes and all of the businesses in 11 cities.
Coalition report reveals broadband blackspots
A Senate headache for Turnbull's NBN + Mark Gregory
Local government is becoming a vocal critic of any shift away from the original NBN plan and for many local governments the move to NBN 2.0 will mean there is considerable loss of time, funds and energy spent on building local community opportunities based around a next generation fibre access network. The City of Greater Geraldton, which is an early recipient of FTTP, highlighted the positive benefits that FTTP was bringing to the region, forward planning for future opportunities and implementation of projects where FTTP had arrived. The sentiments expressed by the City of Greater Geraldton were echoed by other local government submissions. The City of Greater Geraldton submission concluded by saying: “We are of the firm belief that continuing the rollout of FTTP will achieve a far better outcome for the future. We see continuing to make use of a degraded copper network system is a stop-gap method which will mean we are only delaying the inevitable and this, of course, will eventually see taxpayers pay far more to replace the copper with fibre at a time in the future.” Submissions to the Senate select committee by individuals generally provide outright support for Labor’s NBN....
Aerial NBN trial embraced
New website identifies NBN blackspots
Tasmanian election campaigns begin
The NBN has emerged as the big campaign issue, with all sides weighing in on the federal coalition's plan to scale back the original fibre - to - the - home plan for Tasmania.
Turnbull insists Coalition’s NBN still “national” Renai LeMay
Broadband Focus Shifting To Need For Speed
NBN Co prepares for revised rollout model NBN Co
TeliaSonera, Huawei conduct trial in Finland
Being a copper-based technology, is distance dependent. It can only achieve its advertised data rates of 1 Gbps over distances of 250 meters or shorter.
NBN Co confirms Telstra copper trial
FTTH gathers pace in Europe
FTTH Conference opens in Stockholm: Superfast broadband key to EU economic growth
Home Fibering System speeds deployment
Google Fiber targets 34 more cities as potential FTTH recipients
Google to Push Its Fiber Rollout on Comcast's Turf
Massachusetts Broadband Institute announces completion of rural high-speed network
Technologies to speed up FTTP deployments
"A key factor to facilitate a profitable FTTP network deployment is the minimisation of both deployment costs and installation time. It is also essential to minimise the costs of subsequent network growth, since customers do not all take up services at the same time. Fujikura's technology is designed to enable low cost initial deployments with simple and cheap network evolution." Fujikura's equipment allows drop connections to be completed within just a few hours by installers who have limited prior fibre knowledge.
NBN Co to launch trial of alternative broadband network in Woy Woy and Epping ABC
NBN Co and Telstra negotiating new agreement for copper access
Pressured Turnbull agrees to aerial FTTP trials in Tasmania Renai LeMay
Malcolm Turnbull expects new Telstra NBN deal in a 'few months'
Telco legislation to be repealed on first repeal day ZDnet
Australia's 4G networks the fastest in the world
But speed is only one indicator of 4G quality. Coverage is the other big factor and on that measure Australia is lagging, according the report, which found Australian users were only in a 4G coverage area 58 per cent of the time, meaning they likely fell back to 3G speeds. In Sydney and Melbourne, Telstra's 3G speeds are about 5 Mbps.
Hat trick for Bendigo as top business bank
Quarter of NBN customers to get all-fibre
NBN Co said it would start building the mixed-technology network, which will have slower peak speeds than fibre-to-the-home, in 2015 after two trials of technology using existing Telstra copper cables to connect homes on the NSW central coast and in Melbourne's northern suburbs.
Medium-speed NBN services growing in popularity
NBN hangs up on the bush
NBN racks up $715 million half-year loss as costs grow
Residents in NBN rollout suburbs at risk of disconnection
Official campaign underway in Tasmanian election ABC
Malcolm Turnbull's Interactive Broadband Report Card Now Online [Update: It's Having Problems]
Millsy Guest FEBRUARY 20, 2014 4:02 PM comment: "What was the point of this website, it just tells me what i already know, I have shit internet access. Mostly likely the Fibre to home NBN will target the areas in the city that already have access to Cable net and places like mine 1 town outside of the metro zone who have ADSL1 shitfull net probably wont ever get it. They should roll out the NBN backwards from most needed to least needed and do a full Fibre to the home, not liberals bs mixed tech. They say they all for future tech yet when they have the opportunity to go Fibre to the home for everyone they fail us as they are with everything else so far."
NBN rollout priorities and web speed blackspots unveiled by Turnbull
iiNet set to sign NBN agreement ZDnet
Tasmanian Liberal leader flies to Sydney for NBN talks with Minister
Quarter of NBN customers to get all-fibre News Ltd rubbish propaganda for Senate election
Romania falls to 6th place in fast internet
FTTH port installation time saving 86%
Deploying the FTTH home entry section using traditional ODN products can be difficult and time consuming. For example, splicing engineers and special splicing tools are required in scenarios where the ODN products need to be mounted on a wall or pole, or hung from an optical cable. For traditional ODN products, connecting each port takes about 35 minutes. For Huawei FastConnect series ODN products, connecting each port takes only 5 minutes. The FastConnect series ODN products support plug-and-play and do not require fiber splicing when deploying the home entry section. Therefore, no special splicing tools or splicing engineers are required.
FTTH/B adoption in Europe is gathering pace
Ultra-fast broadband revenues to double in five years
The leading FTTH/B countries are China with 32.4 million subscribers, Japan with 24.294 million, South Korea with 11.63 million, the US with nine million and Russia with 8.289 million.
Vodafone presented with FTTH award
Broadband review: Canberra is nation's hot spot for fixed-line internet access ABC
Broadband access seen as job creation tool
Powertel introduces 0.50c/day unlimited mobile broadband package for students Zimbabwe
Springsteen figures in Tasmanian campaign
Medium-speed NBN services growing in popularity

February 19

Macquarie set for US broadband deal
Macquarie to take on Google in US broadband race
Tasmanian Liberal leader flies to Sydney for NBN talks with Minister
Closing Address - Tech Leaders Conference Jason Clare, Federal Member for Blaxland, Shadow Minister for Communications
Federal MP Paul Fletcher says private sector should steer digital economy
Broadband as Today’s Electricity reposted in response to Fletchers view (above) - Susan Crawford
Government Broadband Overbuilds Are Anti-competitive oppsing view to Susan Crawford
Clare gears up for an NBN fight Supratim Adhikari
Hodgman backs Aurora for NBN
NBN Co blocks FOI request: reputations at stake
NBN lights up in Applecross area, Western Australia NBN Co
“The feedback from people who’ve already made the switch is that they enjoy having all the family online at once, making high-quality video calls with fewer drop outs, downloading movies in minutes and streaming TV.
Giddings offers NBN Co free access to power poles
80 percent of Australians oppose warrantless e-surveillance
Liberals admit: Turnbull CBN plan could lose Tasmanian election Renai LeMay
Liberals want to make Adelaide “startup capital of Australia” Renai LeMay
Google Fiber will go to 10Gbps Renai LeMay
Tassie FTTN decision Visionstream’s fault, says Turnbull
NBN Co to count on TransACT fibre for quick win ZDnet
NBN Reneges on Direct Fibre Promise for Tasmania
MP: Business the priority in NBN roll-out ABC
NBN review panel reconsiders ACCC's role as telco watchdog
Wireless broadband for Stratford and Yarram
ABC Statewide Mornings: Audio on Demand ABC
POLLY VENNING, Managing Director of CEO Tasmania, on business difficulties with the slow rollout of the NBN. (5:00-8:25)
Huawei Develops Second-Gen TWDM-PON Prototype
Antel speeds up cable deployment in Uruguay
Woolworths dumping Windows for Chrome OS
iiNet prepares devices for fibre-to-the-node NBN ZDnet
The Abbott government is stuck in opposition mode
Tech Leaders’ Forum Keynote Speech Paul Fletcher MP - Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications
Spectrum Dot Gov
Rodney S. Tucker, electrical engineering professor at the University of Melbourne, mourned the failure of this $44 billion National Broadband Network project: "Sadly, the new Coalition government seems impervious to these arguments and is determined to downscale the NBN. I am left clinging to the hope that Australians will realize the foolishness of abandoning the FTTP network and insist that their leaders reconsider or devise a new plan that's not too far removed from the Labor Party's revolutionary vision."
Speech to ACCAN Conference: Connecting the Country Paul Fletcher MP
Coalition lied about true cost of NBN: Jason Clare & more on NBN Veooz - NBN
Coalition lied about true cost of NBN: Jason Clare
FTTH Council Europe welcomes UK Government initiative
The FTTH Council Europe believes that public funds should only be invested in future-proof infrastructure. It is a waste of tax-payers money to spend it on short- and mid-term upgrades of existing networks, which results in an expensive multi-cycle upgrade path. Karin Ahl, President of the FTTH Council Europe
Poll pain could await Liberals in WA ABC
Tasmanian Liberal leader flies to Sydney for NBN talks with Minister
Digital economy requires education revision: Jason Clare
Maybe we did overestimate Labor’s NBN cost, admits Government
News Corp’s $882m blew the budget AFR
The single largest factor in the underlying deterioration of the federal budget announced by Treasurer Joe Hockey in December was a cash payout of almost $900 million to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.
Government to fast-track NBN connection to 700,000 premises
NBN now a long, slow and unspectacular slog
Tas Labor pushes free Wi-FI, Bass Strait fibre study
iiNet's BoB Successor Due Later This Year
Fast broadband here by year’s end ..but what year?
NBN Co loses marketing chief Kieren Cooney
NBN Co loses chief marketing officer ZDnet
No Easy Answers on FTTH Investment
The truth is that while FTTH investment is often characterized as a high-risk investment, FTTH non-investment might turn out to be equally risky: it all depends on your assumptions and projections. In today's telecommunications investing environment, there are very few sure bets.
Simplify Drop Technologies to Speed Up FTTP Deployments, says Fujikura
Five essentials for Australia's new privacy laws
Liberal NBN FTTN promise a lie: Jason Clare
How has your fibre cabinet faired in the recent weather? UK floods FTTC cabinets
High-Speed Broadband Access Is Critical to Success of All Students
You Can Burn Through Your Entire Broadband Data Cap in One Long Weekend
Better broadband for Ballina, Byron, Lismore, Ocean Shores
The Comcast-Time Warner Merger Is Not a Sign of Strength
India Broadband Internet Subscriber Numbers Touch 55.20 Million
Broadband trumps cable TV at UPC Ireland
Broadband Stealth May Drive Taranis Design Aviation Week & Space Technology

February 16

Coordinated Attack Betrays Real Target Sortius
So conspiracy aside, it’s clear that Murdoch hates the NBN and what it represents; his newspapers constantly publish straight up lies to make the NBN seem like a waste of time and money. There is no logic to be found behind coordinated attacks on internet users Australia wide by this government, other than they’ve been told to do this
NBN change hits real estate in Tas
Australia may need a new telecoms regulator - govt
NBN Co’s fibre cables “invisible” to DBYD
Maybe we did overestimate Labor’s NBN cost, admits Government
Fletcher flags telco red tape reduction
Now Germany Wants Its Own Internet In NSA Spying Wake
To Dodge US Spies, Germany Might Keep All Its Internet Traffic on Local Servers
ASD has open access to Indonesian telcos
EU trade agreement with the US is under threat as recriminations over the Merkel phone bugging scandal escalate
Germany Wants A German Internet To Keep The NSA Out
Germany, France seek to bypass US networks
Australia Post launches Digital MailBox beta
Australia Post Digital MailBox
Digital Post Australia
Your Digital Postbox is a secure digital communications channel where all mail senders are authorised and all consumers are verified. The only mail you will receive in your digital postbox will come from these authorised senders. This level of security makes it completely safe to digitally deliver sensitive information like bills, financial statements and important documents. Email however, is not secure because anyone with your email address can send you mail anonymously and without permission.
Australian Signals Directorate spying on discussions between Indonesia and an American law firm
Brandis cautiously backs ISPs’ piracy warning scheme
“Infantile display”: Ludlam on Brandis’ surveillance arrogance
Forget 'cloud-first' Australia's public sector is following the globe into 'cloud-only' Delimiter 2.0
New Zealand's ultra-fast broadband project is 27 percent complete
All our broadband eggs still in one basket NZ
The need for speed: Why broadband network upgrades are critical to economic growth
High-speed, high-capacity networks are critical to our future because they power the world’s Internet and digital economy. For the most part, networks based on 100G technology have become mainstream to address current demands – and this represents a giant leap forward from traditional network architectures and scale. However, it won’t be long before we need to go beyond 100G and even 400G and start to build 1 Terabit networks
Telstra shareholders pleasantly surprised by early dividend raise
FTTH Council Europe welcomes new UK broadband initiative ahead of Stockholm conference
"The FTTH Council Europe believes that public funds should only be invested in future-proof infrastructure. It is a waste of taxpayers money to spend it on short- and mid-term upgrades of existing networks, which results in an expensive multi-cycle upgrade path." The FTTH Council Europe conference takes place in Stockholm, Sweden from 18-20 February.

February 14

Language Change Signals An End To The NBN Sortius
Switkowski confirms FTTN for Tasmania
New Zealand's NBN one-quarter completed ZDnet
Tasmanian Liberal Leader demands FTTP NBN Renai LeMay
Ziggy Zwitkowski claims it is debatable whether copper is inferior to fibre reddit
Clare tables NBN petition in Parliament Renai LeMay
Facebook SavingTheNBN
Save the Fibre-To-The-Premises dream Whirlpool
NBN Co 'unaware' of Coalition's copper claims ZDnet
Liberal dogma bites as Turnbull faces NBN's 'repugnant' reality David Braue - ZDnet
Turnbull's FTTP on demand plan is slipping away from his grasp< Delimiter 2.0
Peter Cochrane blog
Comcast customer surprised to learn new router is also public hotspot
NBN contractors write toTurnbull calling for a Tassie visit
NBN Co to fast-track technicians into rollout
Optus has HFC change of heart amid NBN negotiations ZDnet
In December 2011, when the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) was investigating whether to allow NBN Co to pay Optus AU$800 million to decommission its HFC network and transfer the customers onto the fibre NBN, Optus said that it wasn't possible to supply wholesale services on the HFC network at the time.
Telstra adds another 739,000 to mobile base ZDnet
NBN Co loses another construction head ZDnet
TPG Telecom’s FTTB play a headache for Turnbull
Turnbull kicks off annual cyber security competition
NBN cost cutting hampered by Telstra deal: Turnbull ZDnet
As the government waits on the completion of a cost-benefit analysis into Australia's broadband options before it embarks on a planned overhaul of the NBN, there have been a number of proposals put forward to the government on alternative ways to continue to roll out fibre to the premises while cutting down on the cost of the network.
Turnbull to open the premier Australasian Spatial Industry Conference
Ultra-fast broadband uptake picks up speed NZ
Tasmania to miss out on full-fibre NBN Supratim Adhikari
FTTP for Tasmania must have been a pre-election 'aspirational' promise, never mind Ziggy says you'll never need it anyway
Jason Clare's statement to the Parliament on the NBN Shadow Minister for Communications on Malcolm Turnbull's Mess (MTM)
No guarantee in NBN rollout contracts for fibre-to-the home connections in Tasmania ABC
Jason Clare“Malcolm Turnbull’s Mess” Facebook
Rachel Todd comment: I thought Mr Turnbull was a good politition and would have voted for him if he was running for the PM position, however how wrong could I have been when a month after the election he stood and lied about the roll out of the NBN. Their had been lots of cable laying in my area prior to the election and now according to Mr Turnbulls new maps work has not commenced on the NBN, now we find yet another promise has been broken to the Tasmanian people re fibre to the home. Thank you Jason for bring this bunch of fibre fibers to account.
Vietnam thinks of the solutions to popularize FTTH
NSW Mid North Coast communities switch to National Broadband Network NBN Co
WA Mid West communities switch to NBN NBN Co
Toowoomba communities switch to National Broadband Network NBN Co
Mackay and Whitsunday communities switch to National Broadband Network NBN Co
Ed Husic Explains Why New Piracy Laws Would Be Bad For Australian Tech
Global Market Outlook Report: VDSL2 and Vectoring
It is the long term goal of most fixed operators to deploy Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technologies to offer faster speeds and enable new applications. However, a number of factors impact the reality of this choice in the near term, including the competitive, regulatory and economic environments.
Sochi's Broadband Overkill
UAE broadband infrastructure ready for 4K streaming
COMCAST boosts broadband lead USA
Comcast and Time Warner Cable: Forget TV, it is all about broadband
Comcast buys Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion ZDnet
Budget 2014: new money for broadband, new wireless rules and enforcement tools Canada
Federal government pledges $305M to rural broadband Canada
Chorus admits broadband number error NZ
NBN Co loses third construction boss in three years Supratim Adhikari
The future of the NBN: Are you a true believer? Mark Gregory
IPSTAR buys Orion in satellite broadband deal
Exetel: new brand, new plans
Exetel quietly appoints new CEO ZDnet
Another NBN Co head of construction resigns Renai LeMay
SPC Ardmona: Let's replace these tin cans with high fibre Delimiter 2
NBN rollout drives telco job opportunities amid downturn
NBN review panel asks why ACCC regulates telecom
No guarantee in NBN rollout contracts for fibre-to-the home connections in Tasmania ABC
NBN Co turns on fixed-wireless network in more communities
Time to celebrate with concerted push into Asia News Ltd paywall
Will Turnbull block TPG’s fibre plans and could iiNet Limited team up with Vodafone? $
US at risk of Wi-Fi crisis
The NBN’s new kingpin plan: Exetel offers unlimited 100Mbps for $89.99
Inside the $25bn plan to get the Middle East online ZDnet
Google pushes development of 10Gbps Internet speeds ZDnet
During the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference on Wednesday, Google executive and Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette said that the tech giant aims to boost network speed to ten times as fast as Google Fiber, according to a USA Today report. At the moment, Google Fiber -- offered in Kansas City and slated for eventual expansion across the U.S. -- provides data speeds of roughly 1Gbps, whereas the average U.S. connection speed is only 7.2Mbps.
New Zealand's NBN one-quarter completed ZDnet
Optus has HFC change of heart amid NBN negotiations ZDnet
Tasmanian NBN rollout will be completed with FttN: Switkowski ZDnet

February 11

‘I have never misstated facts,’ says Turnbull What is the defn of a liar?
How to Tell if Someone Is Lying
NBN enjoys massive public support despite “overwhelmingly negative” print coverage Renai LeMay
Surprise, surprise! Most Australians continue to support Labor’s NBN vision, despite the fact that Australia’s mainstream media has been staunchly against the project almost from day one.
Gel casing degrading Telstra's copper: union Age
Turnbull Blue Book access application fails
NBN cost cutting hampered by Telstra deal: Turnbull ZDnet
Separating NBN costs from NBN benefits Paul Budde
Ballarat businesses to switch on NBN ABC
Web guru concerned not many signing up to new technology
TPG Telecom’s FTTB play a headache for Turnbull AFR
Internet download speeds are at snail's pace for some
Gel casing degrading Telstra's copper: union SMH
Drury professor hosts podcast on new books
NBN gains momentum
NBN Co loses third head of construction AFR
Optus deal to relieve NBN satellite constraints ZDnet
NBN Co connect first homes, businesses in Dapto
Council to discuss NBN antenna proposal for Dunoon **
Rural broadband 'only entry level' NZ
France takes stock of FTTH growth
NBN Co loses construction boss ITnews
Ballarat connects to broadband gold NBN Co
NBN Alliance Wiki
NBN Defenders

February 9

“The NBN is dead,” says Jason Clare Renai LeMay
QLD Bi-Election - GRIFFITH
5128 Mackay premises are getting connected to NBN
Australian IT spending expected to grow in 2014: IDC ZDnet
NBN roll-out for region stalls, now depends on review **
No ‘significant’ NBN Co funds for Telstra until 2016
Australia Network cut will hurt exports: Clive Palmer PUP
NBN boss faces an uphill battle
NBN cables in the air cheaper in Tassie
New look NBN: what does it mean for Nambucca?
Axe Asia network, stream ABC24, says Malcolm Turnbull News Ltd paywall
Here to Hook You Up with Fiber Service
According to the Fiber-To-The-Home Council, fiber connectivity increases the value of your home by approximately $5,000 when connected directly to your house.
Europe's Fastest Rural Broadband Network? British Farmers Are Digging It
Eutelsat prepared for Sochi
Net Neutrality and Broadband: The Last Mile Dilemma
'Special Excess': The Secret Broadband, Internet, Cable, Wireless and Phone Networks USA
Gyngell’s mate Conroy refuses to pack up the snowboard
NBN: Concern as copper switch-off looms in Tas
Public perception of NBN very positive: study
SKA town laments FttP NBN demise **
Greater City of Geraldton Mayor Ian Carpenter has called on the Australian government to complete the rollout of the fibre-to-the-premises (FttP) National Broadband Network (NBN) in his regional city in Western Australia, to ensure that the town sees the full benefits of participating in the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) project.
Switch-off of copper wire network looms for Coffs Harbour
SK Broadband reports revenue, profit increases on IPTV subscriber growth Korea
Electric Cable and Wire Manufacturing in Australia Industry Market Research Report
Narrogin region set to get fast broadband via the NBN NBN Co
NBN lights up in Dapto NBN Co
Parts of Gungahlin need to make the switch to the NBN before it’s too late NBN Co
SPC Ardmona: Let's replace these tin cans with high fibre Delimiter 2.0

February 5

Turnbull sends TPG share price into tailspin Renai LeMay
A statement made yesterday by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull which appeared to have undercut the stability of Australia’s telecommunications regulatory environment has had a dramatic impact on the share price of national broadband provider TPG, with the company’s stock taking a steep dive yesterday.
Malcolm's dilemma: Australians love fibre-to-the-home ITnews
Malcolm Turnbull defends Tony Abbott against 'lying' accusations
NBN in focus ahead of Malcolm Turnbull's arrival in Griffith
NBN asbestos monitors to be retrenched, despite breaches News Ltd paywall
Telehealth pilot expanded beyond FttP NBN ZDnet
Optus signs on to manage NBN Co satellites
Businesses in Tasmania lose faith in NBN Co: TASICT
Coffs Harbour and Homebush SMEs told to switch to the NBN
Wireless broadband to face hilly terrain on South Coast
NBN Co appoints Host as creative agency following pitch
If only Malcolm Turnbull had taken a short walk
Removal of ‘two out of three’ ain’t bad for News Corp
Uh Oh Spaghetti-o for Glasson
The Australian's media editor Nick Leys leaving for role at ABC
Broadband Asia & TV Connect 2014
Broadband wait bytes NZ
TV, broadband over fiber-to-home launching in Hollis USA
BT denies legacy broadband switch-off will be "catastrophic
Optus, NBN Co Sign Five-Year Satellite Operation Agreement
Fast broadband on the horizon

February 4

The NBN in January: Is the NBN ramping up or not? ABC
NBN error for regional WA
Optus lands 5-year NBN satellite deal
Optus wins major NBN satellite deal
Telco license enabling Gosford City Council's cloud ambitions David Braue **
Secret Lab reveals answer is Internode NBN
NBN hearing: homes and business in broadband limbo
Communications Minister denies Senate inquiry gag on NBN contractor Visionstream ABC
Turnbull queries TPG bid to skirt NBN
Free-to-air TV chiefs call for reduction in licence fees
Game developer says 24Mbps is not good enough ITWire - Stephen Withers
Turnbull destabilises broadband regulatory environment Renai LeMay
Microsoft’s new broadband tech can use vacant airwaves NEW DELHI
Optus to operate CBN satellites Renai LeMay
iiNet's fighting words Supratim Adhikari
Fastest broadband countries in the world
Sky offering free unlimited broadband with TV bundles not here
EZTV stands “ready” to help Australians with Game of Thrones torrents
The countdown has started for Homebush locals to switch to the National Broadband Network
Turnbull faces tough choices on TPG
Turnbull queries TPG bid to skirt NBN
NBN in focus ahead of Malcolm Turnbull's arrival in Griffith

February 3

Could industrial pipe cleaning speed up the CBN?
Councils speak out as NBN plans unravel **
Optus to operate NBN Co satellites
“Enormous damage”: Turnbull changes tune on Snowden Renai LeMay
Dereel residents lobby government for better phone coverage
Faster broadband set to roll out in regional areas
NBN announcement only relates to wireless for remote small towns
National Broadband Network rollout expands in NSW’s Goulburn region
National Broadband Network rollout expands in Victoria’s Gippsland region
Fast broadband footprint swells across Melbourne
National Broadband Network fibre build commences in Modbury
National Broadband Network fibre build commences in Shepparton
BT hikes FTTP on demand prices
Optus to operate CBN satellites
Screw you, Australia: Game of Thrones goes Foxtel-only
NBN Co selects Optus to operate Long Term Satellites
NBN Co director Milne has Netcomm conflict of interest Renai LeMay
Patented method for broadband delivery using TV spectrum
Turnbull hints at shift in TV ownership laws Killing the NBN wasn't enough for Rupert
ABC and SBS to face ‘efficiency study’: Turnbull Good bye Nick Ross
NBN Co low-balls fibre rollout ZDnet

January 31

A few things people don't know about the NBN
iiNet Slams Lack of Policy Direction for NBN
Wide Bay Burnett region to be briefed on NBN rollout ABC
Eden-Monaro MP gives assurance fibre optic cable will be rolled out in NSW south east ABC
Eurobodalla to be brought up to speed
Keep telco towers away from us, residents demand
iiNet's fighting words Supratim Adhikari
Greens want to “maximise” FTTP, says Ludlam Renai LeMay
“Policy vacuum”: iiNet slams politicians’ NBN ‘fail’ Renai LeMay
Malcolm Turnbull defends ABC after Tony Abbott's attack slowly & methodically the ABC will be nullified
Michelle Grattan on Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott and the ABC
ABC and SBS costs will be reviewed, says Malcolm Turnbull
NBN Co’s fibre cables “invisible” to DYBD
City council knocks back NBN tower **
iiNet destroys NBN political failure
Vodafone rejects Conroy's 4G user sledge: We have a million ZDnet
NBN Co performance poor, debate a ‘policy vacuum’: iiNet
The NBN new hope
A simple hose and the equivalent of a vacuum cleaner may save the National Broadband Network’s fibre-to-the-premise rollout model
Square signals it’s coming to Australia, small business set to benefit $$
Start-ups deserve free kick from the taxman
Twitter founder’s Square plans Australian launch
NBN Bega Valley rollout gains momentum
Creative maths taints NBN Strategic Review's revenue argument David Braue
Careful reading of the NBN Strategic Review's financial projections suggests its authors have taken gross liberties to ensure the revised NBN model stacks up better on paper than the current rollout.
NBN Co's fibre "ramp-up" is pure fantasy
Thoughts about my transition from Internode to NBNCo Simon Hackett struggles to justify his role under Malcolm Turnbull
In His Own Words: Why Simon Hackett Joined NBN Co
Hackett brings social equity focus to NBN Co
New survey for NBN and mobile black spots
Protest likely over Mt Helen NBN tower proposal
58% of Australians oppose privatising NBN Renai LeMay
The NBN makes Australia Post’s privatisation inevitable and desirable
NBN rolls out in Moyston area
NBN construction just resting, not ended ZDnet
NBN delivery far from certain Mark Gregory
NBN Co begins construction on more fixed wireless rollouts
Why The NBN Means Australia Post Should Be Privatised
Riverina residents urged to speak out about poor mobile reception ABC
First investment for newly listed Alex Waislitz cash box is Service Stream $
Activist fund dives into NBN Service Stream
Vodafone Australia taps Romania for new CEO
NBN Co seeks exemption for VDSL interference ZDnet
NBN Plans iiNet
Federal ministers not happy with Giddings
Wide-Scale TV Reception Problems Reported in Southern Australia
BT injects £50m into patching up £2.5bn fibre rollout ZDnet
The Hot Potato Ash's Machiavellian Bloggery
LTE-A mobile broadband speeds to hit 300Mbps in Kore
Telkom targets flat-rate triple play by 2015
faster broadband speeds on trains, coaches, ships and aircraft
President Obama Mentions Apple-Backed School Broadband Initiative
The Broadband State of the Union? Obama
If you dig broadband in Santa Cruz, just dig once
Apple, Microsoft And Other Tech Companies To Help Fund Broadband In 15,000 Schools
Better Broadband Isn't Enough for Schools USA
Australian broadband sees steady improvement as Asia races ahead ZDnet
New Patented Method for Broadband Delivery Using TV Spectrum
National Broadband Network fibre build commences in Shepparton NBN Co
Fast broadband footprint swells across Melbourne NBN Co
National Broadband Network rollout expands in Queensland’s Wide Bay-Burnett region NBN Co
National Broadband Network rollout expands in Queensland’s Scenic Rim and Gold Coast regions NBN Co
National Broadband Network rollout expands in NSW’s South Coast region
National Broadband Network rollout expands in WA’s Avon and Wheatbelt region
National Broadband Network rollout expands in regional Tasmania
National Broadband Network rollout expands in Wimmera
National Broadband Network rollout expands in NSW’s Southern Highlands region
National Broadband Network rollout expands in NSW’s Illawarra region
Optus kicks off 2600MHz 4G trials Renai LeMay
Is NBN Co’s FTTP ramp-up “pure fantasy”? Renai LeMay
“Incredible” NBN debate stuck in “yesterday’s logic”, says Budde Renai LeMay
Coalition “conned” Tasmania on the CBN, says Premier Renai LeMay
“A disgrace”: Palmer slams Tassie IT jobs cull PUP - Renai LeMay

January 23

Tasmanian premier 'scaremongering' over NBN: Turnbull
NBN cherrypicking is bad news for all Mark Gregory will voters react when the Coalitions multi-technology competitive “cherrypicking” approach places Australia behind regional competitors including New Zealand? How will regional and rural voters react when they realise they’re the big losers?
The term “independent review” has taken on a whole new meaning over past decades because successive governments have been hand-picking review panels and tailoring the terms of reference so that the review outcomes appear to support government policy.
Broadband boost for travellers on land, sea and sky
AT&T to double size of Austin FTTH roll out, sees strong customer demand
Worldwide pay-TV Subscribers to Exceed 1.1 Billion in 2019
'Fastest ever' broadband passes speed test 1.4 terabits per second on fibre optic
Broadband/Cable Television Trends for 2014
BT's breakneck broadband test hits unimaginable speeds over plain ol' fiber...clocking speeds of 1.4 terabits per second using fiber-optic
NBN on the roll across Border
Faster broadband on the way
Google Fiber invites residents to sign up for 1 Gbps FTTH service
22nd Convergence India 2014 Expo

January 22

Crowdsourced NBN think tank launches Senate submission Renai LeMay
NBN Alliance ++ Working on Senate Submission - Contributions by 28 Jan 2014
NBN Strategic Review twists the truth to promote HFC over fibre ZDnet - David Braue
NBN Strategic Review misrepresents HFC adoption Renai LeMay
Protecting the broadband value chain Paul Budde
NBN rollout ramps up in South Australia
NBN lights up Seaford NBN Co
Does the MTM CBN model place “wholesale-only” at risk? Renai LeMay
Telstra snaps up O2 Networks
Foxtel’s IPTV launch delayed already
Broadband speed, pricing drag on digital economy
Australia's Internet infrastructure is the biggest factor holding back growth of the digital economy according to a report issued by the Boston Consulting Group.
New Report shows it is crunch time for Australia's digital economy News Ltd paywall
The NBN in December: Strategic Review 'exposes' FttN, FttP cost blowouts ABC - DAVID BRAUE
NBN tower too close for comfort
Telstra and Optus could dominate NBN, as iiNet snubs key NBN Co agreement
Satellite broadband fully subscribed ABC
Telcos still scrambling eggs in NBN omelette News Ltd paywall
Uni puts Coffs Coast jobs on 'amber alert' if economy slows
Lake Wendouree resident signs up to NBN, 'not blown away by it'
Homes and businesses switch on to NBN
Sensis sale is part of Telstra's plan to shift revenue to clouds of silver linings
Residents in NBN areas must find new phone and internet packages
Telcos sign up to NBN Co’s Wholesale Broadband Agreement
Telstra, Optus sign up to NBN deal
iiNet group holds out on NBN Co's wholesale agreement
Broadband: Doing it right
iiNet holds out on signing NBN agreement ZDnet
NT to demonstrate FTTH service
Case for NBN to be more focused on mobile boosted News Ltd paywall
NBN Co turns corner in SA fibre rollout
Telstra to begin renegotiating NBN deal shortly
iiNet, Internode steer clear of NBN agreement
NBN Co connects several areas to fibre network
Malcolm Turnbull’s Facebook Q&A – the three key things you need to know
Turnbull's Facebook Q&A backfires SBS
Price slams Labor on broadband
Growing Demand for High-Speed Internet Connectivity
Vodafone pays out customers NZ
Victoria follows NSW, Qld into ‘cloud-first’
Union protests against Tassie losing 56 IT jobs
TPG’s PIPE Networks anti-competitive? Who would have thought?
Highly efficient broadband terahertz radiation from metamaterials
Broadband voted greatest invention of 21st century
Kissing Cousins: Broadband & Pay TV
Govt for broadband internet in every Hungarian household by 2018
In the NBN 200mm trenches
NBN Co Strategic Review – on HFC feilipu
Highly efficient broadband terahertz radiation from metamaterials
Ofcom approves satellite broadband for trains and boats and planes
So You Want to Build an Internet of Things Business Gordon Hui
OptiComm Deploys New Brocade Network Core
Terahertz Technology
Why it’s time for the U.S. to get serious about its broadband problem

January 15

Turnbull Facebook Q+A backfires with NBN rage
Telstra and NBN Co haven’t started talks yet
TPG's access stoush could harm NBN alternative plans ZDnet
Megaport Temporarily Suspends New Megaport Orders From PIPE Networks' Datacentres
NBN picked up steam through the back end of 2013 ZDnet
MTM broadband plan a “dog’s breakfast”, says Budde
Analysis of the Coalition’s Broadband Network Paul Budde
Is Scenario 6 really the best NBN choice? ++ ZDnet - David Braue
Consumer Electronics show portends 2014 trends
CNET's live coverage from CES 2014 Day 5
Telstra eyes government red tape reduction for 'repeal day' ZDnet
Australia tops OECD mobile broadband penetration, fibre lags ZDnet
Malcolm Turnbull Is Doing A Q&A Live From Facebook HQ Gizmodo
Turnbull embarks on US tech tour
Malcolm Turnbull on FB at Facebook in Menlo Park Renai LeMay - See comments
Malcolm Turnbull: you cant future proof anything in truth, so the idea that you would invest in a technology which will last for thirty years is pretty naive. bettr to invest in the tech that works now and in the forseeable future which means you can invest in btter and better tech as time goes on. this is better financially, time value of money etc, and also gives the optionality you need in such a disruptive tech environment.
Dani Glatz: Malcolm - this is such a disappointing answer from you. Your approach to the NBN has really damaged your reputation in the eyes of a lot of people - myself included. No you cannot "future proof" but you can apply principles of foresight. Any half experienced technologist knows that optic fibre provides a good level of surety as a relevant bearer well into the future. The technology on either end of the fibre will change rapidly - but there can be confidence that data transfer by light will be the fastest means for some time to come. Many, many years after copper cable disintegrates!
David Gordon: Actually, you're not investing in a technology that works now... you're researching technologies that you may use to not achieve your stated goals. FTTP works now, it is proven to work now, and it is proven that it has greater capacity for upgrades than any of the technologies you're investigating.
Wayne Murphy: I doubt they're going to be making increases to the speed of light in the next 30 years, Malcolm.
Paul Cummins Yes his response here is completely disingenuous (or remarkably silly). The great thing about the fiber option is it can be improved simply and easily by upgrading the technology at either end of the connection, WITHOUT having to dig up all the wire in the ground. It is disappointing to see such opinions coming from a supposed expert in telecommunications.
Wayne McCullough: The Coalition NBN plan is just so flawed. I am looking to sell my existing house and buy a new one, and because of the coalition shortsightedness which has resulted in has and has nots as far as fibre goes, I am limiting my search to those areas which according to the NBN home page have fibre enabled. It breaks my heart to see the visionary NBN destroyed for political purposes.
Elliot Birch: Ok so the logic here is that spending 40 billion (Plus all those purchases of Murdoch and Telstra copper) on tech we already have, and then in 5 years doing another overhaul is better than spending a relatively smaller amount over the long term to deliver fibre? What a load of crap Malcom.
Malcolm Turnbull's Facebook Q&A: What He Said About The NBN
I watched Malcolms 8AM Q&A on his FB this morning FB
..Malcolm answered not even a dozen questions (some were replies that you couldn't consider a response to the question given). I'm giving up hope on a FTTP NBN. Looks like we have a true fool at the helm of our communications industry. No business should disregard future needs. Years from now, in hindsight, he'll be recognised as the politician with no foresight. No ability to envision the demands of the future. Sad times for Australia's NBN.
Brett Milton: Given that Uncle Rupert bought you and One-Term Tony the election, and that the only part of News Limited still making money is Foxtel, do you understand why people are dubious about your government's insistence on protecting Foxtel's monopoly at the expense of vital economic infrastructure?
Atlassian shifts to the UK, on paper
SA politicians debate upgrade of 24-year-old IT platform
Navy sailors now on 'war footing' to turn back boats
Alex Somlyay fraud claim papers sent to federal police
More woe for Tony Abbott over broken election promises as forecast tips shortfall in new jobs
NBN lights up in Ballarat
3D Printing
NBN lights up in Nundah and Northgate
NBN lights up in Glenning Valley and Berkeley Vale
New FRITZ!Box 7272 hits Australia
Could Telstra buy Telecom NZ?
For sale? Tony Abbott’s potential privatisation hit list Crikey - Paywall
I agree with most, (not the ABC/SBS) the NBN was always going to be privatised and as Kerry Packer had his Alan Bond, Telstra will have their NBN.
Ask LH: What's Going On With The NBN In Rural Areas?
SUBMISSION TO THE NBN CO SENATE ENQUIRY Submissions close 31st of January 2014
NBN Co pulls interim satellite from sale
FireReady app upgraded just weeks after release
‘White space’ broadband demonstration in Thurman streams fast video, data
CES 2014 – Sagemcom Updates its Broadband Media Gateways Solutions
Broadband deal to deliver jobs boost
Turnbull’s broadband brochureware falls short of election promise Renai LeMay
However, analysis has shown that the Coalition is not planning to complete the previous Labor Government’s National Broadband Network project. Instead, the Coalition appears to be planning to drastically water down the network rollout, using inferior Fibre to the Node-style technology in many areas across Australia and abandoning up to a third of the NBN rollout wholesale, with a preferencing to upgrading existing HFC cable infrastructure owned by Telstra and Optus instead.
This approach has meant that the Coalition has admitted — just several months after the Federal Election — that it will no longer be able to keep its election promise of giving all Australians access to 25Mbps broadband speeds by 2016.
2014 will be a great year for the NBN … pity it’s the last
Ed Husic visits Google Fiber
Seattle puts kibosh on its 1 Gbps FTTH plans with Gigabit Squared
How two cities brought fiber to the home when the carriers couldn't ** Local councils
Broadband stats show NZ improving 'but could do better'
Giant joins broadband battle NZ - access ultra-fast fibre optic cables
PlayStation Now Requires 5 Mbps Broadband, PS3 Library is Current Focus
Fiber to the Home: A tale of two cities - Case studies in Everett, Mass and Stockholm + Prof Susan Crawford advocate for gov involvement
NBN Co is promising rural areas city internet speeds
Budget blowout kills Australia’s FTTH network
Australia’s plan for a national fibre to the home network is dead in the water following a change of government and revelations form the company charged with building the $A44b network that it is 66 percent over budget and well behind schedule.
Qatar as tech hub with 100,000 fibre connections
ONO online TV available standalone Spain
KC broadband cabinets decorated with street art UK
Doubt cast over phone book future
Square Is Coming To Australia According To Malcolm Turnbull
Preparing for the superfast streaming revolution UK
Meet the man upgrading Britain's broadband Joe Garner has been appointed to replace Liv Garfield as chief executive of Openreach
1Gbps fibre broadband under S$50? Yes, in Singapore
Fast fiber-optic broadband spreads across developed world
Broadband mess won't be cleaned up in 2014
We need to have a talk about broadband: We’re doing it wrong NZ
..the fact that data for (Cloud) is expected to increase sevenfold in the next twenty-four months, home usage is expect to double year on year, and high content (4K), has arrived and we have a traffic jam of epic proportions about to occur..
How two cities brought fiber to the home when the carriers couldn't + Susan Crawfords paper

January 8

Telstra to sit on cash: report
Telstra, NBN Co to sign new deal mid-2014: analysts
Telstra’s billions stay in bank until new NBN deal
NSW Central Coast eyes NBN fibre 'pilot' status
Prime Minister Tony Abbott seeks media deal over VIP jets
the government will seek agreement from media companies to limit criticism of any decision to opt for bigger planes.
Tony Abbott's obsession with building more roads is dangerously misguided Anthony Albanese
Australia's IT spend forecast dips
ISPs put on notice to fix the big issues
IT becomes key battleground in SA election campaign
CES 2014 - Keynotes
ACMA tells telcos to fix recurring issues ZDnet
Mozilla and Panasonic team up for HTML5-driven TV ZDnet
New Case Study of Leverett, Mass, Muni Network + Susan Crawford

January 7

Report: Most Australians Have Crappy Internet Speeds Gizmodo (see comments)
Report: Most Australians Have Crappy Internet Speeds Kotaku (same article but see comments)
Broadband Availability and Quality Report: National overview Malcolm Turnbull
Comment: Can we afford FTTP? "If it is completed as per the Liberal plan it will require expensive on going maintanence (due to the copper) and require replacement at completion to be viable at that time, meaning it will end up costing a hell of a lot more than doing it correctly in the first place. Also the costing of the plan involved no costing to buy Telstra's copper and relies on technology that doesn't actually exist. More accurate would be to ask can we afford the liberal parties plan?"
Australian broadband speeds inconsistent, patchy: study
Better deal needed for NBN
Pitt will need quick fix for NBN, marine park, health
Quick fixes are not a solution: Keith Pitt MP, Federal Member for Hinkler
ZyXEL GPON Fiber Gateway Awarded CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Honoree
The PMG2542 offers advanced voice services and wireless IPTV connectivity. It utilizes a Class B+ GPON optic for residential fiber connection at speeds up to 2.488Gbps downstream and 1.244Gbps upstream.
NB : Not needed in Australia while Abbott/Turnbull in government
iiNets giant WiFi networks to take on Telstra & Optus
Faster Internet access key to adding jobs, revenue Maine, USA
Dr. Chip Teel of Damariscotta uses telemedicine over broadband connections, along with home visits and transportation help, to care for elderly patients at home at a cost of $5,000 per year, as compared to $90,000 per year for a bed at a nursing home.
As the World Cup countdown begins, can Qatar score with raft of new broadband goals? ZDnet
Premium sports rights growth continues
Abandoning the “National” Broadband Network label Renai LeMay
I hereby inform readers that Delimiter articles will no longer be refer to what the Coalition is implementing as the “National” Broadband Network. Instead, Delimiter will now refer to the Coalition’s version of the project as “the Coalition’s Broadband Network” (abbreviated where necessary to “CBN”). ...Through its appropriation of Labor’s “NBN” term onto a very different policy, the Coalition has been able to claim the high ground with respect to the NBN, despite the fact that its own version of the project is clearly a mishmash of inferior technologies pair with an inferior business model, compared with Labor’s own version.
skywake's suggestion: Cheap Upgrade of National Telecommunications Services
Here’s an idea … get behind scenario 4. If (yes, if) HFC can deliver 100/40 as claimed by Simon Hackett then scenario 4, with 63% FTTP and only 5% FTTN, is a reasonable tactical step toward the FTTP network we want. The Coalition is clearly not going to switch to a 93% FTTP roll out. Let’s campaign for the least worst option in the strategic review. The one that does less damage and wastes less money than the MTM. We will eventually get another Labor government that can complete the FTTP roll out. Let’s get as close as we can now.
Samsung declares a million Smart UK users
Australian government blocks Conroy's 2007 Red Book release ZDnet
Remember this? >>> Turnbull promises transparent, business-like NBN Co ...but that was in opposition ++
NBN roll-out shows cracks
Waterford Rise residents welcome lightening fast internet speeds ahead of NBN rollout fibre-optic connection installed by Redtrain
Telstra Corporation Ltd TLS $5.28 on 7 Jan 2013

January 3

Rural NBN woes
Broadband access still nowhere near up to scratch
3.1 million premises (28%) have access to peak download speeds of between 25 megabits per second (Mbps) to 110 Mbps download
Laser Demonstration Mission Proves Space Broadband Communications Feasible
Turnbull's unfinished broadband business News Ltd - Stephen Bartholomeusz
Comments maurice munsie: The NBN is dead, and most tech savvy observes understand that. By continually referring to Mr Turnbull's fudge as the NBN is nothing more than propaganda to the non technical majority.
Tony Abbott 'breaks pension pledge' on Disability Support Pension
Malcolm Turnbull caught out (yet again) in a blatant, manipulative lie!
Australian broadband speeds inconsistent, patchy: study
Pitt will need quick fix for NBN, marine park, health
What we learned about media in 2013
All bets off on NBN
Top 10 most-viewed IT Pro articles in 2013
From Jersey to Estonia, a president pushes technology
Polaroid announces its own 4K TV, prices it at only $999.99
FCC Data: Fixed Broadband Still Growing
Giving colour to cyberspace NZ
Broadband service boxes squatting like ugly metal trolls on streets
Rollout WBA 500/500 Mbps to existing FTTH areas
Sky broadband traffic 'almost doubled for Christmas 2013'
Rural Cornwall residents launch superfast broadband petition UK
US Falling Behind in Broadband Service (but Leading the World in Broadband Profits)
Yes, American broadband sucks: Here's the real reason why
Australian broadband speeds inconsistent, patchy: study
Southern Tier West Broadband Program May Assist West Valley Nuclear Jamestown Post Journal
Broadband a ‘win-win’ for governments Nigeria
Super-fast broadband set for 6,000 homes in Doncaster UK
Better broadband connects China's villagers
Survey to determine local broadband needs
Today, broadband is kind of like the electricity of the 21st century. “About 60 percent of small businesses determine their locations based on broadband availability and speed,"said Robert Hiett, governmental services director for the Three Rivers Regional Commission
SA’s biggest tech triumph of 2013
Broadband, e-books boost learning
Broadband satellite: Coming of age?
Broadband speed boost with gas pipeline decision
The European Commission has granted approval for the provision of fibre broadband in the ducts of the gas pipeline between Galway and Mayo
Broadband Industry Predictions for 2014
Broadband quality poor for firms
Superfast broadband is more important than airport capacity, say Britons UK
Broadband as Today’s Electricity ***Interview - nine minutes well spent with Susan Crawford, formerly President Obama’s Special Assistant for Science Technology and Innovation Policy
Rural spending on broadband is an investment: despite recent report
ITU closes in on
Broadband important to Maine’s economic future
Your Australian broadband results may vary ZDnet

December 25

Merry Christmas
Broadband creaks under the strain of your digital Christmas

December 24

Your Australian broadband results may vary ZDnet
Abbott's 100 days PDF
21st Century Infrastructure (Tony thinks this is roads) The Government will continue to work with the states to build the infrastructure of the 21st century with work underway on major projects throughout Australia by late 2014. In 2014, work on Melbourne’s East-West Link, Sydney’s WestConnex, Brisbane’s Gateway Motorway upgrade, Adelaide’s South Road, Tasmania’s Midland Highway and the Bruce Highway will be underway. The Prime Minister will make the first annual statement to the House of Representatives on the construction status of major infrastructure projects in 2014.
Superfast broadband more important than airports and high-speed rail, survey finds UK - prefer fibre internet over roads
HS2 money would be "better spent" on broadband improvements In the UK internet is 21st Century Infrastructure
Scientists develop low-cost open source 3D metal printer On my Xmas list!

December 23

Dear Google Australia Sortius
"Ahh Tony. You weasel're on a highway to hell"
The Grinch just wrecked Christmas… again The Pub
The NBN has been kyboshed in favour of recycling Telstra’s junk copper network so that it works just fast enough to support Foxtel (but nothing faster).
NBN turn-on
ACCC asks Telstra to be precise in NBN migration timing
Phone+broadband = high bills

December 22

NBN Power Supply Battery Backup now optional The half-arsed (HA-NBN)
Superfast broadband more important than airports and high-speed rail, survey finds

December 21

NBN alternatives: fibre to the node or HFC cable?
Civil contractors on NBN rollout still laying off workers, even though Visionstream says it is full steam ahead ABC
Asbestos found at Telstra work site north of Brisbane, union raises concerns ABC
Australia - Telco Company Profiles - 2nd Tier
Aussies jump in with Utopia FTTH bid
Google Fiber brings AT&T, CenturyLink to the FTTH table - Year in Review 2013
12 Days of Broadband, Day 12: Golden LEAF Rural Broadband Initiative USA

December 20

The NBN is dead, long live the NBN
Copper condition curtails cut-price NBN's great leap forward ZDnet
Australia's new year tech headlines … for 2015!
Holding court on NBN
The NBN in November: Sky-high hopes as rollout stumbles ABC - DAVID BRAUE
All aboard the slow train TJ Curtis
Hockey misleads on NBN cost and rollout
Telstra Corporation Ltd TLS $5.20 on 20 Dec 2013, is this MT or BB's doing?
Mike Quigley Reflects
Eric’s email response to Jane Prentice MP about the NBN Uplink blog
Turnbull tops ministerial popularity rankings, but little love for Pyne
Media bosses press Turnbull on rules of ownership News Ltd paywall
Facebook supporting this website
SavingTheNBN Facebook Nick Paine of (270K strong petition in favor of NBN/FTTP)
Twitter Nick Paine of (270K petition in favor of NBN/FTTP)
Save the NBN in Geelong Facebook
Save the NBN in New Brunswick Facebook
Save the NBN in New Brunswick Website
Australia wants a Fibre NBN Facebook
Jason Clare Facebook Shadow Minister for Communications
Press Conference with Jason Clare and Michelle Rowland Youtube 22m
Jason Clare speaking about the release of the NBN Strategic Review Youtube 18m
Doorstop interview with Jason Clare MP
ACCC demands Telstra offer faster outage notices
Credit Suisse to advise Coalition on Telstra-NBN deal: report
Credit Suisse to advise on Telstra-NBN negotiations AFR

December 19

How Fast would the NBN have been?
Hook us up
NBN Strategic Review shows FTTP still very viable Renai LeMay
Malcolm Turnbull concedes Northern Territory NBN roll-out is stuck in information highway slow lane
Quigley was right: NBN Strategic Review shows FTTP still cost-effective, viable Renai LeMay - Delimiter 2.0 - paywall
“A close reading of NBN Co’s Strategic Review report published last week shows the former chief executive of the company was overwhelmingly correct: A predominantly Fibre to the Premises National Broadband Network can still be rolled out with only modest cost and timeframe implications. But that’s a truth that nobody currently involved in the process seems to want to hear.”
Seeing the sense in Turnbull's NBN? by Stephen Bartholomeusz: No Stephen, I've never been a fan of half-arsed solutions for anything
Comment: Peter Farley, Wed, 2013-12-18 14:43

I cannot believe how you are happy to spend $41b on a network with no guarantees of performance, unknowable coverage and significant contractual uncertainties.

We do know performance in downloads will be anywhere from 5-50 times worse and on uploads 20-200 times worse than fibre, This is what we will get for 2/3rds of the money if all the uncertainties fall the governments way.

No-one knows how good the copper is, Very little work has been done on the fibre to the node design. No-one has done any real world testing on fibre to the node speeds under Australian conditions where copper runs are longer and corrosion rates are often higher than in Europe or Japan so we can expect either much worse performance or higher remediation costs and further delays in connections or probably all three. The HFC system will need major upgrades and no-one has decided who is going to pay for them.

All this is for a technology which won't support 4k television, does not yet have QOS partitioning for low latency Ehealth or other high value control options. It has much lower final mile reliability so won't be used for monitoring and controls applications for traffic or electricity networks

No-one knows how much more money the Telcos will want to co-operate with the new model or how long the negotiations will take. Many of the costs the NBN have incurred up to this point have been basic infrastructure such as the IT systems and backhaul which will be needed anyway. However it is possible much of the IT system may have to be ditched to accommodate a much more complicated technical and commercial architecture.

At least we now have some knowledge of how FTTP is going to cost, we may have to slow it down or heaven forbid subsidise it from the taxpayer just like we did with roads, rail, water, sewerage, airports, hospitals, schools and the original telephone system.

We have no idea of what the hybrid system will cost but we do know that the proposed system has much less performance and therefore much lower revenue and almost certainly higher operating expense.

This is for a technology which one of the chief BT executives responsible for it says it is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the UK community.

Talk about Labor waste. This is going to make the Alice to Darwin railway and the Victorian desal plants look like petty change

I never thought I would hear myself saying these words but just complete the current contracts and give the network to Telstra. Why waste another $20-30b on a piece of junk. Just let Australians wallow in the past.
New broadband policies could create 11,000 jobs in 10 years, task force says USA
[Tas] NBN rollout back on track
The $1b difference between Labor's and the new NBN, and the big catch
NBN Co switches on fixed-wireless internet in Gippsland
12 Days of Broadband, Day 10: Data Moonshot
Inmarsat satellite launch brings 50Mb in-flight mobile broadband closer
BT to offer FTTP on-demand from another 82 exchanges, Openreach set for upgrade UK
Threat to NBN as Optus plans fibre to the basement rollout
2013: the year Australian tech got noticed
NBN wrap up for 2013 iinet
Tardy NBN puts cables at risk from diggers News Ltd paywall
The $1b difference between Labor's and the new NBN, and the big catch
Scale of NBN disaster revealed News Ltd (who else)
Dodo NBN Has Landed!

December 18

I’ve Got A Need For Speed Sortius
Switskowski refuses to back Govt NBN pitch ABC audio & transcript
Time to scrap the NBN? Rob Burgess- Totally agree, the half-arsed LNP plan is a waste of time & $'s - shelve until Labor return
Turnbull's NBN house of cards Mark Gregory
Malcolm Turnbull revises interest register after selling IT shares Guess IT is stuffed while LNP in gov
No guarantees on NBN download speeds: Switkowski ZDnet
Ten chair Lachlan Murdoch calls for 'holistic' media regulation
The LNP has redefined the National Broadband Network (NBN) reddit
At this point, I'd honestly prefer they just dropped the goddamned broadband plan and wait for a COMPETENT government to do it right in one go rather than fucking around with a half-assed and poorly conceived shambles like this.
Visionstream's vote of confidence in NBN execs
Ludlam accuses NBN Co of 'brazen guesswork'
Greens, Labor, slam Coalition’s NBN “train wreck”
NBN rollout scattered: Switkowski News Ltd
Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice review USA
NBN Co to bring fibre-like uplink speeds to copper
NBN blame game under way as MP defends roll-out delay
Time to scrap the NBN? Rob Burgess
It has been a good while since then-opposition leader Tony Abbott said Malcolm Turnbull's job was to "demolish the NBN".... ..And yet the NBN has all but been demolished already. So we are now faced with a $41 billion project in the tightest of times that will not deliver the unique benefits of the 93 per cent fibre-to-the-premises Labor NBN. ....With half the Turnbull NBN being delivered over copper – remembering that most Australians don't live in the clean, dry apartment blocks in which 'fibre-to-the-basement' offers such a neat copper-based solution – the "up to 50 Mbps" promise feels dodgy already. .....Do we really need to spend so much on creating a public monopoly, on addressing regional and out-metro disadvantage, when both these rationales have been lost in the rush to do it cheaper, and sooner?
Wage bill soars as 400 NBN staff top $200k News Ltd = paywall
The Misogyny Factor
NBN To Be Powered Entirely By Malcolm Turnbull’s Popularity
Visionstream's vote of confidence in NBN execs
Mad Monk Watch FB
Visionstream keen to continue NBN Tasmania fibre rollout
NBN Co execs and board allowed to keep Telstra shares TLS $5.04 today

December 17

Stockholm and Leverett: Case Studies in Fiber Deployment + Prof Susan Crawford
Bringing Municipal High-Speed Internet Access to Leverett, Massachusetts + Prof Susan Crawford's White paper
Fudged Numbers Abound In Review reddit
NBN Co sneaks out gigabit speeds ZDnet
Turnbull says NBN should have cost $20 billion
Turnbull says NBN apartment trials are "blisteringly fast"
Turnbull releases Strategic Review on NBN
NBN trounced by regional offering from locals with an eye for enterprise Gabrielle Chan
Comment:nankstome:-The best option for Australia now is for the Libs to give up and do nothing. Then the next people can fix the terrible internet service we have without having to deal with the Lib stuff up and wasted money ..Comment:Lineman:.."When this argument was happening over laying copper wires for universal telephony after the war, regional populations mustered their political forces to insist they were provided with a universal service obligation." And now regional populations vote for a political party whose stated ambition is to destroy the NBN. Go figure.
Hearing: NBN Co gagged on finer details of strategic review
NBN speeds promised by Coalition cannot be guaranteed: Ziggy Switkowski ABC
Inside NBN Co's 108Mbps apartment block test
Coalition redirects research funding, scraps NBN initiatives
Scaled-back NBN still presents challenges
Turnbull's NBN is startup-land's litmus test
Universal 25Mbps is a big improvement so let's see some innovation! - BUT please not until 2019
NBN trounced by regional offering from locals with an eye for enterprise
NBN chairman Ziggy Switkowski vows to bring down $41bn bill News Ltd - paywall
NBN costs must be improved: Switkowski News Ltd - paywall
NBN rollout is scattered: Switkowski
NBN Co will not guarantee it can deliver on the prime minister's promise of minimum internet speeds of 25 megabits per second (Mbps), the National Broadband Network provider's chairman says.
Singapore in 2013: Startups glisten, but broadband needs boost ZDnet
'Guarantees have lost currency': NBN Co
NBN chairman says internet speed guarantees ‘have lost currency’
Fraudband debacle continues Mad Monk Watch

December 16

Turnbull doesn't do what he said he would, still NBN question remains
Why is the government delivering a second class network when a couple more years could deliver fibre to premises, asks Tony Brown ...Not only did Turnbull announce that a third of the country would not be getting a new network but he also admitted his network would cost $11.5 billion more than he said it would at the election and that he would fail to meet his election commitment of delivering 25 megabits per second nationwide by 2016.
Labor standing firm on its NBN plan, despite $73bn cost News Ltd - paywall
Catch 22 denies businesses access to broadband internet
Strategic Review of National Broadband Network – Significant Effort Needed to Bring Project Back on Track
NBN trounced by regional offering from locals with an eye for enterprise
The latest strategic review, released last week, shows the Coalition’s revised NBN model will cost $11bn more than than the $29.5bn promised during the election. It will not deliver the promised speeds of 25Mbps until 2020 and even then, it will not reach many small, rural communities. The same review suggested Labor’s scheme of 93% optic fibre would cost $73bn, $29bn more than the former government promised. We will never know. ..Comment:Lineman:-When this argument was happening over laying copper wires for universal telephony after the war, regional populations mustered their political forces to insist they were provided with a universal service obligation. And now regional populations vote for a political party whose stated ambition is to destroy the NBN. Go figure.
NBN apartment trials deliver fast speeds
Government’s NBN approach the way of the future by MALCOLM TURNBULL
Kotaku Awards 2013: Best Broadband Provider
Fudged Numbers Abound In Review Sortius
Essentially this review was the precursor to the shut down of the NBN completely. In some ways that would be the best thing to do at this stage, as spending $41b to take us back a decade is far from acceptable.
NBN turmoil won't hit Border: Sussan Ley
Chorus audit causes more FTTP unrest NZ
NBN mystery tour… When will it roll up? Nobody knows
DESPITE making an ironclad guarantee before the September election that every home in Goulburn would have access to the National Broadband Network within the next three years and repeating it since, Hume MP Angus Taylor is unsure if his government can keep that promise.
Bringing Municipal High-Speed Internet Access to Leverett, Massachusetts The Berkman Center, Harvard University + Susan Crawford, Robyn Mohr

December 15

HFC can handle NBN: Hackett Adam Turner
HFC Schematic?
HFC Schematic?
HFC node
Hybrid Fibre Farce Sortius
“Simply wrong”: Hackett attacks NBN HFC critics Renai LeMay
...So let’s stop fucking around trying to upgrade the technology of yesterday and get started on deploying the technology of tomorrow ...comments: "Godfather Abbott and Turnbull have a favour to re-pay Uncle Rupert for his support in getting LNP elected. What better way to do that that use TAXPAYER funds to buy or pay for upgrade to his Foxtell HFC. That is why FTTP is not on the table ..there would be no use for uncle Rupert’s assets and he would be stuck with a useless HFC if people were given a chance to get FTTP."
Holden a wake-up call: Turnbull kinda why a decent FTTP NBN is needed
The loss of Holden's local manufacturing operations is a watershed event for an Australian economy that must commit itself to innovative, high-tech industries, Liberal frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull says.
Cisco Service Control Application for Broadband
Malcolm Turnbull says Labor blew $20bn on NBN rollout
HFC sharing YouTube
Telstra completes HFC upgrade NOVEMBER 19, 2009
Access to HFC network under Libs NBN? WP

December 14

NBN Reboot - Malcolm Turnbull defends offering a slow, more expensive NBN than promised ABC - Leigh Sales
HFC in the National Broadband Network Simon (Flip) Hackett
Twitter David Braue
Twitter Adam Turner
NBN 2.0: From engineer’s dream to political football
NBN access rules set, but rethink looms
NBN BS must stop: Turnbull
What the NBN will mean for Telstra’s stranglehold Crikey - paywall
Chorus UFB commitments in doubt NZ
Technology is changing the way people farm US
Comprehensive study shows wireless radiation does not affect people

December 13

The inconvenient truth for the Coalition's NBN ABC The Drum - By David Braue
Spending $73 billion on a fully-FttP network that will, by the review's own timing, be complete in 2024 – eleven years from now – works out to an average of $6.64 billion per year. Spending $41 billion on a mixed-technology network that will, by the review's estimates, be complete seven years from now – and reflects an average spend of $5.85 billion per year. In other words: the average cost difference between the Coalition's retrograde FttN broadband plan and the current future-looking FttP broadband plan – the difference between nation-building and nation-crippling – is just $800 million per year. That extra expenditure would guarantee Australia is at the forefront of the world in terms of communications outcomes. It would give Australians access to cutting-edge services in healthcare, e-government, and even entertainment – which is often dismissed by naysayers but, objectively, represents a multi billion-dollar, tax revenue-generating business in Australia alone. Spending that extra money would guarantee a broadband infrastructure that does not, unlike the Coalition's current plan, need to be upgraded as soon as it's complete.
HFC suburbs NBN no man's land Adam Turner
A third of Australia will be left to rot on struggling cable broadband networks after the Coalition further downscaled the national fibre network.
It's time for Turnbull to swallow his NBN pride ZDnet by David Braue for Full Duplex
Coalition’s NBN to cost $12bn more and take four years longer
Turnbull breaks NBN promise as cost rises
Game Over Man, Game Over Sortius
The cost of both the HFC network and Telstra’s network are not included in this review.
NBN strategy just beating around the bush
NBN review reveals cost blow out ABC - audio & transcript
Job losses 'likely' after review finds Coalition's NBN plan to cost billions more
Here's The Full NBN Co Strategic Report gizmodo
NBN Co will miss its national 25Mbps roll-out target of 2016, instead pushing the roll-out date back to 2019. The new NBN roll-out plan will cost $41 billion.
Malcolm's NBN Strategic Review 134 page PDF file
Deja vue all over again: the new NBN
Close it down, sell it to telstra. This half baked solution isn’t worth spending public money on - comment Oliver Townshend
Entering the Matrix: Why 2014 will be the Year of the Network ABC
Weekly Progress Report NBN Co
NBN Co board member - Dr Kerry Schott expert at selling government entities, wonder what her contribution wil be??
Dr Schott was appointed as a Director on 28 September 2012. She is the Project Director of the proposed sale of the New South Wales government owned electricity generating plants.
Turnbull dodges the worst from a damning NBN review Stephen Bartholomeusz
Politically and functionally, Turnbull’s first 100 days have been a disaster Delimiter 2.0 - paywall
Big brother widens tabs on Australians' telecommunications
NBN Lite - would you like Foxtel with that? Hydrapinion by Adam TURNER
ACCC backs NBN access rules – for now
Labor's NBN bill was set to hit $73bn paywall - News ltd
Coalition NBN could reach gigabit speeds by 2030 just after Somalia, Etheopia & Mongolia
Labor critic appointed to 'independent' NBN review panel ZDnet
ACCC green light to NBN access
Economists don't create cars - people do. People like my dad
The mobile app monetization playbook ABC
Federal Coalition "NBN"/MTM policy WP - Neil Mac

December 12

Turnbull breaks NBN promise as cost rises
Government reneges on internet speeds election promise ABC audio & transcript
Malcolm Turnbull guilty of 'greatest con job ever put to the Australian public', says RMIT lecturer ABC - RMIT lecturer Dr Mark Gregory
Turnbull breaks NBN promises
The Coalition has broken a key election promise, announcing the NBN Co will no longer be able to complete the first stage of the network by 2016.
Turnbull admits NBN promise won't be met
Turnbull breaks NBN promise: Less than half to get 25Mbps in 2016 ZDnet
Labor on NBN: 'Another day, another broken promise' - video
Broadband: Regional Australia risks being left behind
The National Broadband Network Is Our ‘What If’ Girl Gizmodo
National Broadband Network blowout clouds Tasmania's rollout agenda
Turnbull breaks NBN promise as cost rises
Please accept my apologies: I was wrong about Malcolm Turnbull Renai LeMay
We cannot call this a “National Broadband Network” any more. That term is fundamentally redundant, when around 28 percent of Australian premises will not receive the infrastructure, and most of the rest will receive a watered down version highly dependent on Telstra’s copper network, which, as NBN Co’s internal reports show, has a plethora of issues ....I must hold the Coalition in contempt for breaking all of its promises. Delimiter is, after all, an evidence-based site. And the evidence today is that the Coalition is not sincere about delivering super-fast broadband to all Australians.
Malcolm Turnbull dumps promises as NBN costs blow out by $29 billion
NBN Co cancels FTTN rollout for HFC areas Renai LeMay
Vodafone MD Appointed As NBN Co CEO As Strategic Review Gets Released gizmodo
Vodafone’s Bill Morrow to head NBN
Vodafone CEO appointed to head NBN Co
ACCC finally accepts NBN Co's access terms ZDnet
NBN strategic review: By the numbers ZDnet - Josh Taylor
New NBN comes cheaper and sooner – but not simpler
Labor's NBN blowout to take three years longer, cost $29bn more
Joining NBN Co is about leaving a legacy: Morrow ZDnet - Josh Taylor
Vodafone’s Morrow new NBN Co CEO: AFR Renai LeMay
Bill Morrow appointed NBN Co CEO NBN Co
iiNet welcomes NBN strategic review
NBN Co swoops on Vodafone Oz boss
'Mixed tech' NBN needs a super-sized HFC net
Vodafone Australia chief Bill Morrow to join NBN Co as costs blow out
Turnbull dumps promises as NBN costs blow out by $29bn
Scoreboard: Budget bummer
Key NBN policy, cost differences revealed
Broadband plan code a plus for consumers NZ
NBN costs blow out by $29bn
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to abandon election promises, admitting the company would no longer be able to finish the first stage of the network by 2016.
Industry agrees Broadband Product Disclosure Code New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF)
Focus on advanced manufacturing: Turnbull
The NBN's D-Day: Dunkirk or Normandy? Alan Kohler
NBN's new Mr Fix-It paywall
Coalition’s new NBN: one in three Australian premises will miss out
Coalition’s NBN to cost $12bn more and take four years longer
Revised NBN to deliver access to fast broadband to Australians sooner and at less cost to taxpayers NBN Co
Updated: Bill Morrow new head of NBN Co
Coalition’s new NBN: one in three Australian premises will miss out
New slower National Broadband Network to cost $30 billion more than Labor's previous plan

December 11

"Unknown" quality Telstra copper 4-6x costlier than FTTP: NBN Co ZDnet by David Braue for Full Duplex
Of all the revelations to emerge from the leaking of NBN Co's confidential assessment of the Coalition's fibre-to-the-node (FttN) based alternative national broadband network (NBN) policy, one of the most problematic for the new government is the warning that any future NBN should avoid taking ownership of Telstra's copper access network (CAN) and the “significant network remediation” it requires. ....“The deployment of an FTTN Network will require NBN Co to access the Telstra CAN in addition to the civil and telecommunications infrastructure it is accessing through the Telstra Definitive Agreements today,” the report warns.
NBN Co has not tested fibre to the node
Stop the boat talk, NBN's operations matter more: Turnbull ZDnet
FttN NBN would limit service provider options: NBN Co ZDnet - David Braue
NBN Co strategic review to be released tomorrow ZDnet
NBN Co review expected to surface tomorrow
The NBN wrecking crew
Bridging the broadband gap
Despite living in the ‘Digital Age’, Australia is not currently prepared to take full advantage of the services afforded by next generation broadband according to the Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation (ACBI) and CSIRO’s Digital Productivity and Services Flagship's ‘Broadband Impact and Challenges’ report
NBN Co to release strategic review Thursday
Conroy raps 'smart-arse' NBN executive
Keswick ready to connect
Competition review guidelines on tap
Aged care CIO dreads telehealth switch-off
Bill Morrow appointed as NBN Co CEO ZDnet
Funding for Coalition's alternative NBN may require rethink David Braue - DailyLife
A confidential draft analysis of the Coalition's broadband project, prepared by NBN Co during the caretaker period for the incoming government and obtained by Fairfax Media, raises numerous concerns over the projected profitability of a fibre-to-the-node alternative. The analysis warns that profitability would "likely be difficult to sustain" without a transition to a full fibre optic network over time. ....Comment:Lance:-Another Liberal lie exposed. This shows they were either incompetent or lying or more likely a combination of both as they would have known their solution was not only technically inferior but wasn't sustainable financially. No wonder Holden doesn't want to stay here when they demonstrate a lack of a long term plan for the country and knee jerk reaction to anything that might give them some time on TV. All talk (i.e lies) and no action.
Innovation multiplied: Collaboration matters for a connected economy Business Spectator - paywall
Turnbull requests Labor’s secret NBN docs
Newlyn residents unhappy at new pole that will bring FTTP to street UK

December 10

NBN Co execs to be hauled before Senate committee ZDnet
In-home FttN wiring testing needed, costly: NBN Co ZDnet - David Braue
Telstra reconnects copper service in NBN connection stuff-up ZDnet
NBN Co should focus on passing every premises: Hackett
NBN to 12,000 customers in a year
New recruit to the NBN board ABC radio - Simon Hackett's first media interview since being appointed to the NBN board
Foxtel's triple play may be Telstra's bundle of joy
Alcatel-Lucent call for start-ups to get moving
Labor forces NBN Co back to Senate
Mike Quigley to Malcolm Turnbull: 'You don't have a minute to lose'
Last analog TV signals turned off
Abbott's nightmare is unfolding in WA
Today’s Newspoll, published in The Australian, shows a rapid cooling of the relationship between voters and the Coalition government. Newspoll shows that based on 2013 preference flows (in the House of Representatives), an election today would return a Bill Shorten Labor government, 52 per cent to 48 per cent in two-party-preferred terms.
Theft hits B4RN as equipment stolen UK's 1Gbps Broadband Quickly Becoming a Reality
UK broadband speeds up, Netflix says, Virgin is fastest ISP
Time Warner Cable broadband usage is up 40 percent this year
Elemental achieves 4K milestone
Broadband can help communities far and wide through education
Tech leaders call for speed, ubiquity in NBN rollout

December 9

Bridging the broadband gap CSIRO- Dan Chamberlain
Do Australians realise the full potential of Next Generation Broadband?
FttN NBN needs customers more than coverage: NBN Co report ZDnet - David Braue
Why It Takes Time For Broadband To Translate To Profit
FTTN CVC revenue shortfall could keep FTTP prices high: NBN Co ZDnet - David Braue
Coffs Harbour residents test NBN's impact
iiNet's new NBN service to bring regional customers up to speed
Superslow rollout for superfast internet
TPG buys more staying power
NBN Co still has 1Gbps on way Renai LeMay
Qatar's Ambitious plan for high-speed broadband
“Captain of the Titanic”: Turnbull mocks Quigley’s NBN tenure Renai LeMay
NBN politics hindered business investment in broadband ZDnet - Josh Taylor
Asia's e-commerce sites can outsell Amazon
TPG buys AAPT from Telecom NZ for AU$450m
Connecting Tonga through Broadband Internet
Netflix says Netherlands has the fastest broadband
Broadband Helps Education, but It Isn't a Panacea
Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation (ACBI) CSIRO
TPG plan has takeoff after $450m AAPT deal

December 8

Mainstream media: Failure to report NBN Issues Stevej
NBN review released next week, says Turnbull
Where's Wally? 70,000 x 30,000 pixel camera (2100 Megapixels) double-click a couple times to zoom
Turnbull takes aim at telecom, broadcast regulation

December 7

Next Gen Consoles Disproving Turnbull Sortius
LGAT pushes for full NBN rollout ABC
Kogarah Council pleads for NBN rollout **
NBN Rollout - Some Interesting Facts
Lies, damn lies, and broadband statisitics
95% of UK businesses have broadband access, says ONS
Arctic Fibre reveals Alaska broadband plans
Webinar: National Fibre Strategies PDF - FTTH Council Europe
Web Index 2013: Scandal of broadband costs in the developing world
Abbott's first 100 days

December 6

The unvarnished nodecast podcast - NBN roll out stats and Turnbull's future plans
One gigabit available on NBN this month
What to expect from Turnbull's NBN review Supratim Adhikari
On paper, the Coalition’s $29 billion price tag doesn’t look all that attractive when compared to Labor’s $37 billion, especially when Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is clearly the better technology option. Just how big an underestimation that $37 billion figure is still unclear, but the Coalition will rely on the strategic review and the cost benefit analysis to inflate that number to provide as much distance between it and Labor.
NBN FTTN analysis “devastating” for Coalition Renai LeMay
Turnbull claimed that the document had actually been prepared “more than six months ago” by NBN Co’s previous management for the then-Labor administration. However, Braue has since provided evidence in the form of limited screenshots of the leaked document that it was prepared during the “Caretaker Period” at the request of the Department of Communications and not six months ago as Turnbull claimed. Turnbull’s office has not responded to a request for the Minister to retract the comment. In addition, the Department of Communications has also declined to release the Minister’s incoming ministerial brief either voluntarily or under Freedom of Information laws.
iiNet regional customers hail ADSL-beating NBN Wireless
No upgrade, no dial tone
Husic claims Turnbull broke election promise on NBN
Zuckerberg, Gates Put $9M Into Education SuperHighway To Improve School Broadband
4K: the prospects
The Rise and Fall of Australia’s $44 Billion Broadband Project
The new government plans to deploy fiber only to the premises of new housing developments. For the remaining homes and businesses—about 71 percent—it will bring fiber only as far as curbside cabinets, called nodes. Existing copper-wire pairs will cover the so-called last mile to individual buildings. Such issues are not unique to Australia. Enthusiasm for near-universal broadband was once widespread, and it is still being pursued in the countries mentioned above, among others. But the ardor has cooled in recent years as legislators in many parts of the world move to cut government spending. Unfortunately, as is so often the case with technology, the public debate is beset by misunderstanding, misinformation, and a general lack of technical knowledge. A rare opportunity for growth and development is about to be lost, and disappointingly few people fully grasp the implications of that loss. For example, in Australia, the Coalition is pursuing a fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) strategy because it would be much cheaper in the short term—about two-thirds the price of the original NBN. But that calculus overlooks the longer-term realities. Copper links simply lack the capacity to support the massive growth in data consumption that analysts predict. Eventually, Australians will have no choice but to replace those links with fiber, probably before the end of this decade. At that point, upgrading to an FTTP network will add to the cost of the FTTN rollout, increasing the total investment beyond the price of installing that fiber today. And in delaying the deployment, Australians will have passed up a unique chance to become leaders in the global digital economy—an opportunity they may not get again.

December 5

Turnbull to release NBN review next week ZDnet
Coalition NBN must be a monopoly to survive: NBN Co ZDnet - David Braue
NBN Co reveals NT and WA wasteland ZDnet - Chris Duckett
AusBBS introduces SOHO NBN plans
Canberra blitzes states with NBN take-up rates
AusBBS introduces SOHO NBN plans
NBN Co passes 8,270 premises with fibre in late November
Big Air, Newsat and Amcom supplying connectivity and high speeds
Canberra leads way on signing up for NBN
Michigan Farm Bureau pushing for rural broadband Internet access
Comcast Brings High-Speed Broadband USA
"Local businesses will have access to Comcast Business Internet and Ethernet services, which can provide data transport services with speeds up to 10 Gbps"

December 4

NBN Co internal FTTN analysis: Turnbull refuses to retract inaccurate claim ZDnet - Renai LeMay
Big backing for full NBN
Turnbull agrees to release NBN review
NBN fibre upgrade 'essential' David Braue and Lucy Battersby
We’re Through The Looking Glass Sortius
NBN Co can't guarantee Libs' 50Mbps speed promise: report ZDnet - David Braue
Junior telcos tie knot in NBN Co copper plan
Labor's broadband plan was one hurdle from success, says former NBN chief
TPG begins fibre-to-apartment tests: Teoh
Quigley stands up to Turnbull's war of words
Telstra’s NBN guarantee paywall
Defying the Senate: Turnbull to release NBN Review by end of 2013 Renai LeMay
Government to release redacted NBN review
NBN Co shouldn't become a 'Telstra reseller': CCC
NBN fibre upgrade 'essential'
Are U.S. phone landlines in danger of being disconnected?
NBN Co delivers its strategic review
NBN to influence Sony PS4's Gaikai service launch date
Documenting Australia's largest infrastructure project
National Broadband Network New
Archived National Broadband Network Old
NBN Buzz - Business Spectator wrapup
NBN Whirlpool Forums WP
Minnesota pushes broadband Internet to hinterland
Broadband plans for Mid Murray region
Labor's One Last NBN Hurdle: Digging Holes YouTube
The truth finally comes out. Not faster. Not cheaper. Not sooner. Turnbull now owns this mess, and he will pay dearly for misleading Australians and killing the NBN.

December 3

Is Coalition's NBN endgame up in the air? ZDnet - David Braue
NBN review shows time is on Turnbull's side Stephen Bartholomeusz
Doorstop interview with Jason Clare MP (Sky APAC - 02/12/13)
Senate to force Turnbull to publish NBN Review
NBN faces "high risk" from FttN-related IT development: NBN Co ZDnet - David Braue
Coalition to release NBN review by year end AFR
NBN Co advised against buying Telstra’s copper AFR
Former NBN Co boss Mike Quigley warns Government review not to rewrite history ABC - Jake Sturmer
Don't let politics distort NBN cost: Former NBN Co CEO ZDnet
Quigley says NBN has no time to spare
Telstra Corporation Ltd TLS $5.03 on 3 Dec 2013
Ditch ‘nonsensical’ NBN reviews: Quigley AFR
Rivals sound warning over NBN copper rent from Telstra
Clare wants NBN review released
Overhead rollout backed by NBN Australian - paywall
Turnbull to defy Senate order to produce NBN report ZDnet - Josh Taylor
NBN review to be censored before public release CNet - Campbell Simpson
NBN strategic review won't be made public today ZDnet - Josh Taylor
Can Turnbull avoid a NBN timetable mishap?
The 12 labours of Turnbull: NBN hurdles Coalition must cross in 18 months to meet 2019 deadline ZDnet
Appy-Land or Geekistan? The open questions of Open Data
Malcolm Turnbull slams ABC boss Mark Scott over Indonesian spy leaks
Do you want Foxtel broadband?
Broadband pilot sets up launch NZ
Foxtel Is About To Start Selling Broadband
Foxtel to bundle TV, Broadband, Phone next year
The Hot Potato Ash's Machiavellian Bloggery

December 2

D-Day for Coalition's dud broadband Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare
Labor demands Turnbull release NBN Strategic Review
How Politics Is Depriving Us Of A Decent NBN
Senate hearing circus shows politics has no place in NBN
NBN not as cheap, not as soon – but it will be slow
NBN strategic review won't be made public today
NBN faces "high risk" from FttN-related IT development: NBN Co
The 12 labours of Turnbull: NBN hurdles Coalition must cross in 18 months to meet 2019 deadline
Labor demands release of NBN review
Labor demands full reveal of NBN strategic review
NBN Co unlikely to meet deadlines
Broadband rollout on target, says MP
Bedford Park man says he can not get on the internet when it is raining
SBS boss: Malcolm Turnbull gets us
Foxtel announces broadband, Australia yawns
Foxtel to Launch Triple Play of Television, Broadband and Fixed-Line Telephony
Petition pitches for better broadband
Broadband breeds music virtuoso in Minnesota?
Superfast broadband for Cameron, but neighbours left in digital slow lane UK
It’s live: Delimiter publishes AGD FoI mirror
The 12 labours of Turnbull: NBN hurdles Coalition must cross in 18 months to meet 2019 deadline ZDnet - David Braue

December 1

Turnbull's New NBN: A prediction SteveJ
Aus. Liberal Party, Reconsider your plans for the NBN FB
We want a real NBN
UK Government told to tackle broadband noise
Big changes ahead as Australian TV networks fight to keep us watching

November 30

Australian government using wrong NBN rollout strategy, leaked report warns
"NBN Co should deploy the best available xDSL technology in the FTTN network from the start of the rollout."
How about "NBN Co should deploy the best available technology in the FIBRE network from the start of the rollout."?
Leaked NBN Co document downgrades revenue projections by up to 30pc ABC
What to do when the NBN comes to town: Connection day
Locals get chance to demo new TiVo at Grumpy's
Compulsive checking trumps content creation on Facebook: study

November 29

Confidential briefing: NBN unlikely to meet Coalition's deadline David Braue
The Coalition’s national broadband network model will prove inadequate for many businesses, is poorly planned and is unlikely to be completed on time, according to NBN Co’s internal analysis for the incoming Abbott government.
NBN Co guidance: Govt can't handle the unvarnished truth ZDnet
FttN cabinets, skills significant threats to Coalition's NBN: NBN Co ZDnet
Turnbull dismisses NBN criticism by company board ABC
Ziggy Switkowski warns of more NBN cost blowouts as services of the future in doubt
Liberal NBN Woes
NBN 2016 deadline 'tough'
National Broadband Network [Part 1] Official Recording of Senate Committee Proceedings from the Australian Parliament - Thursday, November 28 2013, 08:50
National Broadband Network [Part2] Official Recording of Senate Committee Proceedings from the Australian Parliament - Thursday, November 28 2013, 13:50
National Broadband Network Official Recording of Senate Committee Proceedings from the Australian Parliament - Friday, November 29 2013, 08:19
NBN strategic review contents may not be fully disclosed: Switkowski transparency...what's that? ++
Turnbull reiterates need for NBN Co transparency ++
Turnbull promises transparent, business-like NBN Co ...but that was in opposition ++
Handy hints for new home developments and the NBN
Only Gamers & Geeks Sortius
As some people are well aware, since privatisation Telstra had approached the Howard government no less than three times to deploy a nationwide network. At one stage it was almost identical to the current plan with FTTP being suggested for greenfields (Once called Telstra Velocity, now Telstra Smart Community, the pilot sites are still live) & FTTN for brownfields. This was to cost the government $3b, yet was rejected by the Howard government, specifically Senator Coonan, deeming the plan as not needed & too expensive.
More damning evidence about Malcolm Turnbull's dud NBN Jason Clare, Shadow Minister for Communications
NBN Costs 'rising as we speak', roll out targets proving 'very challenging': Switkowski
Abbott Government set to break another election promise Jason Clare, Shadow Minister for Communications
It was also revealed yesterday that up to 80 percent of the copper network the Coalition is proposing to use in their second rate model is being held together by plastic bags and rink-barked cables. The prospect of using this network to connect Australians to the NBN was described as a "fraud on the Australian taxpayer."
Cashed up Townsville start-up SafetyCulture to fly in developers AFR
Coalition's NBN deadline 'tough' to meet: Ziggy Switkowski
Leaked NBN Co document downgrades revenue projections by up to 30pc ABC
NBN cost higher than predicted: Switkowski
Switkowski earns AU$50K per month extra as NBN Co CEO
Govt unlikely to hit NBN deadline: Report
Fibre build cost will rise: NBN Co AFR
Turnbull’s NBN: inadequate, poorly planned & late TheVine
A draft of the NBN Co.’s internal analysis that is to be presented to the Abbott government has been “obtained by Fairfax.” In the document, NBN Co. considers the Coalition government’s NBN plan is, “inadequate for many businesses, is poorly planned and is unlikely to be completed on time”— three of the benchmarks the Coalition used to attack the Labor government on incessantly, in the lead up to the election. The report also stated that the Coalition’s NBN plan would go over the lean $29.5 billion budget, another point of attack they drive hard in the fight against Labor. No one loves a governmental backflip (except to say “I told you so”), but most of the sensible people would appreciate Malcolm Turnbull magically deciding to go with Labor’s FTTP to keep Australia on the map. He doesn’t even need to offer a bullshit reason either—we’ll take it without an explanation! “Here’s that—FTTP.”
Ziggy to front Senate Committee today
Business, nation, pine for Turnbull
Turnbull's portfolio
Coalition NBN Will Miss Delivery Target And Make Less Money Than FTTH: Report
NBN Co chair says copper in 'reasonable condition'
Copper pits for NBN a "disgrace": Union
Slower NBN speeds, lower revenue: govt
Coalition’s NBN already in trouble, says leaked report
NBN cost higher than predicted: Switkowski
Gizmodo Awards 2013: Best Home Broadband ISP Nominations Now Open!
Cheaper broadband on way for NZ
Strong turnout for tender
Coalition's NBN deadline 'tough' to meet: Ziggy Switkowski
NBN costs on the rise, Ziggy Switkowski admits
NBN petition handed to Joyce
A new government, but no change in politics AFR - LAURA TINGLE
Minor parties rebel on wholesale broadband price NZ
Today Show Debate: NBN Revenue Forecasts and Qantas YouTube
FTTN, planned obsolescence. Can't believe Australia's technology future will be stunted by arrogance.
Who’s afraid of the big bad Netflix? 29 Nov 2013

November 28

Reluctant NBN executives summoned to Senate hearing SMH
NBN 2.0: Telstra’s poisoned chalice Mark Gregory
Former board member Smith-Gander opens up on NBN
Chairman takes swipe at red tape
Slower NBN speeds, lower revenue: govt
Department confirms NBN revenue may drop under Coalition plan
Copper pits for NBN a "disgrace": Union
Telstra copper network an 'absolute disgrace': Comms Union
Coalition's slower NBN will 'make less money'
NBN Co revenue could drop under Coalition plan AFR
Telstra's copper network held together with plastic bags, Senate told
FTTN means revenue cut for government: Conroy
NBN revenue to be hit by triple-whammy
Telecom trials 'Big Pipe' broadband NZ
Copper pits for National Broadband Network 'a disgrace', says CEPU
NBN Senate Committee politicised from start Renai LeMay
Telco unions explain the status of the Telstra copper network YouTube
Pyne's broken promise set to haunt Abbott

November 27

Illawarra residents deliver NBN petition
NBN protesters target Sudmalis
Picketers protest Coalition’s NBN option outside MP's office
NBN map goes dark for Wheatbelt
Clare warns of Gonski-like backflips on the NBN
'Reluctant' NBN Co execs summoned to Senate committee ZDnet
Fiber optic – in one day!
IPTV continues to win Dutch customers
GVEC: Fiber is now live
Campaign push for a connected Mountains
Foxtel thinks you should pay for sport — would you?
Senate compels NBN Co execs to front committee
Open data will drive startups: Turnbull
Press Council adjudication
Abbott's boulevard of broken promises
Tony Abbott rejects claims of broken election promise on Gonski school funding ABC

November 26

FTTP NBN supporters lobby Turnbull
National day of action for FTTH NBN campaign
Telstra relies on public to inform on asbestos-infested pits ZDnet
NBN Co PSPF compliance and the ASD’s Top 4: Malcolm Shore
NBN map goes dark for Wagin and Wheatbelt
ACMA consults on NBN battery regulations
Telstra NBN staff to return to work
NBN petitioners target Turnbull, MPs
Liberals should log out of NBN
Back in the pits as work resumes on parts of Tasmania's NBN rollout
ACMA seeks submissions on NBN back-up power provisions
It's NBN Public Action Day...Apparently
City council bids to jump NBN queue **
NBN protest an epic fail
NBN petition delivery in Fairfax
Tasmanian NBN rollout resumes
Work restarts on Tassie's NBN
Shorten won’t release Lazard NBN report
Schools can sell broadband to communities
Government Considering Increasing Broadband Speed To 40 Or 50 Mbps KUALA LUMPUR
Triple-play revenues to reach $144 billion
An Hour of Code - Computer Science Education Week is December 9-15.
ACMA seeks submissions on NBN back-up power provisions

Tony's diplomacy...
It's been crash or learn for Tony Abbott as he handles a diplomatic crisis 23 Nov 2013
Abbott 'lacks diplomacy skills', says former Indonesian intelligence chief 22 Nov 2013
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in talks with ambassador as diplomatic stand-off continues 20 Nov 2013
Holes appear in Tony Abbott's account of 'wall-punching' incident 21 Mar 2013
News Ltd apologises to Barbara Ramjan over Tony Abbott punch story 5 Aug 2013
Tony Abbott: university bigot and bully - and still one today David Donovan - 13 Sep 2012

November 25

The Rise and Fall of Australia’s $44 Billion Broadband Project
Pro-NBN National Day of Action is tomorrow
Tomorrow is a national day of NBN action Tuesday November 26th - visit your local politician to demand a fibre-to-the-premises NBN
Site to stop NBN turning into insulation batts debacle
Mixed messages on Telstra copper complicate FttN NBN case ZDnet - David Braue
Pay-TV calls for sport rights rejig paywall - time to repay Rupert
Australian Registered Cablers
TV Is Dying, And Here Are The Stats From The US That Prove It
Report examines tech impact on S.C. women-owned business
Westminster talks invite for rural broadband campaigner UK
Sky Fibre Network drowning, sub-broadband speeds reported
NBN crucial to Australia’s tech viability
NBN: Maps spark rollout doubt in South Morang
Lifting the veil on the NBN as industry initiative launched
Telstra staff to return to NBN pits after asbestos scare
Robertson MP defends criticism over NBN uncertainty
Does anyone care about Teleworking?
Huawei brings the broader way to North Africa

November 24

NBN roll-out leaves new areas in the dark
Telstra's copper network in NSW's Illawarra region photo gallery
Twitter saveNBN
Let the market, not Telkom, manage national broadband network South Africa
petition to Warren Truss' office Save the NBN FB
phone lines Save the NBN FB

November 23

Horsley vents anger over NBN shortfall
A million Australians sign up to social media site
NBN Co. 'asking questions' of Transfield
Telkom to launch FTTH within one year South Africa
Huawei Calls for Collaboration in Building Broadband Competitiveness at ITU World Telecom 2013
Google’s free white space database could preempt paid competition and boost market
Could BT's YouView TV service be coming to Plusnet? UK
Twin Cities Unconference & Hackathon: Where technology meets civic engagement
Inequality at school will persist until we close digital divide at home USA
Cable consolidation isn’t about TV: It’s about broadband

November 22

It's a national day of NBN actionTuesday November 26th - demand a fibre-to-the-premises NBN
A Week Of Odd Claims Sortius
Fibre to the node: Australia, New Zealand comparison
NBN reality check: Construction remedies and Telstra's copper Supratim Adhikari
Pro-fibre-to-the-premises protestors call NBN Day of Action
Malcolm Turnbull's website makes funny Facebook fan numbers
Ziggy's only purpose being at NBN Co is to follow the government's instructions WP
Electrolysis Conducted With Telephone Wires! YouTube
September 2013 Broadband Report NZ
‘No apology, no explanation’: Residents want FTTP back, says Labor Renai LeMay
The NBN is a complex problem for the new government
Kiama first in nation to switch to NBN
NBN Co. 'asking questions' of Transfield
Gosford Council to push Malcolm Turnbull to resume NBN rollout on Central Coast **
Bangladesh seeks foreign investment in telecom infrastructure
Poles apart: council defers decision on broadband tower **
Netflix leads Swedish VOD services
Verizon cuts 600,000 repair calls thanks to 'chronic' customer migration plan
Alcatel-Lucent to upgrade Tonami's HFC network to FTTH
BUNDABERG Council campaign on NBN **
Five Sources of Start-up Ideas

November 21

Switkowski toes the Coalition's NBN line Mark Gregory
NBN slowdown leaves workers jobless
NBN Co. outlines plans for FTTB pilot, invites alternative providers to take part
ACCC set to approve NBN price plans
NBN internet comes to Treendale
NBN contractors not being paid
Your quick guide to NBN under the Coalition
Telstra copper network 'robust': NBN chief
When Malcolm met Henry: Ergas gets a second bite at NBN
Mark Textor stokes fire with Indonesian Foreign Minister 'porn star' gibe; sack him, says Malcolm Fraser
Communications brief to be kept secret
‘I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours’: Turnbull to open Blue Book if Labor opens NBN docs
Ziggy approached for NBN before election
Communication needs for Parkes
Huawei Calls for Collaboration in Building Broadband Competitiveness at ITU World Telecom 2013
Broadband: Readers' bad and good experiences
TPG suffers critical outage
ACCC publishes NBN Co’s varied Special Access Undertaking for consultation ACCC
Goulburn Valley & North-East Victorian communities switch-on to National Broadband Network NBN Co
Turnbull warns getting NBN on track a 'daunting challenge' ABC audio

November 20

No need for 100Mbps NBN, Switkowski tells Senate
Telstra copper network 'robust': NBN chief
Coalition's new NBN timetable 'very, very tight' comments by Abel Adamski
DSL pioneer claims NBN fibre plan has load and security issues paywall
Countdown To A Catastrophe
NBN Co accepts Special Access Undertaking: ACCC
NBN Co calls on ISPs to pilot broadband tech
NBN Co outlines plans for FTTB pilot, invites alternative providers to take part
Government, NBN Co 'pondering' satellite issue
NBN Co announces apartment block trial
NBN Co looking for ISPs in FttB pilot program
NBN Co to pilot new ways to speed up NBN rollout
Ziggy approached for NBN before election
ACCC publishes NBN Co’s varied Special Access Undertaking for consultation
Ziggy Switkowski vows to fix NBN - 'the Fukushima of the telco industry' paywall
Fels, Deans, Ergas tipped for NBN cost benefit panel
Broadband a talking point for MP
Ziggy quizzed – it’s FTTP for now
Alcatel-Lucent to provide Tonami Satellite Communications Television with ultra-broadband access solution Internet access speeds up to 1Gbps ~ 2.4Gbps
Tesco giving away free broadband until end of the month UK
End in sight for long-running NBN access negotiations
Malcolm Turnbull to include Labor critic on NBN panel

November 19

NBN Co to pilot new ways to speed up NBN rollout NBN Co
NBN cost benefit analysis: Former OECD economist Henry Ergas welcomes chance to work on review ABC
NBN Co invites RSPs to take part in fibre-to-the-building pilot
TPG could undermine NBN: Telstra AFR
Turnbull promises to release NBN info if Labor does the same
NBN Co invites ISPs to retail FTTB trial
Government mulls NBN options as satellite service approached capacity
Our business and the NBN Secret Lab - a game development studio
ACCC gives blessing to NBN Co’s proposed acquisition of TransACT FTTP network
NBN Rebooted reignites fibre, copper network debate
NBN review spurs fears of a Darley 'digital divide'
Telstra hits out at NBN Co problems
Internode to use NBN tower to stream music festival
DSL pioneer claims NBN fibre plan has load and security issues paywall: Rupert doesn't want FTTP - it will kill the FoxTel monopoly
Why iiNet Is No Longer Selling NBN Satellite Plans
Sky launches broadband filtering of porn, violence and hate
Netflix orders final season of The Killing
Tough job getting the NBN on track: Turnbull
Australian government mulls NBN satellite options ZDnet
NBN VDSL trials a success: NBN Co CTO
NBN suffering from a diet of too much fibre, conference told more News Ltd bias
Telstra defends copper network, says it's not ageing
What did the Dept. of Communications know about plans for NBN Co? Senator Scott Ludlam
Alcatel-Lucent questions FTTP goal, NZ next?
Arcep consults on FTTH rollout to small buildings
Telehealth: The healthcare and aged care revolution that can pay for the whole NBN ABC Nick Ross from 20 Sep 2013
Comms Connect delivers more for 2013
Senator Ludlam asks the Dept. of Communications at Senate Estimates on Tuesday 19 November 2013 about plans for NBN Co YouTube ++
Senator Ludlam asks questions at Senate Estimates on Tuesday 19 November 2013 to NBN Co and Executive Chairman Dr. Zigmund Switkowski YouTube ++
Ziggy says we need the "ability to be flexible" - when there is a need to upgrade to Gigabit speeds like that being rolled out by Google in Kansas & Austin now the copper used for the Coalitions FTTN will need to be replaced with fibre, the nodes in the street ripped out & new equipment provided at either end (exchange & home/premises) with FTTP upgrades are achieved simply by replacing the equipment at one or both ends of the fibre. Copper is obsolete for hispeed data whereas the limits of fibre are still being developed, 100 terabits has already been lab tested

November 18

Copper network not 'ageing': Telstra
Turnbull slams media over NBN
Turnbull calls for NBN documents release what about the "blue book"?
Delimiter to appeal Turnbull Blue Book censorship
The NBN: Rebooted – “Making Australian Broadband Work”
NBN deadlines missed, can Turnbull make industry play nice? ZDnet - David Braue
Fibre to the node NBN offers 'optionality': Turnbull ZDnet Josh Taylor
Plenty for Labor to be ashamed of in NBN report
Government promises faster internet speeds
Turnbull moves to simplify submarine cable approval process
Rebooting the NBN Project - Speech to CommsDay Conference MT "building an NBN that works isn’t a matter for Government alone" - buy Telstra?
NBN stats: Australia's broadband future and why the Coalition's alternative 'won't work' Jun 2012 - FYI those MT VNI figures=misleading
MP pushing for better broadband monitor FTTP in the electorate ofParkes
Telstra targets millions with cheap broadband paywall - TELSTRA'S new budget broadband brand Belong
Online Sales Generate $1.7 Trillion Annually for U.S. Businesses
'Super Wi-Fi' heading for US campuses
Chorus shares plumb new depths on dividend cut tip NZ
#NBN Fibre To The Premises (#FTTP) ‏@Doclach
Telstra leaving clients on hold
NBN VDSL trials a success: NBN Co CTO ZDnet Josh Taylor
NBN lights up in Meadow Springs
iiNet stops selling NBN satellite due to 'almost unusable' speeds
Tough job getting the NBN on track: Turnbull
Inside Alcatel-Lucent's bid to keep its NBN contracts
Plenty for Labor to be ashamed of in NBN report Rupert's view
Coalition NBN Reportedly Won't Start Rolling Out Until 2015 Gizmodo

November 17

Gag on Turnbull briefing
Rural broadband backlash of ‘second-class citizens’

November 16

New NBN plan in pole position
New plan for NBN roll out ABC
What Happened With The NBN This Week? Gizmodo
Australian television, worth shielding from the Foxtel siphons
Turnbull urges politicians to mount hard arguments to the community
Google brings ubiquitous ‘white space’ broadband one step closer
End of the daily commute?
With better broadband, telecommuting could help local economy
New broadband report reveals £20 return on every £1 spent
'Hello, I'm on the plane': EC says yes to in-flight calls and mobile broadband
UK’s broadband companies to launch online safety campaign

November 15

New plan for NBN roll out ABC
Crunch time for NBN Co Mark Gregory
NBN satellites near full capacity
Political brawl erupts over NBN sub-committee Renai LeMay
More detail on Premier's NBN plan ABC - Tas
Committee says no to monopole
ASSIA CEO and DSL Inventor Dr. John Cioffi to Share Expertise on Vectored VDSL in Australia
Coalition's FttN network unlikely to start rolling out before 2015 Supratim Adhikari
Simon Hackett appointed to NBN Co board
Malcolm’s Blacktown visit: Silly tweets, a ridiculous video and technical inaccuracies Michelle Rowland
Malcolm Turnbull says: Blacktown, you’ve got it good enough
EFA applauds Simon Hackett's appointment to NBN Co Board
NBN lights up in Meadow Springs NBN Co
Carlton switches on to the NBN NBN Co
South Perth switches on to the NBN NBN Co
Turnbull's communications 'blue book' stays secret transparency??
Turnbull reiterates need for NBN Co transparency
Turnbull promises transparent, business-like NBN Co ...but that was in opposition
Turnbull accuses Lundy of 'rolling' Clare on NBN committee
FCC Rolls Out Broadband Speed Test App
Schools to share ultra-fast broadband with communities NZ
Game-Changing TiVo Service from Atlantic Broadband Goes Live in Miami
BROADBAND will SAVE THE ECONOMY, shriek bods fast broadband will return £20 for every £1 spent
900,000 premises may need to foot bill under NBN revision: Archers
Pay day for Rich Listers as Freelancer debuts on ASX five times above the IPO price

November 14

Avoiding a NBN witchhunt
The NBN's social value is far greater than dollars and cents
ACCC green lights iiNet fibre-to-the-premises network deal with NBN Co
Internode founder Simon Hackett backs iPad app AvPlan
Lofty plans for Geepers ... a service that tells you where to go Jul 13
Council to Canberra: Keep the NBN rolling Ipswich City Council **
Optus talks to government about NBN backhaul
NBN Co releases first weekly rollout update
Re. Online mystery across region as NBN is scaled back
Turnbull takes control of spatial data policy
ACCC signs off on iiNet FTTH sale to NBN Co
Sooner, cheaper, faster: can power lines speed up the NBN rollout?
NBN Co activated 2554 premises in past week
Cornwall business claims FTTH technology makes little difference
Singapore Open Net FTTH user survey shows most are happy with the service
Turnbull to consider power-pole idea
Malcolm Turnbull’s praiseworthy portfolio
NBN Co's TransACT fibre buy gets green light
Faster broadband 'saves cash, time'
Top Broadband Speed and Infrastructure Stocks to Buyk
NTS Announces Third Quarter Results; Fiber Business Grows 28.2%
Netflix revamps look and feel
21st Century Australia Party – Policy
Turnbull YouTube promo backfires: Minister faces NBN ‘fraudband’ bile

November 13

Hackett's NBN challenge
FTTP vs FTTN presentation Simon Hackett April 9, 2013
Building a Fibre NBN on a Copper budget Simon Hackett July 17, 2013
iiNet’s Simon Hackett amongst new NBN Co board members
Hackett on NBN board: Gaining experience or silencing a critic? Josh Taylor - ZDnet
Internode founder Simon Hackett appointed to NBN Co. board
Yes, Minister: Experts praise Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘nuanced’ share portfolio
Electricians Union Backs Above Ground Deployment for NBN
Three telecom veterans appointed as non-executive directors to NBN Co's board
NBN Co appoints new board members
Netflix, YouTube dominate broadband
National broadband network rollout speeds up
Mayor disappointed with NBN
NBN Co activated 2554 premises in past week
Hackett, Flannigan and Milne join NBN Co board
The nitty gritty on an aerial NBN

November 12

Hackett picked for NBN Co board ZDnet
Former Telstra execs fill top NBN Co roles AFR
NBN Co names Chief Operating Officer
Internode founder Simon Hackett appointed to NBN Co. board
Hackett, Flannigan and Milne join NBN Co board
Malcolm Turnbull appoints internet entrepreneur Simon Hackett to NBN Co board ABC
Alcatel-Lucent boss eyes NBN lobbying campaign: report
Gang of Three heavyweights appointed to NBN Co board
Why Simon Hackett Is A Good Deal For NBN Co And NBN Fans Alike
Internode-Founder Simon Hackett Joins NBN Co Board
Labor decries more NBN “jobs for the boys”
Turnbull appoints Simon Hackett, others to NBN board
National Press Club: Clive Palmer PUP
Clive Palmer tells journos 'it's time to lift your game' PUP
Simon Hackett joins NBN Co board
“Businesses are quite a few years away from needing FTTH broadband,” claims UK manufacturer UK
Swisscom launches high speed Internet
Superfast broadband promotes economic growth, research finds
Worldwide Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Top 2 Billion
Netflix + YouTube = Half Your Broadband Diet
Okay. Fibre Optic Broadband in the UK UK rural quoted £3K for FTC
FTTH Financial Analyzers
Broadband and Economic Development: Chicago conference notes

November 11

Mobile Providers Still Don’t Get It Sortius
#NBN Fibre To The Premises (#FTTP)
Turnbull touts construction resumption in YouTube vid
Chorus' UFB connections 'falling short' NZ
When IT Meets Politics UK
Turnbull NBN site visit lacks media presence
Vote Compass explorer: What Australians think about the big political issues ABC
MP Clive Palmer sends staff member to Parliamentary briefing PUP
Train Wreck
Remote Australia seeks mobile services through NBN
Council demands answers from Parkes MP over NBN rollout halt ABC **
Telstra + NBC Talk Settlement After Judge Delays $100M Claim Case

November 10

IPTV multicast trial ends before NBN review deadline
NBN – Why Don’t They Talk About Uploads?
Understanding Build commenced...
Find out when the National Broadband Network is coming to your place!
A mobile NBN needed for remote Australia
Fitch Assigns Telstra's AUD500m 2018 Bonds 'A' Rating

November 9

Labor pins hopes on pulp mill and NBN in race to election
Speed check: what NBN speed promises really mean
Brough promises Coast NBN coverage
This Is Telstra's Next-Generation Broadband Hotspot
Google hails white space broadband success as it wraps up Cape Town trial
Broadband usage study 'could have negative consequences' UK only need 19 Mbps broadband
Huawei Broadband World Forum 2013 Highlight Video

November 8

Microsoft urges NBN review to reconsider high-speed fibre
Sparkies urge Turnbull to finish the NBN using power poles
Telstra lawsuit against NBN Co held over
NBN, more like the 'No Broadband Network' on the Coast
Frankston and Langwarrin to miss out on NBN rollout
A powerful argument on NBN costs Tas
Woolgoolga welcomes its place in the NBN age
Welcome To Boganville Sortius
We will pass more by NBN fibre than Labor did: Turnbull Josh Taylor
8 November 2013: Visit to NBN Site in Blacktown spin

November 7

Microsoft Australia Concerned About Turnbull's NBN
NBN poaches Telstra's Greg Adcock to become COO
NBN hookups put on hold
Bedevilled by politicians: Tasmania’s 12-year FTTP failure
Existing premises behind surge in NBN uptake
Will Turnbull leapfrog Telstra's copper?
Hull ISP KC Calls UK Broadband Speed Demand Study a Dangerous Red Herring
KC reacts to bandwidth projections
Desparately Seeking FTTP; LA to issue an RFI
CallPlus launches broadband court challenge NZ
Average UK home 'will only need 19 Mb broadband' by 2023
ITV content to underpin new UTV Irish channel
NBN Co replaces respected COO with Turnbull Telstra contact Renai LeMay
Construction industry backs Adcock as NBN chief
Broadband access is no longer optional
Superfast broadband: report reveals growing mobile demand
Answer in sight over National Broadband Network cabling
Some constructive advice for Malcolm Turnbull Jason Clare
Microsoft Australia’s remote working day goes global NBN = telecommute = more productivity

November 6

The Clock Is Ticking Sortius
Microsoft urges rethink of NBN plan SMH
Port Augusta’s NBN future unclear
Back to the future: Tasmania's power pole plan to save FttP NBN
Switkowski appoints yet another ex-Telstra exec to NBN Co
Vodafone lobbies new government for mobile additions to new NBN
Tuggerah, Erina, Woy Woy business precincts could lose in NBN scale back
Some constructive advice for Malcolm Turnbull Jason Clare
Tasmanian premier proposes NBN solution
NBN Co could provide backhaul to mobile operators: Fletcher
Proposal to attach super-fast broadband wires to power poles lifts cloud on NBN rollout
Tas Govt tries to resurrect NBN on power poles
Tasmania pitches NBN rollout plan
Tuggerah, Erina, Woy Woy business precincts could lose in NBN scale back
Online mystery across region as NBN is scaled back
Broadband price cut 'misguided' says angry investor NZ
LA wants to pave its streets with gigabit broadband
Need for action over broadband NZ
Google proposes balloon system to solve broadband access issues
Videos On-line for Broadband World Forum 2013
Cisco believes in the shrinking set-top box
Time Warner’s CEO isn’t worried about those HBO plus broadband deals
Uneven broadband distribution in rural areas: who’s to blame? USA
Leighton to appear in Supreme Court over bribe allegations

November 5

Microsoft model: how to keep staff happy and productive NBN = telecommute = more productivity
At Microsoft, we know that if we keep our employees happy, we will get results in the marketplace. ...Technology has given us the opportunity to work remotely and research has shown that the practice is efficient and productive. Our offices are wherever we are, our work hours are when we choose them. It's the outcome that's important.
NBN off the agenda for Hepburn Shire
New plans for NBN
Economist Caution: Prepare For 'Massive Wealth Destruction'
Malcolm Turnbull Wants To Find The Worst Broadband Areas In Australia
Federal education dept in major AWS cloud pilot
Broadband blow-up: Chorus talks 'default event'
2014 looks to be a hyperfast broadband year for some lucky areas UK
NBN goes from on-track to on-hold in Campbelltown
Los Angeles moves forward with proposal for free citywide broadband
BSG publishes new model for analysing domestic demand for bandwidth
NBN 2.0: What future for Australia's National Broadband Network?

November 4

Broadband view out of whack with experts Damon Young
Inaugural Gimme Fibre Day celebrates FTTH broadband
Gimme Fibre Day launches, touts benefits of gigabit broadband
NBN Co to seal Telstra deal by June 2014 AFR
NBN expands to Gilgandra ABC
NBN construction begins around Naracoorte ABC
Orange NBN delays stunt business growth: Whitton
Bathurst Regional Council seals deal for NBN antennas **
Hervey Bay and Maryborough drop off the NBN map
Optus Unlimited NBN Broadband: OK But Still Some Limits
Government seeks advisor for renegotiation of Telstra-NBN Co deal
Focus on NBN subcontractor pay
FttP or FttN, the NBN is already slipping from Turnbull's grasp ZDnet - David Braue
NBN under Turnbull's watch is going nowhere, and fast
Broadband view out of whack with experts SMH
Visionstream must meet NBN contract terms to keep Tasmanian rollout
Call goes out for advisers to smooth way for new NBN, Telstra deal
Optus joins the ‘unlimited plan’ bandwagon
Huawei Disappointed for Being Banned from Australian NBN
R&M addresses rapidly growing Middle East FTTH market with Venus SCM solution
TPG defends broadband ads in High Court
NBN Co introduces weekly roll-out metrics; posts significant operating losses
Inaugural Gimme Fibre Day celebrates FTTH broadband

November 3

Turnbull in tussle over NBN contracts
POLL: More doubts over NBN rollout
Turnbull in tussle over NBN contracts
Malcolm Turnbull throws a bone to FTTP boosters
Health Minister Peter Dutton to launch an inquiry into e-health system
Meet the Press, Episode 35, Sunday November 3 MT
Atlantic Broadband, TiVo Roll Out New Service
Broadband 101 workshop in Santa Cruz looks at projects, policy
Turnbull sets out NBN priorities
Meet the Press: Why Labor’s claims of houses missing out on the NBN are wrong MT

November 2

What Business Case? Sortius
Abbott confirms NBN's ban on Huawei stays
Coalition Leaves Australia in the Dark
Australia's proto-NBN now decaying in the desert
Global broadband subscribers – 2018 prediction
Top 10 broadband countries in the world
Global digital wars take Australia hostage
NBN rolls into Gilgandra
What Happened In The NBN This Week?
Turnbull says he was fully briefed on Huawei
Govt embarrassed over Huawei: Labor

November 1

Top End rolled on NBN as grand plan shrinks ABC
UK researchers working on 'Li-Fi' see 250x the speed of broadband
New Cable Broadband Specs Say 10 Gbps Speeds Possible
Superslow broadband: Fifty towns and cities below minimum download speedk UK
NBN rollout in Bundaberg now in doubt
Turnbull to NBN contractors: Dance, baby, dance!
NBN cut strands residents
NBN announces new Coffs Coast rollouts
NBN progress report disappoints regional chamber ABC
Malcolm Turnbull steps up pressure on Visionstream over Tasmanian NBN rollout ABC
New NBN rollout maps remove houses in Ballarat
NBN Co to bring fibre to 150k more homes
Coalition NBN rollout grinds to a halt AFR
Telstra takes NBN Co to court over $11bn deal
Abbott touts NBN ‘honesty’ in revised figures AFR
The PM Doesn’t Know His Own Policy Sortius
Murdoch is right – we need more refugees
Questioning Turnbull's 'open and independent' NBN reviews paywall
China's Huawei excluded from Australian telecoms contracts : Huawei reaction
NBN announces new Coffs Coast rollouts
Huawei eyes opportunities beyond 'that' NBN bid
More doubts over NBN rollout
40,000 Vic homes off NBN list
Abbott confirms NBN's ban on Huawei stays
Mudgee drops off NBN radar
It takes two to tango - NBN rollout in Tasmania MT - Tas excuse
Deploying Fiber-to-the-Most-Economic Point Alcatel-Lucent publication PDF file / Sortius

October 31

When A Rollout Goes Missing Sortius
Lowy Lecture: Rupert Murdoch ABC: disruptive enterprise needed
Updated NBN rollout maps show thousands of homes removed from construction schedule
Claims NBN rollout for Canberra 'has shrunk' ABC
The NBN waiting game ABC
'Digital divide' looming because of questions over NBN fibre roll-out ABC
Government hoses down Tasmanian NBN fears ABC
Clare bemoans Coalition’s 500k NBN “victims”
Broadband World Forum 2013 Brings Broadband to Life
Superfast broadband is super slow in UK, says new study
UK has no superfast broadband cities based on average broadband speeds
Broadband innovation needs cooperation, not endless fibre talk
Turnbull reaffirms NBN commitment
Huawei ban 'puts China trade deal in danger'
Nikolic defends NBN rollout map cut-back
Atlantic Broadband announces TiVo service
Strategy Analytics: Broadband users get more speed for the money
Broadband World Forum 2013 Brings Broadband to Life
Interview with David Speers - Sky News PM Agenda Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare.
New NBN rollout maps remove houses in Ballarat

October 30

Will the Coalition's China Club keep the Huawei ban?
NBN Co rewrites rollout map - will you miss out on fibre?
The farce gets deeper: Now Telstra sues NBN Co Renai LeMay
NBN Co unveils high-level overview of rollout stats
NBN Co revamps rollout metric reporting
Claims NBN rollout for Canberra 'has shrunk' ABC
NBN's new leader may be in a takeover mood ABC
Commonwealth plays down NBN map changes ABC
NBN map changes prompt fears about Tasmanian rollout ABC
NBN off the map ABC audio
China criticises Government's decision to uphold NBN ban on telco Huawei ABC
Huawei ban might deter investors AFR
Huawei's NBN ban may put off other Chinese investors
NBN Co revamps rollout metric reporting
NBN is the new Telstra
NBN Co reports operating loss
Weekly rollout metrics NBN Co
Turnbull sceptical over NBN Co figures
Turnbull reiterates need for NBN Co transparency
NBN Co posts AU$903m loss, dates removed from roll-out plan
Will 4G replace your home broadband?
Construction industry outlook is bad news for Turnbull's alt.NBN plan
Indiegogo announces Aussie dollar crowdfunding
Lally Weymouth: An interview with Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott October 25
Lally Weymouth interviews Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard March 9, 2013
NBN Co begins weekly rollout updates
ACCC claims broadband speed audit provides needed oversight
Deploying ultra fast broadband in Europe
Sth African broadband at a crossroads
Telstra suing NBN Co over access deal SBS
NBN Co posts $932m operating loss
Telstra sues NBN Co over CPI adjustments
Telstra sues NBN Co over AU$11bn deal
NBN Co commits to NABERS data centre ratings
NBN extends reach for Willunga Farmers Market
The farce gets deeper: Now Telstra sues NBN Co
No stone unturned in NBN audit, says Ziggy Switkowski Aust paywall
NBN terminated
Rupert Murdoch and Tony Abbott: is a post-election catch-up on the agenda?
Rupert Murdoch’s sixtieth anniversary and the hazards of longevity
David Folkenflik: Rupert Murdoch’s rules
Rupert Murdoch Asks Twitter To 'Ignore' Promise To Expose Google
Telstra sues NBN Co over CPI adjustments
Atlantic Broadband is First to Market with Game-Changing, Multi-Screen Digital Entertainment Service from TiVo
UNPLUGGED: Suburbs vanish from NBN maps

October 29

Doing Things Wrong The Right Way Sortius
Get Malcolm Turnbull to listen to Australia about the NBN final $59,460
FTTP NBN “wacko”, claims Mad Monk PM
Australia's most sought-after companies to work for
UK has 186,500 full-fibre broadband connections
Ban on Huawei tendering for NBN continues ABC
George Brandis Says The NBN Ban Against Huawei Is Not Going To Change
100Gbps plan takes South Africa a step closer to universal broadband yes that is 100Gbps in Africa - suck it up Australia!
Nationwide Broadband Safety Network Seeks Industry Input
Broadband Offers updated UK
Hey Presto: pay's defence ploy revealed pay-TV
Brandis reinforces NBN ban on Huawei
Huawei ban might deter investors
Regulator clears Alan Jones of NBN falsehoods
Ban on Huawei tendering for NBN continues ABC
Country folk stoked with NBN reception
No decision yet on NBN ban: Huawei
Trial Of Former Rupert Murdoch Newspaper Lieutenants Starts In London
Huawei still in NBN lock-out

October 28

iiNet boss Michael Malone calls for NBN usage fee to be cut
NBN Co’s head of network operations resigns
If Andrew Stoner was truly the Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services in NSW he would fight for the NBN
Broadband vectoring is real and it works: Alcatel chief
Can Abbott transcend the tribe mentality?
Hope for fibre optic cable funding to bolster federal funds push
ADM deal could open floodgates
NBN Co awash with review consultants
Why is broadband more expensive in the US?

October 27

NBN rolls out to 230 local residents, with more on the way
Thodey’s NBN plans
Number of public Wi-Fi broadband hotspots 'has doubled in the UK'

October 26

Labor's honesty epidemic is a crisis that's worth having
Business deal with Huawei could jeopardize Oz national security: Ex-attorney general
Huawei linked to China deal
What next, Malcolm
Broadband for SA discussed: 5Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps targets S Africa
Cheaper equipment to give fast copper broadband a boost
Ofcom reveals state of broadband and mobile in UK
The EU’s broadband challenge, part 6: New map shows EU is no broadband utopia

October 25

Strategic Review Process NBN Co
NBN Co picks 'turnaround experts' for company review
NBN builders implicated in scandal
Will Huawei be the NBN’s Saviour…or a Threat to National Security?
NBN Co appoints consulting firms to aid with review
Ziggy Switkowski assures Suncop shareholders he can juggle two jobs
BCG role in NBN review likely death knell for 'universal' FTTP
How long can the ministerial sound of silence last? ABC
NBN Co appoints consulting firms to aid with review
Thugs & Bullies Sortius
ABC's Barrie Cassidy quits Old Parliament advisory council amid pressure from Attorney-General George Brandis ABC
Climate change is crap! Tony Abbot said to the Pyrenees Advocate
Slow Internet 'not sustainable', tech chief at Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam says ABC
Malcolm Turnbull to join the Walk4Life
A few tips for Labor’s new Comms Ministers Renai LeMay
Suncorp boss says he can do NBN job too
Huawei a 'credible business': Malcolm Turnbull
Transformative Power for Broadband World Forum AMSTERDAM
Superfast broadband available in 73 per cent of UK homes, says Ofcom speeds above 25Mbps
Broadband prices in South Africa: 2003 vs 2013
NASA brings broadband to the moon
ADTRAN: Tom Stanton, Chairman & CEO speaks at Broadband World Forum 2013
Ofcom reveals state of UK broadband
Carriers, regulators tussle over next-gen broadband
ZTE powers Jazztel FTTH project in Spain
Orange sees strong TV and FTTH growth in France
ADTRAN offers Crossover Enclosure for FTTN to FTTH migration
Climate Change Affects Australia’s Epic Wildfires — No Matter What Prime Minister Says
Wikipedia's verdict on Greg Hunt: 'terrible at his job'
‘Malcolm, you’re not listening’: Pro-fibre NBN ad unveiled
Admission over the NBN OMG!
NBN campaign targets Turnbull's electorate
NBN Co picks consultants for review
Steve Wozniak's Home 'Can't Get Broadband,' Sounds Off On iPad Air
BBWF: Copper or FTTX? Europe remains divided
BCG role in NBN review likely death knell for 'universal' FTTP **

October 24

Get Malcolm Turnbull to listen to Australia about the NBN $59,164
NBN Co is one of our top 10 workplaces
Broadband World Forum 2013 Amsterdam
Telstra confident of NBN deal
Rousselot to head NBN review
Will Huawei be the NBN’s Saviour…or a Threat to National Security?
ADTRAN Launches Crossover Solution to Accelerate Gigabit FTTH
Jazztel’s FTTH network rollout ‘progressing satisfactorily’
BBWF 2013: Pictures From Amsterdam
Politicians And Banks Are Among Australia's Most Engaging Facebook Brands
CenITex turfs almost all contractors
Energy issues could knock the wind out of politicians

October 23

Conflict Of Interest & Substandard Deployments Sortius
Switkowski makes ex-Labor NBN exec redundant
NBN Co in conflict call Lucy Battersby
Landline complaints surge, NBN nearly fault-free: TIO
Google Fibre general manager Kevin Lo torpedoes broadband myth
NBN Co representatives seek answers on fast Internet at Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam ABC
NBN campaign targets Turnbull's electorate
Abbott is benefiting from selective amnesia
Team of Australians wanting FTTP Twitter
Let's save the National Broadband Network
Save the Fibre-To-The-Premises dream Pt 4 Whirlpool
NBN campaign targets Turnbull's electorate
NBN Co hires Rousselot for review
Turnbull pressured on NBN plan
Revealed: What Telstra wants added to NBN deal
Broadband Connectivity Arrives In Space
Carriers, regulators tussle over next-gen broadband
Call for all areas of Shropshire to get same broadband speed
Netflix On The Moon? Broadband Makes It To Deep Space
NBN Co makes Mike Kaiser redundant
The Ad Pro-NBN Supporters Will Plaster On Malcolm Turnbull's Local Paper

October 22

NBN Co to start fibre-to-the-basement field trials
NBN campaign targets Turnbull's electorate
The NBN ad to be in Malcolm's local paper tomorrow
Campaign for fibre NBN comes to Malcolm Turnbull's front door
NBN Co's Kaiser shafted for ex-Telstra exec Rousselot
NBN tests scaled-back network in apartments
Got Google Fiber envy? Here are three steps to pave the way Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam
TV/second screen apps: a US perspective
Apps: the future considered
Google grants $2M to researchers bringing broadband to rural California
Security concerns should keep Huawei out of NBN, says Michael Danby
Turnbull clams up on NBN ‘jobs for the boys’
Telstra hits the start-up road

October 21

Help Fairfax Media investigate politicians' expenses
Turnbull stacks NBN Review with Telstra cronies
Telecom New Zealand picks good time to sell AAPT
Coalition may relax Huawei NBN ban
NBN Co calls in Telstra’s Milne

October 20

It’s Not A Policy Problem
ALP's NBN? Computer says GNOP
OptiComm Granted Adequately Served Status
Broadband speed woes
Tony’s carbon price test AFR
Deploy faster, more reliable FTTH networks
Etisalat to showcase smart technology at Gitex
NBN review team looks like old Telstra board

October 19

NBN – First Impressions
Bill Shorten Has Named The Labor Party's Shadow Ministers: Here's The List
Labor taps Jason Clare to take on Turnbull
NBN builders ‘really struggling’
Labor swaps Defence and Communications in shadow ministry
Labor leader Bill Shorten to announce allocation of frontbench portfolio ABC
'Gigabit Fever' Infects Mississippi As Comcast's 'WiFi Tango' Takes Google Fiber Head On
Why Broadband Access Matters
Broadband Speed as Promised
Conroy bypassed for shadow Comms portfolio
Senator Stephen Conroy lands key post as defence spokesman
OptiComm Granted Adequately Served Status
Mobile roaming charges set to fall
iiNet's NBN customers chose higher speed plans
ViaSat Enters Contract with UGL to Complete Satellite Gateways for NBN
OptiComm Granted Adequately Served Status
How Jeff Bezos Makes Decisions

October 18

Labor taps Jason Clare to take on Turnbull
NBN Co calls in the experts
Labor taps Jason Clare to take on Turnbull
Free broadband via gaps in spectrum gets biggest trial white space frequencies
NBN rollout rolls on in regional SA
Digital divide: NBN roll-out under review
NBN not up to speed PUP
Forget The NBN, Stephen Conroy Gets Defence
Dodo launches NBN plans
Why is your satellite internet connection suddenly very slow?
Communications Minister's friend gets lead role at NBN Co
NBN Co seeks expert help for strategic review
Consultants called in to aid NBN Co stategic review
Australia, New Zealand still working to lower roaming costs
Labor leader Bill Shorten announces new shadow cabinet portfolios

October 17

NBN users uninterested in 12Mbps, PSTN voice: iiNet
Cabinet to be targeted with pro-FTTP ads $56,538
Fast broadband critical to future of education: teachers
The Liberal Party of Australia: Reconsider your plan for a 'FTTN' NBN in favour of a superior 'FTTH' NBN 267,301
Help needed: NBN Co calls consultants for strategic review
It’s no Silicon Valley but Australian lifestyle ‘best incentive’ to stay: Turnbull
Labor's latest NBN defender
Rowland tipped for shadow communications portfolio
Labor bloodletting has just begun as corruption shockwaves rock the party
Active Broadband Networks to Demonstrate Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
Hear our plea NEW federal Indi MP, Cathy McGowan
Why Australia can’t replicate Silicon Valley or Israel: Malcolm Turnbull MT "..running a global business out of Australia is tough" => FTTP might solve that!
Tech Talk 15/10- Alex Zaharov- Reutt
Sundance Resources 0.093
3 small miners with big potential
Sundance set for rebound
Dodo announces NBN pricing
Will new NBN hurt Telstra shareholders?
Strategic Review: NBN Co needs consultant help
'NBN' Articles BIT
Billions in negotiating play as game changes with government
Coalition NBN plans lack detail, says iiNet
Dodo launches $60 unlimited NBN plan
Majority of NBN customers still snubbing 12/1 speeds: iiNet
Expert consultants to assist with broadband review
European homes now have 100 percent broadband coverage
Strategic Review: NBN Co needs consultant help

October 16

Get Malcolm Turnbull to listen to Australia about the NBN $55,130
There Is No Debate Sortius
Majority of NBN customers still snubbing 12/1 speeds: iiNet
Dodo releases NBN plans including unlimited data plan
Slow NBN rollout contributing to digital literacy deficit
Huawei throws NBN a lifeline - 1gbps over HFC
Fast broadband critical to future of education: teachers
Telstra Fibre Experience Centre opens in Mandurah
Rowland tipped for shadow communications portfolio AFR
Telstra sees growth in Asia, e-Health, NAS and connectivity
NBN construction model failed, says Conroy
Dodo offers off-peak ‘unlimited’ 100Mbps NBN plans
Older people net savvy but web costs can leave them lonely
Fast broadband critical to future of education: teachers
Time to Invest in "Ultra-Broadband" Tek Stocks Just Like Google
Up to speed - ultra fast broadband progressing NZ
Cabinet to be targeted with pro-FTTP ads
Huawei moves onto coaxial network
Dodo launches low-cost NBN plans AFR

October 15

Crowdsourced campaign scoops $AUD40k for pro-FTTP NBN ads $43,755
Oops: Pro-NBN ad campaign raises $40k
NBN Co head Switkowski meets network critic Ergas AFR
Can Labor’s NBN shadow be more than a paper tiger? ZDnet
NBN Co. continues to miss broadband rollout targets
Turnbull recommits to NBN cost-benefit analysis ZDnet - Josh Taylor
Telstra soothes shareholders on NBN compensation ABC
Telstra must fix "dilapidated" copper for Libs' FttN NBN: iiNet ZDnet - David Braue
Where Is The Coalition Going With The NBN? gizmodo - Ed Husic
Comms on the backburner in Labor's shadow cabinet?
NBN's convoy of no consequence ZDnet - Josh Taylor
Fibre backers admit Labor NBN failures Rupert doesn't like FTTP
Internet may help prevent mental illn
Newcastle broadband speeds drop while federal government decides plan
Telkom broadband price breakdown – surprising stats Southern Hemisphere expensive bandwidth
Wired Broadband, Unlimited Future lightreading
DIRECTOR FOR NETWORK INVESTMENT, OPENREACH, UK -ECONOMICS OF FIBRE Australia to reconsider deployment options due to economics
UPC increases basic broadband speeds to 120Mb Ireland
BT reaches Sky Movies carriage agreement on-demand for those with BT Infinity fibre
UPC Ireland boosts internet speed
Powerpoints from CommsDay Melbourne Congress

October 14

What business needs from a national broadband network ABC
Broadband World Forum 2013: ARGUS Tester for VDSL2 Vectoring and FTTH
The Liberal Party of Australia: Reconsider your plan for a 'FTTN' NBN in favour of a superior 'FTTH' NBN 266,925 supporters
Telstra must fix "dilapidated" copper for Libs' FttN NBN: iiNet
Schools' ultrafast broadband rollout begins NZ
High speed broadband is one race we can't afford to lose
High-speed broadband plays part in beach safety NZ
Turnbull considers fresh appointments to NBN Co board ABC audio
Pressure builds as NBN rollout slows Motley Fool contributor Owen Raszkiewicz
What happens with the NBN now?
NBN money may talk for Telstra shareholders
NBN rollout stalls across the country
NBN rollout stalls across the country
Conroy now says NBN rollout ‘too ambitious’
Alcatel-Lucent sets the record straight on Huawei bid
1 day to go till the BIT Roadshow in Sydney!
Latest figures show terminally slow NBN rollout Renai LeMay
Turnbull recommits to NBN cost-benefit analysis Josh Taylor

Double Trouble looming.....time to register a Political party to Save the NBN and run in the senate....
Coalition stands firm on carbon tax double dissolution threat
Govt threatens double dissolution over carbon tax ABC audio
Clive Palmer, not Bill Shorten, is the key to carbon tax repeal Lenore Taylor
Business plea to politicians – no double dissolution
Tony Abbott warns Labor not to 'commit suicide twice' by blocking repeal of carbon tax ABC

October 13

Get Malcolm Turnbull to listen to Australia about the NBN $39,151
Government under renewed pressure to resolve NBN delays ABC
Building UK railways not broadband is a ‘strategic mistake’ Stephen McGibbon, chief technology officer (CTO) for Microsoft
‘Third world’ broadband service at Edinburgh’s heart
Delivering broadband to everyone CCTV
Federal government to investigate claims about defects on NBN
Suncorp Shareholders Want Ziggy Switkowski To Step Down As Chairman Because Of His New NBN Co Job
A new game in town - the Australian Federal election 2013: what now for the NBN?
Australians pick cheaper broadband, quality over fast speeds
Greens back public input in NBN review
Most businesses prefer reliable NBN over cheap connection costs: survey
Comment: A snapshot of the Internet in Australia
The NBN and the competition issues
Government under renewed pressure to resolve NBN delays ABC
The changing face of university education ABC Ockham's Razor audio
NBN rollout was too ambitious: Stephen Conroy SMH

Political hoohah.....
Labor leadership: Shorten wins
Clive Palmer's ultimatum over staffing PUP
Joe Hockey's L-plates are there for all to see

October 12

NBN directors face heat for lobbying
100Mbps FTTN viable for most, finds study Renai LeMay
Tasmanian NBN rollout faces more problems ABC audio
Tasmanian NBN rollout faces more problems ABC audio & transcript
Where Labor went wrong with the NBN

Government under renewed pressure to resolve NBN delays ABC
The political saga continues.....
Clive brings a new friend into the PUP’s kennel PUP
Tony Abbott and the expenses row: Hands out of the cookie jar
Tony Abbott rejects calls for reform of MP expenses
Expenses scandal spreads
Tony Abbott has history of claiming sporting events as travel entitlements
Tony Abbott and his extravagant expenses
Help Fairfax Media investigate politicians' expenses
Tony Abbott defends claiming travel expenses for Ironman event
MP expenses: Are the rules clear?
The election of Australia's new PM Tony Abbott is clear evidence that genuine conservative policies can win elections MELANIE PHILLIPS

October 11

Australia Has A Worse Deficit Sortius
Targeting Turnbull: $15k raised for pro-NBN ads
$26,000 raised for NBN campaign in Malcolm Turnbull's electorate
Get Malcolm Turnbull to listen to Australia about the NBN $32,153 and counting
NBN construction targets were too ambitious: Conroy
Ziggy Switkowski's NBN appointment sparks shareholder revolt
Labor’s NBN plans too ambitious: Conroy AFR
Telstra warns investors of new NBN risks
Painfully slow rollout of fast NBN
Why NBN Co should finish Tassie FTTP rollout
NBN Supporters To Take The Fight To Malcolm Turnbull gizmodo
ACCC Wouldn't Interfere With TPG's Fibre Broadband Network gizmodo
NBN rollout was too ambitious: Conroy
Ziggy Switkowski's NBN appointment sparks shareholder revolt
Clive Palmer And Malcolm Turnbull Had Lunch At Rockpool Yesterday PUP
Outdated telco regulations in the cross-hairs under Coalition
The NBN competition conundrum
PM has questions about Chorus' future NZ
A few feet from failure: why Verizon FiOS in New York is a sad joke
From billion-dollar market darling to corporate outcast Leighton Holdings
NTPV premieres TV-as-a-service Goodbye FoxTel
Popular isn’t best in broadband tech Technology agnostic??
Twin Cities CoCo gets a Gig Minnesota
Community Technology and Entrepreneurship Networking webinar Minnesota
100Mbps broadband and easier fibre rollouts: Norway's IT priorities
Schools' ultrafast broadband rollout begins NZ
Virgin Media to focus on its core DOCSIS cable network
Labor 'underestimated' NBN construction challenge
Household Value Index ranks consumer broadband value around the globe

The political saga.....
MP expenses: Are the rules clear? ABC - Fact Check
Abbott can't simply ride out the expenses furore ABC
Clive Palmer refuses to release details of agreement with Motoring Enthusiast Ricky Muir ABC - PUP

October 10

Contractor for Tasmanian NBN rejects rollout delay claims ABC
Coalition to review NBN work
Turnbull urged to end uncertainty over jobs, investment
Visionstream hits back at Turnbull's NBN stop-work claim
UK ranks 7th on affordability of broadband
Connected TV set to soarPay-TV operators strive to retain their subscribers
Bridging the broadband divide: Alliance for Affordable Internet
Lovefilm launches enhanced LG Smart TV app Amazon-backed
The State of Broadband 2013: Universalizing Broadband Broadband Commission for Digital Development

October 9

Greens back public input in NBN review
Back-to-the-future Coalition fails its own NBN tests: Husic
Push for action on network
NBN roll-out to regional businesses needs to be priority
Google Australia boss says NBN debate flawed
ACCC issues notice to NBN Co to vary SAU
ACCC issues final NBN Co requests
ACCC formally requests changes to the NBN Co's SAU
Lobby group renews push for local NBN
Shift thinking on NBN: Google boss
Most businesses prefer reliable NBN over cheap connection costs: survey
Turnbull Says NBN's Tasmania Roll-Out Won't Be Finished On Time gizmodo
Abbott's fitness shouldn't cost public:ALP
Australia’s NBN: New govt promises major changes NZ view
Australians pick cheaper broadband, quality over fast speeds
Netflix: Broadband Caps Not a 'Successful Business Model'
Australian Industry Group hungry for high fibre broadband diet from Turnbull AIG
Turnbull in NBN blame game
Push for action on network
Towns given new fast internet hope
Visionstream rejects Turnbull's Tasmanian NBN claims
Terror As Alcatel’s Stock Triples
Netflix: 4K Video Will Need At Least 15 Mbps
FTTH milestone for Jersey as it passes 5,000 subscriptions
Romanian ISP to introduce 1Gbps subscription for ~18USD reddit
The NBN and the competition issues
France's SFR and Free go head to head on 1Gbps fibre as VDSL2 goes national
TPG CEO warns of hidden NBN costs
Alcatel-Lucent will cut 15,000 jobs, create 5,000 others by 2015 under 'Shift' plan
Is TalkTalk right to say half million homes lose 4 Mbps?
North American FTTH connections pass 10 million
Norwegian government want 100 Mbps access to all homes
Google Fiber Puts the Kibosh on Startups in Kansas City
AT&T Study: We Should Kill Copper Since You're Not Using It
CenturyLink Is Bringing 1 Gbps to Parts of Las Vegas
World's First Mass Deployment of VDSL System Level Vectoring Germany
Telefonica to invest EUR 45 million in Basque Country Spain
Belgian FTTH market would need govt intervention

October 8

NBN Co put on notice to edit access undertaking
NBN plans could hurt Port Macquarie in the future ABC
NBN Co to review cost of project
Shift thinking on NBN: Google boss
Future of NBN rollout in Tasmania no clearer ABC
Unions want NBN pay rises: report
Turnbull talks on Tassie NBN
Tassie NBN rollout “dead in the water”: Turnbull
I Have A Cunning Plan Sortius
NBN stalled in Tasmania: Turnbull
Beware hidden NBN costs, warns TPG Telecom boss David Teoh
Answers sought on stalled roll-out
Minister claims Tasmanian NBN rollout stalls ABC
Unions signal NBN pay claims
Campaspe Shire residents fight for shire-wide NBN connection ABC
Happy ABS Internet Data Day Sortius
Australian PM Abbott in travel expenses furore Singapore
PM Abbott in running for Australian sexism awards Singapore
The NBN: Rebooted – a joint Communications Alliance & CommsDay workshop

October 7

LG's 4K TV's great: just wait for UHD content NBN Co multicasting UHD TV pre-election
Broadband subscribers forecast to exceed 900 million
Affordable internet alliance launched to drive down broadband prices
Want to increase your income? Switch to a faster broadband connection
Ziggy Switkowski appointed new NBN chairman ABC PM audio

October 6

Palmer United Party claims three Senate seats
Abbott fires warning shot at Palmer
Malcolm Turnbull joins Insiders
Broadband roll-out is ‘raw deal’ for rural communities
A Look At Broadband Penetration Around The World
Africa ramps up Fibre-To-The-Home

October 5

By Appointment To The Earl Sortius
Ziggy Switkowski is back: dumped Telstra boss appointed NBN chair
What Happened With The NBN This Week? gizmodo
NBN Under Review
A Global Online Network Lets Health Professionals Share Expertise
IPTV among FTTH services for 50,000 Lagos residents
Vodafone Announce New Zealand Broadband & TV Service
Superfast broadband plan for Berkshire UK FTTC
'Worrying signs' for NBN's Tasmanian rollout: Giddings ABC
Calls to get NBN moving
Ex-Telstra Head Appointed NBN Chairman
Sundance Resources Limited

October 4

SPECIAL REPORT: Upgrading the Coalition NBN
Sacked NBN director Brad Orgill hits out at Malcolm Turnbull and Labor
New NBN chair Dr Switkowski to 'restore NBN to health'
Quigley departs NBN Co, farewells staff
The Turnbulls and the shares in Leighton Holdings’ parent company, Hochtief AG…… Kate Doak
Ziggy Switkowski to chair smaller NBN Co board
Ziggy Switkowski confirmed as chairman of NBN Co by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull ABC
Sacked NBN director Brad Orgill lashes Turnbull, Conroy
Orgill slams Conroy, Turnbull
Malcolm Turnbull announces the appointment of Ziggy Switkowski as NBN Co chair video
Former NBN chief blames contractors
Labor slams Switkowski's NBN Co appointment ABC
Getting Ziggy With It: Groove With The New Man Running The NBN gizmodo
Post election changes to Blogs SteveJ
Reporting from the FTTH Conference in Tampa
Wait on broadband price ruling 'sign of progress' NZ
Connecting China’s broadband ambitions to development
Dotcom backs Orcon broadband bid NZ
Point Topic issues broadband competition map of Europe
Vodafone NZ launches FTTP retail plans

October 3

NBN director slams both Conroy and Turnbull
Australians pay off NBN FoI request
New NBN chair Dr Switkowski to 'restore NBN to health'
Tech website Delimiter uses Pozible to raise funds for FOI request on NBN
Website crowd-funds NBN FOI request
Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom now advertises internet without broadband caps
NBN still largely on budget: Mike Quigley
Can Switkowski save the NBN from a nuclear winter
Gallery: Building A National Network Has Always Been A Slow Process
VDSL Cabinet Consideration for FttN Roll Outs
NBN, internal home enclosures in Canberra?
Petition: Get Simon Hackett onto NBN Co’s board
NBN blackout leaves law firm struggling to connect
Three Tips For Overcoming Your Blind Spots

October 2

Journalist chasing Turnbull's little blue book
NBN classification cuts resident from internet access
Will the NBN be 'affordable' without Huawei?
Switkowski to chair NBN Co board: report
French ISP Free offers fiber customers 1Gbps upgrade for no cost
Broadband network minister admits: I’m useless
Digital divide: Public private broadband partnership aims at real cause
Telstra trials LTE-Broadcast Oct 2013
With the uptake of 4G we have seen traffic flatten on our 3G network, but we are seeing a massive 23 percent growth in traffic on our 4G network – EACH MONTH! This means that currently the amount of traffic on our 4G network is close to doubling every three months

October 1

Turnbull to leave NBN cuts to new board
The Coalition NBN: more fibre than nodes?
Turnbull to leave NBN cuts to new board
POLL: NBN Co online for some
AARNet CEO Chris Hancock tipped for NBN board
ACCC to press ahead with NBN access rules
Telstra, Foxtel in NBN talks
Techtalk - what are your experiences of the NBN? ABC
Ausgrid claims rollout poses threat to power supply
Broadband prices face uncertain future
Study equates faster broadband to higher incomes $120 a month
FTTH in Nigerian cities Super Scams Enabled
North American “Gimme Fiber Day” Award
Malcolm Turnbull recruits Sally Cray from ABC
Coalition anticipates only minor NBN rule adjustments
Copper network not up to speed letter +
AT&T to Roll Out Gigabit Internet in Austin, Texas
AT&T to Bring Faster Broadband to Austin as Google Threat Looms
National incompetence: UK broadband massively improves while Australia dithers

September 30

Kohler suggests NBN be given to a structurally separated Telstra SteveJ
ACCC to regulate NBN pricing despite policy change
Foxtel triple-play deal hits NBN snag
A tale of two NBNs login
TPG share prices jump on the back of their cheeky broadband plan
Rethinking the NBN: Hackett’s just getting started Renai LeMay
ACCC decides to proceed with NBN access undertaking
Tassie tech companies ask: where’s our NBN?
Coonan approached for NBN: report
Now for a strategic review of the fibres that bind
TPG share prices jump on the back of their cheeky broadband plan

September 29

Inside Business Sunday 29 September Alan Kohler
New copper network deal likely to be ‘complex and risky’: NBN Co
NBN thrusts language learners into Asian Century
Random reasons for my belief in the NBN Annie
Turnbull’s pre-election NBN rhetoric not just talk

September 28

New copper network deal likely to be ‘complex and risky’: NBN Co
Internet Service Providers in Australia Industry Market Research Report Now Updated by IBISWorld +
Internet Service Providers in Australia: Market Research Report
Switkowski called right man for NBN Co
Turn back the nodes - an NBN conundrum
Tassie IT firms fuming over NBN Co's refusal to connect their businesses
UPDATE: Melbourne Meeting The Pub
NBN fibre to street roll-out continues for now
RMIT senior lecturer predicts that Ziggy Switkowski may struggle in his role as new NBN CEO
Lack of telco competition stifles innovation: Hilmer

September 27

Armidale still gets the NBN but others are not so fortunate
The 11 most influential people in Australia’s tech sector Crikey
Moving beyond the NBN's need for speed
Online petition calls for change to NBN scheme
Leak shows Coalition’s NBN costings are wrong
Copper cheaper than Fibre? Only if you "cook the books" radically! : SteveJ
NBN rolling on
UK pay TV and telecom complaints see sharpest fall for a year
NBN Co director lashes Quigley
Legal Opinion: Is fibre to the node a done deal, or can we turn it around?
Telecom NZ embarks on nationwide wifi network build
Concern over BT broadband rural contracts Barnaby take note
High fibre: is rural broadband really a disaster? Barnaby take note
BT to raise broadband, phone bundles by 6.5 percent in 2014 Barnaby take note

September 26

ACCC approves Telstra's measures developed under the migration plan ACCC
300,000 more premises to get NBN fibre
Ziggy Switkowski to face challenges leading the NBN: academic
Why Simon Hackett should be on the NBN board
Labor politicised NBN: coalition
The Plan Tells All : Sortius
Local NBN provider worried about policy change
Rockhampton's NBN rollout future is still uncertain
Telstra to trim more as it eyes NBN deal
For the every-person: Why you want Fibre to _your_ Premises : SteveJ
Correcting wrong-headed Journalistic Myths & Memes : SteveJ
Labor politicised NBN: coalition
ACCC decision on NBN access terms delayed by new government
NBN asked to examine copper options while fibre deployment continues, for now
Telstra's NBN migration plan receives ACCC approval +
What next for NBN?
300,000 more premises to get NBN fibre
ACCC decision on NBN access terms delayed by new government
Turnbull's tone change and the demise of the big red NBN button

September 25

Turnbull announces “strategic review” of National Broadband Network
NBN Co’s 2013-16 corporate plan leaked; shows project on track
Leaked NBNco Corporate Plan 2013-16 AFR/NBNco ++
Will the NBN become Malcolm's Mess? ABC
EFA wants public input in NBN review Renai LeMay
NBN Co revises targets again Renai LeMay
No Confidence or No Clue : Sortius
How long will the next NBN Co board last?
FTTH Council Europe Digital Single Market proposal PDF
Policy reversal: Turnbull now ‘thoroughly’ open to FTTP Renai LeMay
NBN rollout to continue
New 45 Mbps U-Verse Tiers Reach Six More States
Sonic Launches 1 Gbps Fiber Business Lines for $40
Norway's Bayonette debuts 1Gbps FTTH and free fibre, promises network extension Norway
Homes are without broadband after collision UK
Verizon: No Plans for FiOS Expansion
NBN reboot waits for Turnbull review
Time to fix NBN's missed opportunity
NBN fibre installations continue, for now

September 24

Thirty Thousand Votes And Abbott's Gone
Press Conference: Interim NBN Co Statement of Expectations
Australia’s Broadband History
Firms beat NBN to fast internet
Turnbull’s NBN purge
We Forget Why DBCDE Chose FTTP : Sortius
NBN Co downgrades 2014 target as Turnbull commences revamp
Lightning speeds beat ... everything
Turnbull Pushed NBN Board For Resignations gizmodo
Abbott govt gives NBN Co new directions
North-south digital gap will widen with Coalition NBN plan
Govt to temporarily continue NBN rollout
Thin wire could strip Telstra of high speeds AFR
American wire gauge Wiki
Turnbull revises down NBN Co rollout targets
Conditions Contributing to Underground Copper Corrosion
AT&T Vaguely Hints at More 1 Gbps U-Verse Markets
C Spire to Deploy 1 Gbps Residential Fiber
Interim Statement of Expectations to NBN Co
Interim Statement of Expectations on the NBN 24 mins
Copper plated NBN may be trickier than status quo ABC PM audio

September 23

The death of NBN Co: OZ Telecoms permanently screwed : SteveJ
Photos of how bad Telstra copper network is... Whirlpool - Firesale
warehouses of cable ready to install FTTP... Whirlpool - Firesale
Telstra targets billion-dollar NBN construction deal AFR
NBN board clean-out could jeopardise project says analyst
Can The Australian Copper Network Really Deliver The NBN?
Abbott starts 'trashing' NBN: Labor
NBN co may split
Telstra targets billion-dollar NBN construction deal
Most of NBN board offer resignations

September 21

Optus, AAPT take aim at Telstra NBN bid

September 20

Coalition mulls NBN Co split to speed construction
One community wants BDUK to overbuild a previous project UK
Eircom to deploy vectoring on fibre network– speeds to be boosted to 100Mbps
Open access networks and the NBN – the winners and losers
Coalition mulls NBN Co split
Why technology needs to be on the political SMB agenda
Telehealth: The healthcare and aged care revolution that can pay for the whole NBN ABC - Nick Ross

September 19

NBN alternative: Is Australia's copper network fit for purpose? ABC - Nick Ross
A large collection of experiences with Telstra's copper network ABC - Nick Ross
Is 1-Gbps FTTH the gold standard or just gold-plated?
Optical fibres to replace BSNL cables India
Memo to Minister Turnbull: NBN dissent is “democracy”
TPG fibre plan challenges NBN
NBN rollout in limbo as company waits for advice

September 18

TPG fibre plan challenges NBN

September 17

TPG fibre plan challenges NBN
Chattanooga's EPB reduces 1 Gbps service to $70 a month USA
Broadband access can boost a household’s income by US$120 a month US
The ALP "arms-length" direction of NBN Co. and the NBN tender : SteveJ
The Bandwidth of Democracy James Archer
Comcast Bumps $300, 305 Mbps Tier to 500 Mbps
TPG's fibre plans are Turnbull's first NBN test ZDnet
TPG plans fibre to the building NBN alternative ZDnet

September 16

Experts tackle NBN at national workshop
Turnbull rejects NBN petition
Turnbull still doing "rant-o-matic" : SteveJ

September 15

Turnbull rejects NBN petition
NBN needs boardroom blitz
What happened to NBN this week gizmodo
Turnbull's Fantasy: The Copper Fairy will come in the night and fix everything : SteveJ

September 14

The legitimacy of 'mandate'
NBN Q&A With Sortius reddit
Comment: The Coalition must think twice on the NBN SBS
The Liberal Party of Australia: Reconsider your plan for a 'fibre to the node' broadband network in favour of a superior 'fibre to the home' network Petition 236732 - slowing
The Real Deal on the Coalition NBN: same price, worse outcomes : SteveJ
Australian FTTP Action Group Google Group
Libs back Tassie's NBN
NBN Co facing budget gap: report
What Happened With The NBN This Week? gizmodo
Gasp: The winners of our discontent
Comms Alliance seeks regulatory change under Coalition

September 13

Our NBN Policy Malcolm Turnbull
Malcolm Turnbull rejects online petition to keep Labor's NBN plan, saying democracy has spoken
Sophie Mirabella quits her frontbench role as she continues to trail Cathy McGowan in the seat of Indi
A Snapshot of Australia’s Digital Future to 2050
Back off, Turnbull tells FTTP petitioners: You’ve had your “democracy”
Turnbull vs Conroy – The rematch?
The First Friday Raffles under our Coalition Masters
Swisscom planning 1Gbps fibre rollout this year
People power: NBN dissent raises its head Renai LeMay

September 12

Letters: Voter seeks NBN answers
NBN Co Website Taken Offline gizmodo
Voter backlash over "NBN Lite" as they realise they've been 'had'? SteveJ
Nick Paine e-petition in favour of NBN/FTTH 200,000 supporters at 4:15 today!!
So, I charted the growth in the NBN petition using the quoted numbers from Twitter updates.
No amount of signatures will change the NBN
An NBN rematch for Conroy?
Conroy seeks position on Labor frontbench
Turnbull may tap Switkowski for NBN
savethenbn reddit
Broadband's Broad Impact on LGBT Communities
Stephen Conroy Wants Back In As Communications Minister gizmodo
Conroy wants spot on Labor frontbench
Conroy seeks position on Labor frontbench
Petition to continue NBN development now has nearly 160,000 signatures
Coalition to take axe to NBN Co
Heavy-hitters rejoin Telstra's team to tackle new NBN deal paywall
Calls for rethink over Coalitions NBN policy
NBN should be top Abbott priority: Poll
68% DIDN'T vote Liberal, and 54.5% DIDN'T vote Coalition. So @TurnbullMalcolm, how is that majority support to trash fibre #NBN? Twitter
@TurnbullMalcolm Who's going to #savethenbn? Labor in 2016 or the Liberals now? Twitter - Arthur Rytus ‏@jwfnqi
Fairfax AEC - Clive Palmer?
Mirabella waits in the wings as Indi cliffhanger plays out
Indi Tally Room
Indi AEC

September 11

What went wrong for Labor's NBN Paul Wallbank
One name every 3.5 sec on NBN petition
The Liberal Party of Australia: Reconsider your plan for a 'FTTN' NBN in favour of a superior 'FTTH' NBN 165320 supporters - it"s viral!
OneTermTony – back to basics
Your Say: Tony Abbott's priorities ABC
University student gets 110,000 signatures in petition to scrap Coalition's National Broadband Network plan ABC
Bringing a barnyard of crossbenchers to heel
David Pope Senate cartoon
Ron Tandberg Trust
#OneTermTony – back to basics with comments
Conscience vote: Lib victory all in the mind
Postal ballots to decide Indi in a knife-edge result horrible feeling this horrible person will become a horrible minister in a horrible Cabinet
Bob Hawke says Tanya Plibersek shouldn't lead Labor 'as she has a three-year-old'
Stark truth of Abbott enthroned
Four reasons Labor will block repeal
NBN Co strangles myNBN No surprise
Pro-NBN petition 'most popular' but likely ineffective
Ex-Telstra chief tipped for NBN
Former Telstra chief executive Ziggy Switkowski tipped to become new head of NBN Co
One name every 3.5 sec on NBN petition News Ltd
One name every 3.5 sec on NBN petition SBS
Goodbye Labor, Hello NBN...
Let's ditch the paper ballots and go electric: Malcolm Turnbull
Switkowski set to lead NBN Company ABC
Switkowski eyed for NBN: report
Reconsider your plan for a 'FTTN' NBN in favour of a superior 'FTTH' NBN
National Broadband Network (NBN) 2007 - 2013 Whirlpool Wiki ++
Thousands sign petition for Coalition to back NBN

September 10

University student gets 95,000 signatures in petition to scrap Coalition's National Broadband Network plan ABC
The Liberal Party of Australia: Reconsider your plan for a 'FTTN' NBN in favour of a superior 'FTTH' NBN 107853 supporters in 3 days - clock still ticking over!!
Google's Schmidt: Technology can drive job growth
Malcolm Turnbull suggests electronic voting to reduce number of informal ballots Senate Ballot Shamozzle
Waislitz backs shake-up of NBN paywall
What will the new NBN look like?
THE AWARD GOES TO... ABC - Bucket of Cold Water prize
The shape of things to come: FTTN criticism will not die
From little margins, big margins grow defeating the LNP in Indi
Turnbull won't put target on NBN ABC audio

September 9

Maximising the NBN outcome during the 100 day review
Telstra wants “quick” NBN negotiations
The Liberal Party of Australia: Reconsider your plan for a 'FTTN' NBN in favour of a superior 'FTTH' NBN 18168 supporters
The Australian Liberal party: Commit to building the NBN as a majority FTTH network 1282 supporters
Australians for the Fibre to the Premises NBN 353 supporters
Conroy staffer + Telstra PR enters Parliament
FTTP NBN no big loss, claims Gizmodo
Meeting carbon pricing's oddball jury likely makeup of senate
FTTP NBN no big loss, claims Gizmodo
Turnbull must now prove himself on the NBN
NBN Co appoints new SA construction contractor amid construction halts
Industries that would benefit from the NBN Reddit
The Next 60 Days Sortius on Reddit
Reddit savetheNBN
Should we mourn the loss of the NBN?
Turnbull is your new Communications and Broadband Minister
Verizon makes the perfect FTTP videos
NBN role for Telstra, but deal in doubt paywall
NBN review: It's time to be independent
Telecommunications carriers worried change of government may slow down NBN rollout

Size matters: voters grapple with mammoth ballot papers Senate Ballot Shamozzle
Nomination costs rise in bid to end 'tablecloth' ballot paper Senate Ballot Shamozzle
Senators look to curb ballooning ballot papers Senate Ballot Shamozzle

September 8

Australia Voted: Don't Mourn For The National Broadband Network gizmodo
The Australian Liberal party: Commit to building the NBN as a majority FTTH network 647 supporters
Australians for the Fibre to the Premises NBN 249 supporters
Goodbye, FTTP :(
The FTTP dream is over: Coalition victory kills Labor’s NBN
Turnbull doesn't need to pass legislation to change the NBN : goodbye FTTP:(
Post Mortem : The Pub -
Has the NSA broken SSL? TLS? AES?
Microsoft, Google v. NSA lawsuit to proceed
Turnbull caught by surprise on internet filtering policy
The post-election NBN review
software was developed to lower the transaction costs of contacting a sitting politician Whirlpool:nbnyo

September 7

Here We Go

September 6

Last Minute Filter Of Facts : Sortius
Liberals: Liars, Fools or both? : SteveJ
NBN's glimmer of hope
Coalition implodes in Internet filter fail
Liberal back flip on net filter ABC
The Coalition's Internet Filter Plan Debacle (UPDATED)
Coalition filtering swindle? Abbott and Turnbull play us for fools
Election broadband policies compared ABC audio
Abbott’s claim of 20 years is unsupported
Coalition NBN policy “bulletproof”, says Abbott
Coalition's U-turn on internet filter “Stephen Conroy will be laughing his block off"
New Zealand's Chorus introduces 1 Gbps FTTH community competition
Broadband: New App enables Simulation-as-a-Service
Turnbull’s broadband vow remember this!
What do new computer owners do?
Malcolm Turnbull and Anthony Albanese argue on Triple J
Why Turnbull knows better than Abbott: Part II
Why Turnbull knows better than Abbott: Part I
Labor on attack over 'Tories in hiding'
The Liberal Party's Latham Moment: letting the Real Team Abbott out : SteveJ
Postcards from Kansas: Google Fiber lessons for our NBN
Coalition dumps Lundy’s $42m NICTA boost

September 5

Australian opposition vows to implement internet filter by default
NBN to provide economic benefits to Australians: broadband report
Australian Tech Media: Second to ALL : SteveJ
Australian Media: Worst. Reporters. EVER. Example - the NBN election coverage
A Sweary Angry yet Accurate Comparison of Policy
Rudd slams Abbott's broadband
Australia votes and Vulture South picks the flesh off tech policy
How broadband can help improve our lives
Sony opens 4K Ultra HD video store
NBN to give economy $16 billion boost : Deloitte Access Economics
Turnbull doesn't need to pass legislation to change the NBN
Turnbull agrees with Deloitte NBN report
Faster broadband speeds could be coming on copper networks, says Netgear CEO Patrick Lo
Warning on Tasmanian NBN rollout under Coalition government
NBN's glimmer of hope
Why Deloitte figures the average household will be $3800 a year better off with the NBN
Australia, what do you think of the NBN? original article
Australians still overwhelmingly support the NBN comments

September 4

Last Drinks : Sortius
Broadband study backs benefits of Labor's network
Deloitte says NBN brings $3800 benefits
NBN Video Series: The National Rollout iinet
NBN to deliver $3800 windfall by 2020
NBN: the next 1000x and why it matters
Politics trashing the NBN
I’d be voting for the Libs were it not for [their] policies
Banned anti-Murdoch ad finds new voice on web
Guideline: Reporting Elections (March 2009)
What Do Australians Actually Think Of The NBN?
Households will be $3,800 richer by 2020 thanks to speedy broadband like NBN: report ABC
Australia, what do you think of the NBN?
Australians still prefer public NBN: study
No NBN for you - yet
No NBN for you under Coalition - yet
Businesses plead for NBN rollout
20 issues 20 days: NBN - fast broadband ABC - New England
Retirees will pay for the Paid Parental Leave scheme
NBN In-Depth: The Coalition’s NBN Plan
Albanese sells higher value, lower cost NBN
Speed, copper and Telstra: NBN policy differences explained
Broadband must change how we live South Africa
Broadband: Labor, Coalition & Greens
Broadband study backs benefits of Labor's network
Broadband rollout requires differentiated, demand-driven approach
Sky captures first Ultra HD event Coming soon...if you have NBN/FTTH
Techtalk - George Fong talks real estate and the NBN ABC
Turnbull's fragmented NBN dooms Australia to repeat the mistakes of the past ++

September 3

NBN: Cost Benefit Analyses and NBN 'Reviews' : SteveJ
Albanese sells higher value, lower cost NBN
Don't chuck NBN fibre out with Labor
Turnbull in NBN apartment 'victory' - who's laughing now? see comments
NBN ISP warns of $4000 connection fee after election
City apartments bypass NBN
Lundy slams Coalition’s digital economy policy
Turnbull shows off Sydney VDSL2 as NBN example
Turnbull rejects NBN house price 'scare'
No NBN effect on house prices – yet
Hybrid NBN test vindicates Turnbull's MDU plans
The post-election NBN review
Ericsson outsourcing NBN work: report
NBN? No big deal, says Armidale??? as with most 'Written by Renai LeMay' articles read comments
The technology do or die for CEOs Good luck using cloud service without NBN/FTTP
Turnbull and Telstra's free copper Supratim Adhikari - see Kevin Cobley's comments

September 2

NBN: Fibre-on-Demand, at best $7,500/premises, more like $45,000/premises : SteveJ
'Comeback kid' Australian PM vows fight to the last Amy Coopes (AFP)
Syria conflict 'baddies vs baddies': Abbott Jakarta (News Ltd has a different slant on this)
NBN in August: Fear and loathing as election looms DAVID BRAUE / ABC TECHNOLOGY AND GAMES
Internet Industry Association calls for low NBN access costs
The Complete NBN Guide NBN User: Now I am using remote login to work from home
Parkes candidates at odds over NBN
Turnbull pushes government cloud, to de-emphasis NBN focus
The Telegraph’s verdict on Tony Abbott’s performance on #QandA tonight
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd live on QandA video (soon)
Rudd launches passionate gay marriage defence
Getting beyond the cloud hype: A great interview with DFAT’s CIO

September 1

25 Mbps broadband speeds by 2019: The stupidest policy ever?
Barry Jones: the 2013 election and the death of rationality
Can social media swing votes in this election campaign? Rudd is up against a very clever opponent – and I am not talking about Tony Abbott
In Conversation with Tom Watson MP
Better public Wi-Fi in Australia? Let’s send a signal
Coaltion NBN Policy – Post Election : Sortius
"NBN Lite" won't happen, but has served its purpose: took the NBN off the Election agenda : SteveJ
An Open Letter to Journalists at News Ltd : The Pub / Victoria Rollison
Couple connecting at twice the speed
Google Fiber spawns startup renaissance in Kansas City
NBN: What can you use it for?
VoIP and the NBN
Businesses plead for NBN rollout
CommsDay’s great debate: Turnbull vs Husic
Five common FTTH myths debunked FTTH Council Europe *** <> ***

August 31

What Happened With The NBN This Week? gizmodo
1975 – My Third Election (Friday Evening Nostalgia and Raffle) The Pub
NBN: Turnbull, it's time to "put up or shut up" with your numbers : SteveJ
NBN: Real Cost Benefit Analysis : SteveJ
The Coalition’s NBN plan may constrain Australia’s growth
$174 million to teach digital, broadband literacy an 'effective' investment
NBN Fibre To The Home (#FTTH) DocLach
What the Americans do with fibre-based broadband
UK FTTP on Demand Distance Based Charges
Tony Abbott's bizzarre 28 second silence following "Shit Happens" a reminder
The top 10 NBN myths debunked revisit
Broadband Blueprint Could Give China an Edge
Panchayats to get 100mbps broadband speed: Sibal
Launch success for Eutelsat 25B/Es’hail 1
[Singapore] Broadband Provider MyRepublic Expands Into Enterprise Space ... the company’s IT department numbers only 2 people
Is Ireland living with a great broadband myth if LNP/Abbott win next week, replace Ireland with Australia in this story
Clive Palmer says tide of support is growing for Palmer United Party
Coalition broadband Paleolithic says PM
Space Laser To Prove Increased Broadband Possible

August 30

NBN: Despite News Ltd, Turnbull WILL kill NBN, if he wants : SteveJ
How Fact Check Websites Got It Wrong On NBN Connection Fees : Sortius
A guide to Australian politics
It ain't over till it's over: Pilbrow
FTTB lol
Coalition is a threat to faster broadband
Google, Telstra, Microsoft rail against cloud regulation ...potential to unlock over AU$109 billion in value
“Stopping surveillance overreach”: Greens unveil digital privacy policy
NBN Co reins in rollout transparency blame Joel Dickins?
The Bandwidth Effect explores new technologies that fiber optics is making possible Verizon
The Bandwidth Effect, Episode 1: "The Last Mile" youtube
The Bandwidth Effect, Episode 2: The Connected Future youtube
The Bandwidth Effect, Episode 3: "RoboDoc" youtube
i want my nbn Labor
Our NBN: The Schultz Family Labor - telecommute story
Fibre to the Home Australia
Apparently the NBN is no longer a Liberal election priority
Armidale And NBN 2 gizmodo
Armidale And NBN 1
Malcolm Turnbull Launches New Logo For Coalition’s Broadband Policy
Victoria wants a tech-led future

August 29

Councils want NBN progress sooner Centroc group of councils **
Abbott's NBN and Ruddy-made: political ads break the boring old mould
Australia's NBN: Will Fiber Get Voted Out?
SHARON BIRD Media releases
Is Labor’s NBN tag-team helping or hurting its election message?
2013 Federal Election Day Sausage Sizzle and Cake Stall Map
Letterbox flyer
Broadband speeds under the ACCC's microscope
Election 2013: Deciding our Broadband future iinet

Save the NBN facebook - 170 likes
Australia wants a Fibre NBN facebook - 1903 likes
National Broadband Network (NBN) News and Information facebook - 55 likes
Build the National Broadband Network facebook - 429 likes
Support the NBN facebook - 693 likes
Digital Labor facebook - 25 likes
Armidale NBN Users Group facebook closed group 53 members
NBN for the Blue Mountains facebook - 130 likes
Save the NBN Toowoomba facebook - 15 likes

August 28

What the Americans do with fibre-based broadband Neil Ross
Most candidates in NBN-connected Wills reckon Labor got it right: @takvera interviews
Turnbull's NBN claim over Telstra copper is not supported by logic
“No additional payment”: Turnbull believes Telstra will give Govt copper see Field Supervisor comments
Can Australia afford the Coalition’s NBN? ++
Can Australia afford the Coalition’s NBN? ditto above but see comments
Tim Ashford at ACMA public meeting on Telstra broadband high open fault
Schools to receive NBN technology cash
Demand forces iiNet to axe NBN satellite plan
NBN Video Series: Introduction to the NBN iiNet
How Much Of Your Broadband Allowance Does Internet Radio Consume? I listen to DAB daily
Scotland: Broadband project to create 150 new engineering jobs
Gilmore, we have a problem
Windsor: Abbott not good enough
Telstra beefs health division with DCA Health buyout
Businesses prefer Labor's National Broadband Network paywall
Tony Windsor would have backed Turnbull for PM
Telstra won't get one cent extra from Coalition's NBN: Turnbull
Kevin Rudd seizes on Coalition 'split' on baby leave payments
The lunacy of trying to avoid NSA spying by moving e-mail and cloud out of the US
Shocked young voters could save Rudd

August 27

Anti-Coalition Broadband Ads Go International gizmodo
Abbott's Internet
The world laughs at 'Abbott's Internet'
NBN: A Need for Speed 3 : SteveJ
NBN: Turnbull spin "on-demand fibre" : SteveJ
Whyerless Is The Future : Sortius
Stump questions by voters for Turnbull : SteveJ
NBN: Debunking Turnbull with Alan Jones - VI : SteveJ ER_edition
NBN: Debunking Turnbull with Alan Jones - V : SteveJ ER_edition
NBN: Debunking Turnbull with Alan Jones - IV : SteveJ ER_edition
NBN: Debunking Turnbull with Alan Jones - III : SteveJ ER_edition
NBN: Debunking Turnbull with Alan Jones - II : SteveJ ER_edition
NBN: Debunking Turnbull with Alan Jones. - I : SteveJ ER_edition
NBN: Debunking Turnbull interview with Alan Jones : SteveJ ER_edition
NBN: How Alan Jones was "played" by Turnbull : SteveJ
Would you … The Pub
Chris Bowen correct on investor impact of parental leave scheme ABC Fact Check
Tony Abbotts Lies and other Liberal Promises
Coalition's NBN on-demand offer could see users hit for $4000 paywall
Rudd takes global approach with 'Abbott's internet' campaign
Rudd's team resorts to spoof to cast a wider net
Conflicting Reports on Explosives Near NBN Headquarters
Labor promises to "unleash" potential of NBN
The nation can’t afford half-hearted broadband
TJA on the competing NBN policies in the 2013 Australian federal election First published online June 2013
Labor’s pitch: High Speed Rail or rich ladies’ babies!
India's broadband reckoning
Telstra won't get one cent extra from Coalition's NBN: Turnbull Josh Taylor

August 26

NBN: How Alan Jones was "played" by Turnbull : SteveJ
Stump questions by voters for Turnbull : SteveJ
The Hamster Decides - Labor v Coalition NBN video
Cracking the Coalition’s budget code Robert Gottliebsen
Labor promises free NBN training for small businesses
AFL looks to offer NBN services at football matches
M2 expands NBN reach
NBN roll-out is underway
Labor invests $542,900 in free NBN training for Melbourne SMBs
NBN politics stems from missed targets
Broadband network
LTE not a fixed broadband replacement: analyst
Turnbull investment raises concerns
Companies need to begin planning for copper switch-off

August 25

Sneaking through a $1 billion tax hike
Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m sixtyeighty-four?
NBN: What an Abbott government will cost you : SteveJ

August 24

NBN: Numbers from the Turnbull Copper/Node Plan : SteveJ RE_edition
Mythconceptional Mal : Sortius
How did Rudd miss Abbott's giant tax grab? Rob Burgess
Women in Tony Abbott's seat benefit most from the Coalition's $75000 paid parental leave
What Happened With The NBN This Week? gizmodo
Fast Facts: The Difference Between The Labor and Coalition NBN Plans gizmodo
The Chaser Takes On The NBN Debate Jump ahead to the 14-minute mark to see the NBN segment - gizmodo
High five on wi-fi at Etihad

August 23

Rudd's botched debate is another blow to retirees Robert Gottliebsen
Broadband ranks as top issue in Eden-Monaro
The Confabulous Mr Turnbull: 1925 airships, not Big Jets, are "leading edge" technology : SteveJ
NBN: Fibre v Copper and how the Liberals deliberately killed broadband in Aus : SteveJ
NBN: The slam-dunk economic reasons for Fibre : SteveJ
Direct Correlation between Broadband & Economic Increase in Rural Areas
NBN-enabled Telehealth
In-flight broadband speeds set to soar
NZ Helping small business take advantage of faster broadband
Pay-TV, Broadband Subs Moving in Opposite Directions Why Rupert is worried about his FoxTel monopoly
RTL Group continues to grow digital
Why Albo won’t win the NBN election debate See Ramrunner-5dd3e comment
Week in research: VDSL in Europe
NBN laid bare ABC / Nick Ross

August 22

Comment: The nation can’t afford half-hearted broadband
Broadband ranks as top issue in Eden-Monaro
Tech startups: Now is your chance to shape policy Senator Kate Lundy
NBN: we would have been better off without privatisation
The Hamster Decides video
Proof Of The Pudding Is In The Eating : Sortius
Get smart or come last: lobby group wants Australia to get behind the NBN
NBN: Numbers from the Turnbull Copper/Node Plan : SteveJ
Women in Tony Abbott's seat of Mosman just love the Coalition's paid parental leave scheme
Hangout On Air with Malcolm Turnbull
Broadband's Economic Impact
Hundreds of households in NZ waiting for broadband
Racy app highlights broadband issue OMG!
China draws up 2013-2020 broadband development plans
High Speed Broadband Goes Live in Tonga
US broadband homes with streaming video device (Roku, Apple TV) doubles since 2011
Fast broadband planned for flights
Dutch digital TV penetration reaches 85% Why Rupert worries about FTTH
Google Fiber, the 1 Gbps game
FactCheck: will regional internet users pay more under the Coalition’s NBN plan?

August 21

NBN: The Need for Speed I - the path to 1 gigabit services : SteveJ
NBN: Need for speed II - nobody 'needs more than 1Mpbs' : SteveJ
NBN on voters' list in western Sydney
Albanese ups ante on NBN rollout in Tas
iPrimus NBN experience LIVE on Facebook and Twitter on Friday, 23 August 2013 from 12 to 1pm AEST!
Turnbull finally admits his NBN upload speed will be 4-6Mbps
NBN could not be privitised: Clive Palmer
Get smart or come last: lobby group wants Australia to get behind the NBN
iiNet pulls in 12,000 NBN fibre customers
NBN: we would have been better off without privatisation
Below the line ballot paper tool for your Australian senate vote
Below The Line Ballots for House of Representatives

August 20

Labor's National Broadband Network ad : ABC FactCheck
NBN improving indigenous lives (paywall)
New entrant to open door to unlimited NBN data plans
Fast Facts: The Difference Between The Labor and Coalition NBN Plans gizmodo
Turnbull avoids Treasury costing question
Techtalk - Fax machines, EFTPOS and the NBN audio
Fibre island open for business paywall

August 19

Retirees will pay for the Paid Parental Leave scheme Robert Gottliebsen
You Spin Me Right ‘Round Baby : Sortius
NBN: disputing the four Turnbull "Stress Tests". Pure fantasy : SteveJ
NBN will shorten weekly Sydney commute
New NBN Training Kit for Professional Service Providers
A community divided between broadband haves and have nots

August 18

Quigley openly slams Coalition's broadband policy
NBN: Understanding the NBN: it's simple business : SteveJ
Why Turnbull is so incensed over "Free NBN Connections" - Anathema to his industry mates : SteveJ
NBN: Full Disclosure of the Turnbull Copper/Node Plan legally necessary? : SteveJ
Abbott’s PPL : The Pub
Turnbull’s Mendacious attacks on the NBN : rerun from 29/03/2013
More Abbott gaffes

August 17

NBN: Turnbull Communicates or Obfuscates? : SteveJ
Questions over NBN training in Tas audio
Quigley commits to cost savings
I’ve got the NBN, but I’m still voting Labor
Broadband Speeds Coming for International Air Travel
Turnbull fails to clarifies Coalition's NBN plan in Tasmania
China broadband speed of one gigabits per second in 2020

August 16

Turnbull lying: Has had his Plan challenged many times since April : SteveJ
NBN: Unanswered business questions of the Turnbull Node Plan : SteveJ ER_edition
Coalition's NBN policy won't be costed
Turnbull's NBN policy 'detailed enough' to escape costing
NBN Co refutes $5 billion blowout claims
What Happened With The NBN This Week? gizmodo
Coming soon: onboard broadband
NBN switched on in Western Sydney suburbs
NBN Co kills tracking of unserviceable premises
Liberal 'tweak' to stop Tassie's NBN
Mr Turnbull's figure had no basis in fact
Treasury should cost Coalition NBN policy: Labor

August 15

When We Finally Come… Face To Face : Sortius
A Letter From The Big Mal : Sortius
NBN: More Turnbull double-speak. A world of difference between Fibre and Copper : SteveJ
Business Economics of Fibre vs Copper: a slam-dunk win for Fibre : SteveJ
Turnbull fabricated $20,000 a month
Albanese calls for NBN infrastructure debate with Coalition's Truss
NBN: The difference between the two plans
Coalition NBN won't be costed
NBN rollout rethink needed: Tyrwhitt : see Abel Adamski comments
The need for speed
Dutch to get Netflix
NBN Co switches on network in Mackay
NBN rollout area in regional Queensland
Coalition NBN policy goes uncosted see comments
NBN Co leaks 14 fibre locations ...extracted and cleaned by Joel Dickins, who blogs under the pseudonym Monsta

August 14

NBN: Answers to Emma Alberici : SteveJ
NBN: Turnbull claim "$20,000" for guaranteed 1Gbps. rating: 1/30 : SteveJ
$20,000 for 1Gbps: Turnbull’s Lateline lie as with any Delimiter article see comments
Regulator to recruit consumers to test broadband speeds
Broadband performance monitoring and reporting program submissions nlt 5.00pm on 13 Sep 2013
NBN Co launches new speeds for fixed wireless network
More experts say: "Do it to the home, do it once, and do it right."
A fibre suprise for the Coalition's NBN

August 13

Dedicated Bandwidth Has A Story To Tell : Sortius
NBN: Turnbull needs to get facts straight. At least one ISP has zero NBN setup fee for standard installs : SteveJ
NBN: Lateline questions asked : SteveJ ER_edition
Cairns goes live with NBN
Heavy demand causing delay for hook-up to NBN
NBN makes life easier for Goodna family
NBN Co funds enterprise test lab
Greens back independent MP to chair NBN committee
Labor hiding NBN report: Turnbull
PC & Tech Authority Issue 190 excerpt - NBN: The Complete Guide
NBN + Wifi – Smart Homes For The Future
hashtag #suppository was trending on Twitter
The NBN debate isn't just about costs: it's also about benefits
Alarms may not work with NBN
NBN officially switched on for connection in Cairns
You Need To Watch This NBN Debate Between Turnbull And Albanese gizmodo
NBN coming to your block
Fiddling with 1GB while the NBN burns?

August 12

News Corp’s strategy to protect Foxtel from the NBN? Chockful of Sneak
So how hard would News Corp Australia really fight to stop the Labor Government’s National Broadband Network threatening Foxtel (the pay-tv operation they own together with Foxtel)?
NBN: What can Fibre do that Copper can't? Make a profit and pay off the investment : SteveJ
More Than 3m Premises Miss Out On FTTN : Sortius
NBN business plan may have to wait
NBN Co to increase options for battery backup
With hindsight, broadband vision will become clear
NBN interim satellite victim of own success
NBN’s tower hits backlash from Burringbar community
LETTER: NBN cancellation will be a disaster
Big boys invited to NBN debate
Forum: Businesses want answers on upgrades needed for NBN uptake
Corporate clout should not win Oz elections
Rupert Murdoch portrays Kevin Rudd as Nazi
Lateline NBN debate: Reporter: Emma Alberici
NBN Co to increase options for battery backup
Value and prospect of the NBN Dr Kai Riemer's on enabling infrastructure
The NBN as enabling infrastructure
FTTN or FTTH? We’re “agnostic”, says Telstra

August 11

NBN: Cooma Express reporting shows how its done : SteveJ
NBN: Exposing Turnbull's sleight of hand to Cooma voters (Eden-Monaro) : SteveJ
NBN: Turnbull and lawyer jokes : SteveJ
Tech-heads, pollies and national broadband
NBN: "Need Broadband Now" in Coffs : SteveJ
NBN Enables Market for Cloud Computing
Kevin Rudd hits replay on NBN conspiracy theory - NBN threat to Foxtel SID MAHER
Dubbo economy will benefit from having more large businesses connected to the NBN ABC audio
Bundaberg NBN
Australia's Top 10 Really Rude Political Moments

August 10

G.Fast? G.F***ed! : Sortius
News Corp Australia v the NBN – is it really all about Foxtel? Emma Dawson
NBN & the Election : SevenTech
How Far Is Your Node?
Fibre Rollout Statistics
Save the NBN Twitter:@saveNBN
Build the NBN Twitter:@BuildTheNBN
Save the NBN Facebook
Australia wants a Fibre NBN Facebook
NZ's Broadband : Phil Dobbie CrossTalk audio
Ultrafast fibre optics 100 terabits of information per second : New Scientist
Higher Capacity Fiber Optical Transmission
The NBN Debate Ch7 Sunrise video - MT ackowledges FTTP best possible technology

August 9

This is Why we Need the NBN
NBN fibre footprint to be extended in Dubbo
NBN - time for Gippsland to get on board ABC Breakfast with Gerard Callinan audio
Turnbull staffer says NBN plan will change after election
Rudd calls for answers over Abbott and Murdoch NBN talks
Rupert Murdoch and his influence on Australian political life
Turnbull's vulgar adviser attacks NBN blogger
Foxtel vs The NBN: What's That All About? gizmodo
News Corp Australia v the NBN – is it really all about Foxtel?

August 8

Malcolm Turnbull 'regrets' staffer's outburst in email to technology blogger
“Get fucked”: Turnbull staffer turns on blogger
Myths: Low-end Broadband users subsidise high-speed, high-end users : SteveJ
News Corp Australia vs the NBN – is it really all about Foxtel? : Emma Dawson
Finally by an External Contributor - News Corp Australia vs the NBN: Is it really all about Foxtel?
Labor banks on faster NBN to win rural voters
Rupert Murdoch and his influence on Australian political life
Long technology wishlist for federal election
Kevin Rudd on 7:30: Murdoch and the NBN - video
Anthony Albanese on The Observer Effect
USA Broadband : rural areas lag further behind cities
UK Broadband : rural areas lag further behind cities
UK Faster broadband to bring new jobs

August 7

The NBN: It’s a No-Brainer : Bushfirebill
McIntyre asks GG for election date change
NBN: Turnbull's Quintuple-whammy for : SteveJ : ER-edition
NBN: summary reasons for Full Fibre : SteveJ
NBN: Why the Real NBN fixes a slew of problems with broadband : SteveJ
NBN/FTTH - It's NOW or NEVER : read comments by Abel Adamski
Kevin Rudd on Rupert Murdoch
Albanese, Turnbull agree on NBN debate
Speed check: what NBN speed promises really mean

August 6

Rupert Murdoch, Malcolm Turnbull, & a Big Bag Of Grass Snakes : Sortius
Rudd, Albanese question Murdoch’s NBN motives
NBN: Turnbull staffers, not just stonewalling... : SteveJ
NBN: The Turnbull Node Plan a Financial Disaster, can only lose BILLIONS : SteveJ
NBN: Pride in your work, Politics and Telstra : SteveJ
NBN: The $110 ARPU Fallacy and Coalition "Double-Speak" : SteveJ
NBN: The Turnbull Node Plan isn't just a Financial Disaster, can only make BIG losses : SteveJ ER-edition
Downer EDI wins NBN contract
News Australia remains the problem child
Telstra restart repair of asbestos-lined pits and pipes for NBN
FTTH best for all businesses, including the small office/home office segment
Is Grandma OK? There’s an app for that +
Why Foxtel fears neither NBN Stephen Bartholomeusz
NBN contract end is normal: Albanese

August 5

NBN goes live in Ipswich
Our own Silicon Valley as more homes and businesses connect to NBN
FttN solution much more bogus than the Coalition led us to believe
Wong shrugs off Murdoch 'threat' to govt
NBN Co enters caretaker mode
The media campaign against the Government revealed"
FTTN: is the UK being taken for a superfast ride?
NBN: What do the plans mean?
What can NBN Co do in caretaker mode?
NBN: We’re doing it right CIOs rally for NBN, rail against rollback

August 4

NBN: Turnbull Node Plan - detail for Retailers and modelling : SteveJ
NBN: Time for Turnbull to put his party's actions on record : SteveJ
NBN: Turnbull's "New Technologies" : SteveJ
Murdoch's vicious attacks on Rudd: it's business Paul Sheehan
News Corp: Destroy Rudd, destroy the NBN
Why Murdoch’s media is gunning for your NBN : Feb 27, 2013 rerun
Col Allan returns to advise anti-NBN antics at News Corp
Rupert Murdoch enlists 'Col Pot' to destory NBN
Kevin Rudd calls Sept 7 election

August 3

#NBN Fibre To The Home (#FTTH)
Consumer watchdog may test broadband speeds
iiNet: fibre offers a faster and more reliable connection than current copper wiring
NBN safety is paramount
Wentworth election forum August 12 forum at Paddo RSL: Di Smith v Turnbull
“Coalition’s plan will flounder...Labor exploits obvious holes in the Coalition’s NBN policy"
So is G.Fast a thing or not?
G.Fast just a sideshow?

August 2

Malcolm Turnbull Invents Time Travel
Turnbull has more NBN twists for Telstra
TV Viewing to Push Bandwidth Demands
No NBN short-cuts
Is G.Fast an NBN saviour or just a sideshow?
2013 Cybersafety Summit - Making a Difference
Moonee Valley to benefit from NBN-enabled council services **

August 1

Virtual Advisor program for Remote Australia
NBN "Debate": Turnbull & Kohler
"I think the sixty billion is rubbish," Mr Kohler
Debate: rebutting Turnbull - New Technologies : SteveJ
NBN & You 8 August 2013 at Willunga Digital Hub
NBN roll-out continues in Blacktown
Dapto: Dial-up to Fibre
NBN: Predicting access rate from Download volume : SteveJ - ER-edition
NBN could help drive interface cattle selling
NBN Co accepts ACCC changes
NBN: All you need to know

July 31

War of words in Capricornia over major parties NBN plans
200 NBN rollout jobs to go in Tasmania
NBN website launched
NBN rollout depends on how loud we are
NBN turned on south of Adelaide
NBN-enabled services launched in Onkaparinga
Helping Geelong small businesses get the most from the NBN
Ten times the speed
Toole's wacky goods example of NBN push

July 30

NBN: Kohler v Turnbull Questions - Top Ten : stevej
NBN: part 2 The commercial innovation of NTD multiple porting : stevej
NBN: Turnbull a New Age Luddite? : stevej
Free webinar: learn how the NBN can help your business
By menacing Telstra's pay TV, Foxtel could liberate NBN-era HFC
Safety first, NBN rollout second, says Minister
NBN help at hand for businesses
NBN would spur growth of HbbTV, save Seven West business, exec says
'NBN' cable replaces rat-chewed Telstra fibre
Dumbing down the NBN
Foxtel launches broadband TV

July 29

It’s All About The Dame Nellie Melbas : sortius
NBN: Turnbull's Weasel Words - I : stevej ER-Edition
National Broadband Network options in Ballarat
NBN online training services for Dandenong
NBN: Spelling out the consequences of "Telstra takes Metro" : stevej
NBN: Legal issues arising from campaign statements : stevej
NBN: Is the Turnbull Node Plan "Telstra RIMs+HFC in Metro Areas" leaving NBN Co the scraps? : stevej
Thailand building Fibre to the Home network
Northern Rivers wants better internet: fibre not wireless
Smart Farming enabled by the National Broadband Network
NBN replaces old PHONE and internet services

July 28

NBN: Is the Turnbull "No Disruption" promise "an outright lie" by his definition? : stevej
NBN: The Blackhole at the centre of the Turnbull Node Plan : stevej
NBN: Performance of Turnbull Fibre From The Node : stevej
NBN: Cost of Turnbull's Fibre _from_ the Node Upgrade : stevej
Digital conference helps bring Illawarra online
NBN for Business: the sky’s the limit
NBN: Telstra payments for the Turnbull Node Plan : stevej

July 27

More evidence that Turnbull can’t deliver on 25Mbps minimum : Sortius NBN: Defining "Fast Broadband", answering "Why Fibre?" : stevej
Another Coalition Member Caught Lying Over NBN
Chattanooga 'Gig City'
Keane: it’s been a bad week for the anti-NBN brigade Crikey paywall
Broadband policy: where the parties stand
Telstra delaying NBN rollout: union officials
What's all this NBN then?
Seven West chief Tim Worner offers his support to NBN (paywall)
Abbott mendacity "80 years before the whole of Tasmania has broadband"

July 26

NBN: How Turnbull's Node Plan is NOT British Telecom Model : stevej
NBN: many outstanding questions : stevej
Turnbull confirms users will pay (around $3000) for high speed internet
Make broadband an election issue
Turnbull: Coalition's fibre to the home will cost "around" $3000 BT’s FTTN has passed 16m since 2009 Renai LeMay

July 25

Wollongong to benefit from NBN-enabled council services **
NBN training for small businesses in Wollongong
NBN switched on for more homes and businesses in Brunswick
New guide to help Australians get the most from the internet
Coalition misleading regional Australia about NBN
Turnbull confirms plan to slug Australians up to $5,000 to connect to superfast broadband
Rudd Government funds improve ABC services in Wollongong
Delivering user-friendly government services online
Turnbull Wants To Charge You 'Thousands Of Dollars' To Access ... gizmodo (read comments)
Take the Wellington broadband and coffee to the country
Rural broadband branded ‘ridiculously slow’
Broadband Penetration and Economic Growth
If You Build It, They Will Come
The NBN in Armidale - it's alive!
Albanese rubbishes NBN cost blow out
NBN hooks Illawarra startups to world: expo
NBN arrives in the Nambucca Valley
NBN forum well attended
The faulty arguments that stifle the NBN’s potential
NBN fibre rollout ramping up in Blacktown
Turnbull “copper” NBN plan “bizarre”, says Albo (read comments)
comments for above item
NBN: Issues with Copper vs Fibre comments and claims : stevej

July 24

Albanese rubbishes NBN cost blow out 'speculation'
NBN won’t use state’s rail route link
See how connecting to the NBN can enable you to work remotely
NBN: The commercial innovation of NTD multiple porting : stevej ER-Edition

July 23

NBN: Business Economics of Fibre in the New Silicon Revolution : stevej ER-Edition
NBN switched on in Strathfield
Strathfield to benefit from NBN enabled council services **
More balloon broadband
Australia must improve OECD broadband ranking: Husic
3000 extra Campbelltown homes and businesses get NBN
NBN will help printers
NBN Co denies preferential agencies plan

July 22

Make broadband an election issue
Google Gigabit Fibre - Kansas
NBN rollout to rural and regional Australia
How The Labor And Coalition Broadband Policies Differ: A Hype-Free Explainer gizmodo

July 21

NBN: Kohler v Turnbull Debate - Unasked Questions : stevej
Free-to-air TV plots broadband revolution
Broadband the future of TV
BT launch 300MbpsFibre to the Premises broadband
Google rolls out 1 Gbps fiber to the premises

July 20

NBN: Business Myths or "NBN Co pricing Time Bomb" : stevej ER-Edition
Broadband Penetration and Economic Growth
US world leader in broadband connections according to US

July 19

NBN: Which is more profitable: Fibre or DSL/Copper? : stevej
NBN: Copper or Fibre? Progress of speeds : stevej
Key aspects of the Labor and Coalition Broadband policies : Professor Rod Tucker
Broadband is booming
NBN free for all at northern libraries
FTTH climbing in Norway
NBN: Telcos last commercial challenge: Fibre Customer Access Network or not? : stevej / DocLach

July 18

Labor and Coalition broadband policies – what’s the difference?
NBN: The UK DSL/FTTN experience : stevej
NBN: Turnbull's FTTN just like the UK - Paid Installs? : stevej
NBN increases download appetite
NBN enables online applications for construction of buildings in South Perth
Shepparton NBN work begins
NBN connects with community
NBN Roadshow - Schedule for Mid North South Australia
Labor's NBN bringing more jobs and better broadband to Swan
NBN expands in Toowoomba
Building a Fibre NBN : Simon Hackett +
Vodafone Italy plans FTTH

July 17

The impossible, marvellous NBN rolls on
NBN finds favour with independent schools
NBN top 10 facts
How much will it cost me?
Australia's NBN makes mark in island state
Direct fibre could make NBN cheaper: Hackett +
NBN powers robotic farms in rural Tasmania
NBN progress at Dubbo
NBN Co to reserve data port for government
NBN Co looks to provide unmetered NBN access to govt agencies
NBN comes to Clare
NBN Co taps SA Power Networks for FTTH deployments in South Australia
South Perth To Benefit From NBN Enabled Council Services **
Labor's NBN Bringing More Jobs And Better Broadband To Swan
Macedon Ranges has net gains in sights An NBN connection would warm Hart's heart ABC

July 16

The Words Change But The Song Remains The Same : sortius
NBN: Numbers Turnbull doesn't want you to see : stevej
Anthony Albanese, Deputy Prime Minister - Sunday Profile - ABC
NBN to improve school lesson delivery: Tecala Group
NBN dispute won't slow work, company says
Spanish Government predicts FTTH will overtake cable
Broadband to be rolled out in the Arctic
Workers down tools amid NBN disputes
Nearly half of Europeans want Faster Broadband Speed
Broadband 'vital to Aberdeen's economic success'
NBN levels playing field for Inabox (pay wall)
Inabox lists on the ASX
Ed Husic Debates Malcolm Turnbull On The NBN gizmodo
Cloud Computing Protocols
Australia election threatens shape of $34 billion broadband plan
Turnbull making up numbers again
Choice - Broadband battle

July 15

Liberals Broadband plan shortsighted - Bendigo Experience
Nepal Telecom gears up for FTTH launch
Global broadband stats: FTTH making waves
NBN Co appoints new contractor in SA
NBN Co boss Quigley donated his $2 million annual paycheck to Neuroscience Research Australia
Husic takes the NBN fight to Turnbull
Comment on Husic v Turnbull : sortius

July 14

Broadband prices over time
Turnbull's false claims opens defamation door
NBN fibre goes live in Darwin
NBN switched on to over 3000 premises in WA
NBN board paying lobbyists
Albanese: NBN speed claims verified
Turnbull hints at sacking NBN board

July 13

NBN Co boss quits
Telstra blames wet weather
Broadband - The Key to Social and Economic Development
Mike Quigley thanked for NBN role
NBN is not in crisis: Quigley
NBN nice, 3G a must
NBN showdown: Husic debates Turnbull

July 12

NBN chief Mike Quigley retires
Quiqley to retire from NBN

July 11

Tas farmers' chief hails NBN
Macquarie Telecom removes phone line-rental from NBN business plans
First Darwin premises switch on as NT rollout gathers pace
Another domino falls as NBN comes on line in WA

July 10

The holes in Coalition's NBN plan
NBN marks Tassie milestone Reality check: The Coalition's fibre on demand plan is a pipe dream Delimiter 2.0 10 July 2013

July 9

Thirst for broadband boosts rise of mini telcos
NBN's build-it-first approach for wireless wrong: Vertel
Tas NBN lures hi-tech crowd
NBN training for small businesses in Bendigo
Education opportunities and the NBN at EduTECH

July 8

Upgrade needed for full NBN firepower
Turnbull's UK NBN template turns sour
Work practices in the NBN Age

July 6

NBN may be no enemy of Foxtel
NBN connects migrants to virtual classrooms
Broadband speeds under the Coalition's NBN: Do their claims stack up?
Tas switches on more NBN fibre services
Service Stream extends trading halt amid NBN Co discussions
ZTE's NBN tender

July 5

Private Incumbents A Poor Example : sortius
Albanese should give the NBN a PR makeover

July 4

NBN service terms stall again
NBN Co reaches fibre target, misses wireless goal
NBN rollout targets being met, says Albanese
NBN meets target for 'passing' 207,500 homes

July 3

Albanese selects Dream Team to push NBN
NBN: Problems with Coalition Plan : stevej
25Mbps? Tell Him He’s Dreamin’ : sortius

July 2

Govt reaches for computing clouds with NBN
Skymesh claims new controller big boost to its NBN customers

June 30

Yet another boom springs from NBN revolution
NBN = better WI-FI for you
NBN: MDU's not that hard with Cat-5? Or did I miss something? : stevej
4K TV a solution looking for a problem
Malcolm Turnbull’s 18 Month “Administrative Error” with an NBN Investment…. Kate Doak

June 28

NBN holds hopes of a more connected world
Abbott showcases new "foot-in-mouth" comedy routine
Thinking beyond "copper" versus "fibre"
ACCC puts Telstra's haulage rates under scrutiny
Farmers facing "digital divide"
NBN will be Conroy's legacy
Date looms for NBNCo's Redbank tower
Minister needed to sell NBN to voters
What now for Stephen Conroy?
Tony Abbott's gaffe: credits Malcolm Turnbull for 'inventing the internet'

June 27

NBNCo pays iiNet $110k for new customers
NBN-ZTE deal before Philipine court
Vodaphone calls for NBN backhaul policy

June 26

NBN rollout commences in Macarthur
Mandurah, WA: rollout underway
Regional NBN key to Labor win
iiNet switches on Perth NBN services
Socialist Equality Party discusses NBN asbestos hazard
Mandurah kids face happier future under NBN
Coffs Harbour Daily Examiner endorses NBN
NBN switched-on for 10,000 more homes in Gungahlin

June 24

Canberra NBN takeup cracks 10,000 barrier
Rushworth becomes "smart village" through NBN
Massive internet growth expected - traffic to grow to one exabyte a month by 2016
NBN to enable $40 million aged care hub at Kiama.
CSIRO report claims NBN a gamechanger for Agribusiness.
QLD TAFE rolls out NBN training
NBN goes west: first NBN customers switched on in Perth

June 21

Copper good for 100 years, says Thodey Telstra
Australian internet traffic to grow fivefold by 2016
Conroy accuses Telstra of talking up copper value

June 20

NBN Co launches 25/5 Mbps fixed wireless services
Telstra boss: copper wires ‘OK’

June 19

NBN Co ignores Coalition with new $360m Transfield contract
NBNCo's June targets looking a tight squeeze

June 13

US internet guru lauds NBN

June 4

No FTTH under alternative Oz NBN plan, says Oppn. leader

June 3

Telstra faces giant asbestos liability competing NBN policies in the 2013 Australian federal election : TJA
Politics as it happened Armidale-based blogger Kate Doak

May 31

NBNCo's take-up rates soar

May 29

Fairfax columnist prints blatant NBN falsehoods

May 28

How to ignite demand for NBN bandwidth
Project 45: Telstra’s secret plan to speed up NBN rollout
NBN Co wins right to fast-track users onto fibre
NBN Co to beat its June rollout target

May 23

Asian Century Built On Broadband

May 22

NBNCo buys iiNet's TransACT FTTP network

May 21

Broadband less popular among aged residents in apartments
It’s All About The dB/km’s : Sortius
Kiama residents endorse NBN

May 17

Conroy claims first major apartment block is NBN ready

May 14

Spectrum fail could help Libs fight Labor's regional NBN
Samsung's 5G is not the death knell of the NBN
Broadband must reach beyond today's TV technology : recommended article by Nick Ross / ABC
Malcolm Turnbull’s 18 Month “Administrative Error” with an NBN Investment….
How the #NBN has (actually) changed my life
Towards an Australian ‘innovation generation’

May 8

Home Monitoring of Chronic Disease for Aged Care CSIRO
Has Turnbull already negotiated FttN NBN concessions with Telstra?

May 5

Why You’ll Never Get Vectoring : sortius
Abbott will cancel NBN fibre: Conroy
Conroy to extend broadband rollout Combet, Ellis and Conroy Mislead on Coalition Broadband Policy Malcolm Turnbull has removed this from his blog

April 29

British Telecom abandons FTTP broadband target

April 28

The NBN questions Malcolm Turnbull won't answer

April 24

Free NBN forum central coast May 9
new Qld roll-out maps released
Mudgee Guardian reports on local NBN seminar

April 23

Fine-tuning the Coalition's NBN
Take-up rates surge as rollout gathers pace

April 22

Coalition copper will fill Telstra’s coffers, writes Alan Kohler
Paul Fletcher (Lib Bradfield) "revises" Malcolm Turnbull's fraudband policy - makes it worse

April 20

Page MP Saffin fires up after Hartsuyker's NBN taunts
NBN looks at copper wiring to units

April 19

Coalition needs to spell out it's broadband vision
NBN Co rejects Coalition's '$90b' NBN price tag
NBN Co to launch 1 Gigabit wholesale broadband service in December
Turnbull continues to shift position on Coalition plan
NBN rollout 'on track and on budget'

April 18

NBN customers set for world-leading download speeds to happen by end of the year
What Samsung's 'Super TV' launch means for competitors and broadband
Farmer becomes first Territorian to get NBN fixed wireless
Alternative NBN would divide WA homes

April 17

NBN Co signs third AU$17.9m contract for multi-dwelling units
Abbott and Turnbull’s FTTN model prepares path for earlier NBN privatisation

April 15

Voters prefer Labor's NBN
Coalition's NBN analysis needs more analysis
Turnbull's NBN could 'cost the same' in the long-run
New QLD rollout sites announced - video report
Poll shows voters prefer Labor's NBN
Coalition's NBN plan: where's the cost of the copper? Coalition rejected: 78% support Labor’s NBN Renai LeMay

April 14

Telstra says NBN negotiations continue
Homes of future have need for more speed than current National Broadband Network plans

April 12

Coalition Announces huge boxes coming to street corners near you Hackett slams Coalition NBN plan +

April 9

Coalition NBN policy branded a lemon
Private sector couldn't build NBN: Vodafone CEO
ACCC sold FTTH to the DBCDE
CommsDay Sydney 2013 Summit: The Problem With FTTN Simon Hackett (pre-NBN view) ++
Coalition NBN policy a “farce”, say Greens
Coalition’s NBN plan to stop consumers taking control of media
Pension funds to eye NBN under Coalition government

April 8

$90bn NBN? WRONG: Oakeshott tells Coalition

March 9

Lally Weymouth interviews Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard March 9, 2013

March 8

Conroy rejects NBN marginal seats link

March 5

Telstra won’t renegotiate $11bn NBN fee

Feb 27

Why Murdoch’s media is gunning for your NBN

Feb 22

A Fault Like Any Other Fault Sortius

Feb 21

The vast differences between the NBN and the Coalition's alternative ABC / Nick Ross

Jan 25

Digging Deeper on DOCSIS 3.1: You just don’t get something for nothing

Jan 11

Turnbull continues to attract IT industry bile


Nope, copper network still rooted (and maybe worse than first thought) ABC - Nick Ross
NBN stats: Australia's broadband future and why the Coalition's alternative 'won't work' ABC - Nick Ross
Mr Turnbull Responds…. NBN Investments and Pecuniary Interests…. Kate Doak
Abbott confirms Coalition FTTN policy; Hints Turnbull will be Comms Minister
The FTTN First Debate ++
Australia's PM Gillard lambasts 'misogynist' opponent - video Oct 2012
Gillard smacksdown 'misogynist' Abbott Oct 2012
Abbott: I was charged with indecent assault
NBN enjoys prolonged popular support Feb 2012
Telstra: VDSL? -- 'No thanks'
Trujillo turns green in his quest for broadband
Why the US media ignored Murdoch's brazen bid to hijack the presidency
Past history: When the Nationals backed the NBN
Pressure builds on Coonan to resign
IEEE Presentation November 2012 Original NBN/FTTP planning
Telstra installs 1000th ADSL2+ 'Top Hat' 5 Sep 2012
Telstra turns on 1000th Top Hat Sep 2012
NBN stats: Australia's broadband future and why the Coalition's alternative 'won't work' Jun 2012 - FYI MT VNI figures=misleading
Telstra vs Tim Ashford May 2012
FTTN a huge “mistake”, says ex-BT CTO Renai LeMay April 30, 2012
Telstra - Unveiling the Top Hat bringing ADSL2+ to more people 24 Oct 2011 - Darryl Dux, Telstra Technology Manager talks about the Top Hat
Telstra will start rolling out Top Hats in November Telstra Top Hat - Oct 2011
Telstra will start rolling out Top Hats in November Oct 2011
Huge 100Mbps demand: 44% of NBN users take top speed
Broadband Cringe and Envy: wireless vs. wired ABC - Rod Tucker 2011
Laser puts record data rate through fibre 22 May 2011
NBN: Korea kept its HFC cable, says Turnbull Mar 2011
Turnbull must cut the NBN in two Rob Burgess, 20 Sep 2010
Pigeon flies past broadband in data speed race 16 September 2010
Do we even need a fibre National Broadband Network? Aug 2010
Abbott orders Turnbull to demolish NBN ABC - 14 SEP 2010
Tony Abbott has ordered Malcolm Turnbull to "demolish" the Government's National Broadband Network (NBN) as he today brought him back to the Coalition frontbench to head up its communications portfolio.
Adam Turner is an award-winning Australian technology journalist
Shield protects NBN from competition HENRY ERGAS
Alan Jones impressed by 'laser' speed breakthrough 3yrs ago